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Splendid ESRIG symposium celebrates 10 th Anniversary

12 November 2022

As the 10th Anniversary of the prestigious ESRIG Institute was in 2020, - there was no option to celebrate then because of the Covid restrictions - , there was on 10 November 2022 a well-attended symposium of employees and PhDs at the Energy Academy Europe. There was a very interesting program with several speakers like the new ESRIG director professor Nassar Kalantar-Nayastanaki.

Professor Harro Meijer, founder of ESRIG, delivered an impressive speech about the history of ESRIG. Several PhDs from all ESRIG departments gave an interesting poster presentation with a pitch about their research topics.

ESRIG symposium in EA
Esrig symposium

The new ESRIG director prof. Nasser Kalantar-Nayestanaki made his first offical appearance during the ESRIG symposium and thanked professor Harro Meijer who recently handed over his position to him as scientific director of ESRIG and now works on a new Hydrogyn project within ESRIG.

Both ESRIG board members presented a very special gift to emeritius professor Ton Schoot Uiterkamp in front off a full college room on behalf of ESRIG and the UG. The largest lecture hall of the Energy Academy Europe now carries the name Ton Schoot Uiterkamp room.

Ton Schoot Uiterkamp holding board with name of lecture hall
Ton Schoot Uiterkamp zaal

Em. prof. Ton Schoot Uiterkamp was deeply touched and expressed his gratitude for this unique honoring. He also mentioned that this occasion was extra special for him as he suggested in a memo to the faculty board that the main lecture room should be named after prof. Wubbo Ockels as a remembrance for his outstanding work. But that since a few months a Wubbo Ockels school has been founded. But now he is suprised and honoured with the main lecture room which will carry his name.

In 1985 prof. Wubbo Ockels is of RUG’s best known 20th century alumni as he became the first Dutch astronaut when he entered space as a crew member of the spaceshuttle Challenger. Also he was several times awarded for outstanding scientific and technological contributions.

 Please find below the picture of em. prof. Ton Schoot Uiterkamp.

Emeritus professor Ton Schoot Uiterkamp
Emeritus professor Ton Schoot Uiterkamp

Former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon opened the headquarters of the UN Global Center on Adaptation in the Education Building of Energy Academy Europe in Groningen in 2018.

The symposium offered many new insights into the diverse but also very current work and research topics of ESRIG. It was experienced as very inspiring by all participants.

View and please like the post about the ESRIG Symposium on the ESRIG Linkedin page via the Linkedin icon below:

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