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mr. M. (Michiel) Duchateau

Lecturer constitutional law and deputy director of education
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In his research, Michiel Duchateau mainly focuses on the Europeanisation of constitutional law of the Member States of the European Union, meaning adaptations in constitutional law that are directly or indirectly, and voluntarily or involuntarily the result of European Union membership. A few examples of questions that are central to this are: How do the sovereignty, democracy and constitutional identity of the Member States relate to the law of the European Union? How is it ensured that the House of Representatives can effectively check ministers if they, as members of the (European) Council, take part in decision-making at EU level? How does the European task of the national judge relate to his commitment to the national constitution? How and why does the Netherlands deviate so strongly from the other Member States in the way in which we deal with the influence of the EU on constitutional law? 

In addition to Europeanisation, Michiel certainly also has more general interest in questions of vertical division of power (such as federalism and confederalism), in democracy and representation and the legal-forming task of the judge. 

Key concepts:
Europeanization of constitutional law - comparative law - (con) federalism - vertical separation of power - democracy and representation - (popular) sovereignty.
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