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Scienctists in focus

Andringa, Dr Tjeerd
Artificial intelligence, sound recognition by computers, robots
Barthel, Prof. Peter

Astronomy, astrophysics

Dijkhuizen, Prof. Lubbert

Microbiology, carbohydrates

Feringa, Prof. Ben
Nanotechnology, synthetic organic chemistry
Helmi, Prof. Amina
Astronomy, astro-archaeology, formation of the Milky Way
Hemelrijk, Prof. Charlotte

Behavioural biology, self-organization in primates, birds, fish

Hummelen, Prof. Kees
Plastic solar cells, organic energy and fuels, sustainable energy, materials science
Kuipers, Prof. Oscar
Molecular genetics, synthetic biology
Meijer, Prof. Harro
Climate change, greenhouse gases, isotope physics
Otto, Prof. Sijbren

Systems chemistry, origins of life, catalysis, supramolecular chemistry

Piersma, Prof. Theunis
Migratory birds, godwits, animal ecology
Taatgen, Prof. Niels
Multitasking, human behaviour
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