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Professor Nasser Kalantar explains the benefits of nuclear energy in the media25 April 2023
Associate professor Machteld van den Broek hosts IEAGHG CCS Cost Network meeting 25 April 2023
Vacancy: Tenure Track Assistant Professor Food-Energy-Water Nexus (1.0 Fte)09 April 2023
Wobbling blades cause a breakthrough in wind energy03 April 2023
Never before has so little sea ice been measured around Antarctica30 March 2023
ESRIG professor Wouter Peters appointed as a member of the Scientific Climate Council (WKR)28 March 2023
A tribute from em. professor Ton Schoot Uiterkamp to late professor Berendsen23 March 2023
CIO researchers contribute to a new study; the largest to date of ancient Europeans’ DNA09 March 2023
ESRIG scientist Sanderine Nonhebel amongst most talented women09 March 2023
Professor Klaus Hubacek: Unnecessary burden of war. Governments react inefficiently to soaring energy prices19 February 2023
Professor P.V. Aravind, associated professor Machteld van den Broek, Ir. Theo Woudstra and PhD Longquan Li have a new publication in 'ScienceDirect'13 February 2023
New publication of professor Klaus Hubacek and co-authors: EU consumers 'export' environment damage13 February 2023
Associate professor Sanderine Nonhebel in the national media; supermarkets will stop flying in fruit and vegetables, but does that really help the climate?07 February 2023
ESRIG researchers Mike Dee and Margot Kuitems develop new carbon dating method and make it to the Nature’s ‘Technologies to Watch’ list03 February 2023
New publication of associated professor Machteld van den Broek and co-authors; Effect of modelling choices in the unit commitment problem31 January 2023
Dr. Franco Ruzzenenti speaks at meeting about energy complexity12 January 2023
Associate professor Sanderine Nonhebel was at the National Protein Debate12 January 2023
Hon. Professor Rob Middag was on the national radio12 January 2023
Dr. Johannes Miocic is Outstanding Early Career Scientist12 January 2023
Professor Klaus Hubacek and co authors publish new findings about the impact of carbon taxatation and revenue redistribution on poverty and inequality12 January 2023
Associate professor Machteld van den Broek teaches Lions12 January 2023
ESRIG is the proud owner of the only existing Gas Chromotograph in the Netherlands12 January 2023
Dr. Rene Benders explains his longtime research12 January 2023
Hydrogen Promise or Hype? Professor Machteld van den Broek participated in a Studium Generale on Hydrogen16 November 2022
ESRIG celebrates two researchers; Klaus Hubacek and Yuli Shan on Highly Cited Researchers 2022 List15 November 2022
Splendid ESRIG symposium celebrates 10 th Anniversary12 November 2022
Inspiring excursion to the historic landscape of the Drentse Aa12 November 2022
Professor Klaus Hubacek and co authors publish new findings about the impact of carbon taxatation and revenue redistribution on poverty and inequality11 November 2022
CIO lab dated specific material from the sword of Grutte Pier08 November 2022
Professor Klaus Hubacek and co authors publish new innovative study: can U.S. multi-state climate mitigation agreements work?04 November 2022
Professor Nasser Kalantar-Nayestanaki new ESRIG Director31 October 2022
Inaugural lecture: Prof. dr. Rob Middag (CIO Oceans)26 October 2022
Prestigous Rosalind Franklin programme vacancies04 October 2022
We are looking for a Tenure Track Assistant Professor (Education) ‘Energy, Environment and Society’ (222643)24 September 2022
Associate Professor Sanderine Nonhebel was in the national news regarding the high amount of water needed to grow advocados08 September 2022
Associate Professor Ulrike Dusek, and other UG research-consortia, have been awarded with substantial NWO grants06 September 2022
Professor Klaus Hubacek, dr. Yuli Shan and co authors publish new innovative study; China’s cities are leading the way on carbon reduction29 August 2022
Please mark your calendar for the inspiring ESRIG Symposium on 10 November 202208 August 2022
PhD position: Innovative financial instruments for sustainable landscapes (222540)03 August 2022
Vacancy for a Tenure Track Assistant Professor with education profile 'Hydrogen and Fuel Cells'19 July 2022
UK leading Academy of Social Sciences conferms honorable award to professor Klaus Hubacek14 July 2022
First round of UEF Grants for M20 PhD Program awards PhD position at Agricola School for Sustainable Development13 July 2022
Farewell symposium Henny van der Windt28 June 2022
Major European grant for Michael Dee17 March 2022
Multi-million investment jump-starts ambitious Dutch mobility program20 January 2022
'I get a kick out of teaching' | Lovely interview with Prof. Ton Schoot Uiterkamp13 January 2022
Marta Schulte-Fischedick and Dr. Yuli Shan win FSE Impact Awards10 December 2021
In Science - Podcast | Prof. Mike Dee08 December 2021
Engineers create perching bird-like robot02 December 2021
Dr. Yuli Shan (IREES) wins FSE Postdoc Prize30 November 2021
ESRIG celebrates two researchers on Highly Cited Researchers 2021 List16 November 2021
Powering AgriFood Grant for Prof. PV Aravind08 November 2021
Europeans in the Americas 1000 years ago20 October 2021
The Integrated Carbon Observation System in Europe18 October 2021
Three million euros for regional training programme ‘Waterstof Werkt’15 October 2021
Opinie stuk in de Volkskrant: 'Willen we kernenergie vermijden, dan moeten we bijna hopen op een ramp die erg genoeg is om mensen in actie te laten komen'07 October 2021
Cum laude for PhD student Simon Gazagnes | Nuclear Energy05 October 2021
Broerstraat 5 interview met David Lentink | Vogels als inspiratiebron03 October 2021
ESRIG welcomes new honorary professor | Prof. dr. R. (Rob) Middag27 September 2021
What makes district heating cooperatives successful? | Final report "Neighborhood Heat" project07 July 2021
Inspired by birds | David Lentink combines engineering with biology28 June 2021
New Biomimetics group joined the ESRIG institute09 June 2021
Windmolens in de achtertuin en zonneparken voor de deur, maar het grote geld gaat naar projectontwikkelaars en China. Aan de worsteling van Groningen met de energietransitie komt voorlopig geen einde | DVHN longread31 May 2021
ESRIG welcomes new Associate Professor | Prof. dr. ir. D. (David) Lentink14 April 2021
DvhN: ESRIG-hoogleraar kernenergie Nasser Kalantar-Nayestanaki: klimaatdoelen halen we niet met alleen windmolens en zonnepanelen. Drastische maatregelen zijn nodig | interview12 April 2021
UKRANT: How did prehistoric people deal with climate change? Atlantis in the North Sea11 March 2021
DeepNL grant for Dr. Miocic05 March 2021
Massive Southern Ocean phytoplankton bloom fed by iron of possible hydrothermal origin23 February 2021
Unreflective use of old data sources produced echo chambers in the water–electricity nexus23 February 2021
ESRIG newsletter | February10 February 2021
Thighbone in church not from James the Apostle01 February 2021
Enabling large-scale hydrogen storage in porous media – the scientific challenges05 January 2021
Global changes in extreme weather attributed to climate change and climate variability04 January 2021
Pandemic and forthcoming stimulus funds could bring climate targets in sight – or not22 December 2020
ESRIG newsletter | December14 December 2020
Intensifying collaboration between University of Groningen and NIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research10 December 2020
SuSo PhD Grant for PhD student Dan Wang01 December 2020
ESRIG celebrates 3 researchers on Highly Cited Researchers 2020 List26 November 2020
ESRIG newsletter | November03 November 2020
Klimaatbericht KNMI: Veranderlijkheid zee-ijsoppervlak noordpoolgebied neemt toe | Richard Bintanja21 October 2020
Reusing tableware can reduce waste from online food deliveries | Interview with Yuli Shan by Science Linx25 September 2020
KNMI nieuws: Het noordpoolgebied staat in brand | Richard Bintanja24 September 2020
Article in Sustainability: Mapping the Dutch Energy Transition Hyperlink Network | Nuccio Ludovico and Franco Ruzzenenti17 September 2020
Article in Nature Food: Sharing tableware reduces waste generation, emissions and water consumption in China’s takeaway packaging waste dilemma | Yuli Shan16 September 2020
CIO-afdeling betrokken bij koolstofdatering van gevonden botten in Terneuzen27 August 2020
Building energy plants that remove greenhouse gases | Interview with Prof. Aravind20 August 2020
Smeltwaterpoeltjes brengen ijsvrije Noordpool in zicht (rond 2035) | Interview met Richard Bintanja19 August 2020
A new study demonstrates: substitution of petrochemical plastic with bioplastics creates other problems11 August 2020
Lutjewad in Voorland Groningen | Wandelingen door het Antropoceen23 June 2020
UK article: Experts in carbon dating solve centuries-old mystery11 June 2020
NRC artikel: Een exact bouwjaar voor een vreemd complex10 June 2020
Radiocarbon dating pins date for construction of Uyghur complex to the year 77708 June 2020
Article in Nature Climate Change: Temporary reduction in daily global CO2 emissions during the COVID-19 forced confinement | Yuli Shan03 June 2020
Slow easing of lockdowns may be better for global economy03 June 2020
Climate change, the coronavirus, and the economy | Klaus Hubacek25 May 2020
Grant of over EUR 1 million for research into higher efficiency wind turbine at low wind speed | Eize Stamhuis19 May 2020
IREES | a new name for IVEM and SSG06 May 2020
The New York Times: How the World’s Squarest Fish Gets Around16 April 2020
Connecting experts from around the world online15 April 2020
Article in Royal Society Open Science: Modulating yaw with an unstable rigid body and a course-stabilizing or steering caudal fin in the yellow boxfish (Ostracion cubicus) | Eize Stamhuis08 April 2020
Looking for mercury in the Arctic (video) | Frits Steenhuisen19 March 2020
Article in Nature | The future of summer heat waves | Richard Bintanja16 March 2020
European Patent further accelerates wind energy research at the UG | Eize Stamhuis09 March 2020
Fallout from coronavirus outbreak triggers 25% decrease in China's carbon emissions |CBC interview with Klaus Hubacek03 March 2020
Jaar tot jaar variaties in Arctische neerslag nemen sterk toe | Richard Bintanja13 February 2020
Article in Scientific Data: China CO2 emissions accounts 2016-2017 | Yuli Shan and Klaus Hubacek13 February 2020
KNMI specials 05 | Weer en klimaat in het noordpoolgebied | Richard Bintanja13 February 2020
KNMI specials 04 | De koudste plek op aarde smelt | Richard Bintanja31 January 2020
Article in Applied Energy: Urban carbon footprints across scale: Important consideration for choosing system boundaries | Klaus Hubacek10 January 2020
Article in Nature communications: Physical and virtual carbon metabolism of global cities | Klaus Hubacek10 January 2020
Cum laude for PhD student Herib Blanco Reaño | IVEM09 January 2020
UK | Freak solar flares that may destroy us all | ECHOES project12 December 2019
Job opportunity: Post-doc Fuel Cell systems (1.0 FTE) (219566) | Energy Conversion Group26 November 2019
Sándor Kruse wins Rachel Carson thesis award 201926 November 2019
Tijdschrift De Ingenieur: Is E10-brandstof echt beter voor het Milieu?| Sanderine Nonhebel11 November 2019
Article in Nature: Carbon and health implications of trade restrictions | Klaus Hubacek05 November 2019
Great result: Top Dutch Solar Racing team finished 4th during the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge22 October 2019
Article in Geosciences: Validation of Stratification-Driven Phytoplankton Biomass and Nutrient Concentrations in the Northeast Atlantic Ocean as Simulated by EC-Earth | Ocean Ecosystems21 October 2019
Team Top Dutch Solar Racing in Australia | Go Green Lightning!16 October 2019
Uitzending EenVandaag: Duurzaamheid van ethanol in benzine| Sanderine Nonhebel30 September 2019
New book release: Local Consumption and Global Environmental Impacts | by Kuishuang Feng, Klaus Hubacek, Yang Yu03 September 2019
Looking back at the opening of the Academic Year02 September 2019
Cold winters not caused by Arctic climate change | Richard Bintanja12 August 2019
RUG-meetstation voor broeikasgassen aan de Waddenzee nu deel van Europees netwerk24 May 2019
NIOZ press release: North Sea seaweeds: DIP and DIN uptake kinetics and management strategies | Alexander Lubsch22 May 2019
Science Linx: Modelling an inconvenient truth about carbon footprints | Klaus Hubacek02 May 2019
From paperclip to patent | Eize Stamhuis23 April 2019
DvhN: ‘Onnodig dat aanleg van zonneparken stagneert’14 February 2019
DvhN: Promovendus Miedema: 'Elektrische auto’s gaan broeikaseffect niet dempen'12 January 2019
UK: The possibilities are overrated. Technology won't save us | J.H. Miedema10 January 2019
BNR Nieuwsradio: 'Alleen maar inzetten op elektrisch rijden leidt tot meer uitstoot' | Jan Hessels Miedema10 January 2019
Siberian 'unicorn' walked with early humans03 December 2018
Why it rains more in the Arctic30 October 2018
Vacancy Tenure Track Assistant Professor Energy Systems and Scenario (1.0 FTE) (218475)26 October 2018
PhD Scholarship in Energy and Environmental Studies: energy-complexity nexus (B066218)26 June 2018
Great news! National Roadmap: 138 million euros for ten top research facilities12 April 2018
Impression of ESRIG symposium 201805 April 2018
Artikel in Broerstraat 5: Weergek, wetenschapper en waarschuwer04 April 2018
Drier soil leads to more extreme heat waves19 March 2018
Opinie in DVHN: Week zonder vlees, maar met wat dan wel? Sanderine Nonhebel ESRIG/IVEM06 March 2018
Nieuwe RUG-leerstoel brengt gevolgen van klimaatverandering en ijsvrij Arctisch gebied in beeld05 February 2018
Artikel in Trouw: Blijven we aardappels poten, of gaan we ze zaaien?28 January 2018
PhD position at CIO: Improving gross carbon flux estimates with AirCore COS measurements (217496)01 January 2018
Marine life changes as a result of melting Antarctic ice23 November 2017
RUG-promovendus Franke van der Molen winnaar van Waddenacademieprijs 201724 October 2017
Franke van der Molen winnaar Waddenacademieprijs 201719 October 2017
The Ocean Grazer project17 October 2017
Universiteitskrant: De man die ouderdom kan meten11 October 2017
DVHN: Koninklijke onderscheiding voor hoogleraar Hans van der Plicht06 October 2017
Hans van der Plicht appointed Knight of the Order of the Netherlands Lion06 October 2017
Second prize for MSc EES student Andries de Vries26 September 2017
Energy Academy Europe opens in style18 May 2017
NOSop3: Avocado: goed voor jou, door de hype minder voor het milieu08 May 2017
Postdoc in the Detection and Pattern Matching of Past Radiation Impacts 1.0 fte (217146)07 April 2017
Strong warming leads to increases in Arctic rainfall13 March 2017
Richard Bintanja honorary professor Climate and Environmental Change13 March 2017
University of Groningen wins international BREEAM Award for Energy Academy Europe’s sustainable education building08 March 2017
In focus: Dr. Eize Stamhuis, Ocean Ecosystems30 January 2017
Prof. Gerard Dijkema obituary, June 25 1962 – January 10 201723 January 2017
Artikel in DVHN: Overleg is niet oplossing voor alle problemen waddengebied12 January 2017
Prof. Gerard P.J. Dijkema passed away11 January 2017
Joint knowledge helps to control conflicts in the Wadden Sea region11 January 2017
Basiseenheden IVEM & SSG verhuizen naar de Energy Academy!24 November 2016
Aagje van Meerwijk winnaar van de Rachel Carson Milieuscriptieprijs 2016!21 November 2016
Artikel in dagblad NRC Next: De laatste jagers in Doggerland01 November 2016
New Energy Academy building in Groningen all ready for teaching and research into Energy25 October 2016
Geoservice and ESRIG nominated for 2016 Dutch Data Prize26 September 2016
The potato - from tuber to seed07 September 2016
PhD ceremony Vahideh Faghihi: Water enriched in the rare stable isotopes Preparation, measurement and applications17 June 2016
Promotie Sanne Palstra: On 14C-based methods for measuring the biogenic carbon fraction in fuels and flue gases19 February 2016
Promotie Charlotte van Leeuwen: Highly precise atmospheric oxygen measurements as a tool to detect leaks of carbon dioxide from carbon capture and storage sites27 November 2015
Winners Let's Gro23 November 2015
Inaugural lecture and mini-symposium Prof. Dr. Klaas Timmermans10 November 2015
Wereldwijd tekort aan landbouwgrond in 205030 April 2015
Rachel Carson prijs naar Groningen voor onderzoek naar verstening van tuinen25 November 2014