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Colloquium: Prof.Dr. Nick Elmer

Datum:01 juni 2017
Colloquium: Prof.Dr. Nick Elmer
Colloquium: Prof.Dr. Nick Elmer

Prof.Dr. Nicholas Emler

University of Surrey 



Date: Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Time: 11:00 – 12:30

Location: 5419.0107 – Kapteynborg, Landleven 12 (Zernike)



Why integrity in leadership matters and why it may be difficult to achieve


Quality of leadership matters in all manner of collective enterprises.  In this presentation I focus specifically on the moral challenges faced by those in leadership positions and the potentially catastrophic costs that can arise when leaders are not up to these challenges.  Seven moral challenges are identified, some unique to positions of leadership, some greatly magnified in such positions. I then ask why moral failure is so commonplace in organisational leadership. Two answers in particular are considered, ineffectiveness of control mechanisms and imperfections in selection and promotion processes.  With respect to these latter I present some experimental evidence suggesting the processes that commonly operate in contemporary organisations may be insufficiently sensitive to moral flaws in candidates for appointment.


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