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Constitutional law, Administrative law & Public ad

Address:Oude Boteringestraat 18
9712 GH Groningen
The Netherlands


Bregman, prof. dr. ir. A.G.
Professor by special appointment (Construction Law)
Brink, dr. B.
Lecturer Policy studies
Broring, prof. mr. dr. H.E.
professor administrative law
Cherednychenko, O.O., Prof
Professor of European Private Law and Comparative Law / Director Groningen Centre for European Financial Services Law
Duchateau, mr. M.
Lecturer constitutional law and deputy director of education
Graaf, prof. mr. dr. K.J. de
Professor of Public Law and Sustainability
Haitsma, mr. L.M.
PhD Researcher - Human Rights and Artificial Intelligence
Hertogh, prof. dr. M.L.M.
Professor of Law and Society
Hoogers, prof. mr. H.G.
Senior lecturer constitutional law/honorary professor in comparative constitutional law, Carl von Ossietzky-University of Oldenburg (FRG).
Hoogstra, mr. N.G.
Lecturer Constitutional and Administrative law
Jans, prof. mr. dr. J.H.
Professor of Administrative Law
Koornstra, mr. dr. J.
Assistant professor constitutional and administrative law
Maasbommel, mr. S.
Marseille, prof. mr. dr. A.T.
Professor of Public Administration, in particular the Empirical Study of Administrative Law
Meijer, J.H., LLM
Lecturer Constitutional Law
Middelkamp, mr. A.
Lecturer Public Administration
Munneke, prof. mr. dr. S.A.J.
professor of constitutional law
Ridder, prof. dr. J. de
professor of comparative public management
Tollenaar, prof. dr. mr. A.
Professor & Director GGSL
Tolsma, prof. dr. mr. H.D.
Professor Decision-making and legal protection in Environmental Law
Veen, prof. mr. dr. G.A. van der
Professor by special appointment in Environmental Law
Voerman, prof. dr. G.
Professor of Development and functioning of the Dutch and European party system
Vonk, prof. dr. G.J.
Professor of social security law
Vries, prof. mr. dr. F. de
professor by special appointment in Supervision
Wallinga, M.W.
External Researcher / Member Groningen Centre for European Financial Services Law
Winter, prof. dr. H.B.
Professor Public Administration
Winter, P. de
Assistant Professor
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