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Colloquium: Dr. Merlijn Venus

Datum:12 december 2016
Auteur:Secratariaat HRM & OB
Colloquium: Dr. Merlijn Venus
Colloquium: Dr. Merlijn Venus

Dr. Merlijn Venus (

University of Amsterdam - Faculty of Economics and Business

Date: Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Time: 15.30 - 17.00 

Location: 5419.0109 - Kapteynborg, Landleven 12 (Zernike)


Despite the importance of leader vision communication to effective leadership, little is known about what prompts leaders to communicate a vision in the first place. Moreover, recent evidence has demonstrated significant within-person variance in leadership behaviors, highlighting the need to study the dynamic, within-person processes associated with leader vision communication. Drawing from construal level theory, we examined the within-person relationship of leader construal level in the morning with vision communication throughout the workday. Leadership self-identity, or the extent to which ‘being a leader’ is central to one’s selfconcept, was specified as a cross-level moderator of the construal level–vision communication relationship. We tested our predictions using an experience sampling design across 15 consecutive work days. In total, we obtained a total of 394 matched morning and afternoon surveys from 44 mid- to high-level managers. Results revealed that a high-level
construal level in the morning was positively associated with vision communication during the day, but only when leadership self-identity is high (vs. low). We discuss the theoretical and managerial implications of our findings.