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News archive 2017

The 15 most read news stories in 201721 December 2017
Green Office map shows sustainable shops & restaurants in Groningen19 December 2017
UG eleventh in global ranking of green universities15 December 2017
Rough farmyard manure good for meadow birds and farmers12 December 2017
Nico van Yperen first Professor of Sport Psychology in the Netherlands01 December 2017
Inter-municipal collaboration does not save money28 November 2017
ERC grants help three UG scientists head to the top28 November 2017
#PanoramaRomantica in the Groninger Museum27 November 2017
First proper motions measured for stars in a small galaxy outside Milky Way27 November 2017
UG and Northern Online Entrepreneurs launch Groningen Digital Business Centre25 November 2017
Improved application for UGY discussed by UG Council24 November 2017
Delta Plan for Restoring Biodiversity first step towards new equilibrium23 November 2017
Self-governing often fails as managers are afraid of losing power23 November 2017
Anticompetitive regulations in the financial sector hamper economic growth22 November 2017
Increasing accountability pressure serious stress factor for some physicians22 November 2017
New vision of functionally illiterate debtors21 November 2017
TED Talk by Koert van Ittersum | The obesity epidemic: it will take the entire village20 November 2017
University of Groningen the best broad traditional university in the Netherlands15 November 2017
Medieval Frisia more ‘Viking’ than supposed15 November 2017
Corporate social responsibility increases customer loyalty14 November 2017
Two UG researchers join Dutch National Young Academy13 November 2017
Lower proportion of middle-skilled jobs most visible in Randstad08 November 2017
Prospective students and parents discover University and city07 November 2017
Richard Jong-A-Pin shines at TEDxGroningen: We make many decisions to confirm our identity03 November 2017
Grote subsidie voor twee onderzoeken naar gepersonaliseerde depressie-behandelingen02 November 2017
New therapy leaves room for anger and aggression when treating eating disorders02 November 2017
Housing bubble: hunting season has begun – Opinion Dirk Bezemer02 November 2017
Zernike solar panel field up and running31 October 2017
Scientists pinpoint genetic risk factors for asthma, hay fever and eczema31 October 2017
Aletta Jacobs archives included in UNESCO heritage register31 October 2017
Brain gain as opposed to brain drain: emigration of highly skilled labour enhances economic growth in country of origin30 October 2017
Night of Nights in Blaauw Observatory27 October 2017
Faeröerders met zeldzame ziekte testen ketonendrank in MRI-scanner met fiets19 October 2017
Faeröerders met zeldzame ziekte testen ketonendrank in MRI-scanner met fiets19 October 2017
Science, economics, law and religion programmes at the University of Groningen are a real hit this year19 October 2017
The university that reinvented itself18 October 2017
Newly described process in Parkinson’s protein as a potential new therapy route18 October 2017
Groningen students against food loss: fermentation bacteria as virus betrayers?17 October 2017
Twee RUG-wetenschappers genomineerd voor kinder-TV-prijs16 October 2017
Groningse studenten in Solar Challenge 201913 October 2017
UG-truck 'Your Future Energy' to keep going11 October 2017
Healthy Ageing Week 7 – 15 October05 October 2017
Expansion of collaboration between UG and Osaka University Japan05 October 2017
New international funding for AGOR particle accelerator on its 20th birthday05 October 2017
Logistic sector inspired by efficiency of internet: RUG organises 5th International Physical Internet Conference04 October 2017
Inflammatory protein also present in lungs of ex-smokers03 October 2017
Breaking through the ‘hear, see and speak no evil’ attitude in the workplace03 October 2017
In the news: Michel Vols and the battle against drug dens28 September 2017
Night owls sleep better after light therapy in the mornings27 September 2017
An overview of social discontent in the Netherlands26 September 2017
To donate, or not to donate? Dynamics at play in long-term charity donations26 September 2017
Aletta Jacobs Prize 2018 awarded to minister Lilianne Ploumen25 September 2017
Pop-up university at Northern Knowledge Festival25 September 2017
UN climate centre in Energy Academy Europe22 September 2017
New members Young Academy Groningen21 September 2017
Speech app recognizes origin of Frisian user20 September 2017
Major NWO grant for research on better collaboration in infrastructure maintenance20 September 2017
Todd Weir awarded prestigious prize by American Philosophical Society19 September 2017
Representations of Feringa’s work at Noorderlicht International Photo Festival 201718 September 2017
Groningen sociologists in action during anti-bullying week18 September 2017
Video: A turning point in globalisation13 September 2017
Hanze UAS and UG suspend Vindicat’s committee grants for this academic year12 September 2017
Women or men at the top? Investors don’t care12 September 2017
Jubilee Centre for Religion, Conflict, and the Public Domain12 September 2017
Professor of Environmental Law: ‘Milieudefensie’s claim didn’t come from thin air’08 September 2017
50th Anniversary of our Sports Centre07 September 2017
Lodi Nauta appointed Knight in the Order of the Netherlands Lion06 September 2017
Temporary international student accommodation at location Van Swietenlaan05 September 2017
UG in 83rd place on THE ranking list05 September 2017
Mladen Popović new Dean of Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies04 September 2017
Aegir niet welkom bij opening academisch jaar04 September 2017
Portret van Feringa toegevoegd aan eregalerij helden uit de wetenschap31 August 2017
Rachel Raetzer new UG poet-in-residence30 August 2017
ERC Grants awarded to four UG scientists30 August 2017
Feringa and Poppema welcome over 2300 international students29 August 2017
Aanvraag Yantai wordt aangepast29 August 2017
FEB to celebrate 10th anniversary with major celebrations28 August 2017
The Dutch way of dealing with private parking for Nobel Prize winners25 August 2017
Yantai proposal discussed in committee meetings24 August 2017
€ 1.5 million for research into proton therapy21 August 2017
University of Groningen climbs to position 59 in Shanghai ranking list15 August 2017
Atomically thin layers bring spintronics closer to applications15 August 2017
Noorderzon (sm)art festival02 August 2017
Sixteen Veni grants for UG researchers28 July 2017
Veni research grant for Ronnie Hermens28 July 2017
New accommodation platform for international students25 July 2017
NRC Charity Awards: Vote for the Ubbo Emmius Fund24 July 2017
Young researchers vlog: Michel Vols on housing-related drug crimes24 July 2017
Opportunities to increase home sales in Groningen earthquake zone21 July 2017
RUG-studenten en Syrische vluchtelingen helpen elkaar vooruit in taalonderzoek21 July 2017
2018 Tata Steel Chess On Tour coming to Groningen18 July 2017
Avebe finds fertile land at the Zernike Campus14 July 2017
University of Groningen withdraws call for tenders for Feringa Building14 July 2017
NWO subsidy for Ben Feringa's Origins Center13 July 2017
University of Groningen Aart Bosman Award to Folkert Nobels12 July 2017
Academic Data Center CBS en RUG van start12 July 2017
Financial experts run the show on a board of directors12 July 2017
Manfred Thoma medal for Ming Cao11 July 2017
Sibrand Poppema welcomes participants PNU Summer School07 July 2017
North Netherlands innovation benefits still insufficiently capitalized05 July 2017
Chemistry class by Nobel Prize winner Feringa for twelve hundred pupils05 July 2017
Mudflats are the solar panels of the Wadden Sea05 July 2017
Alumnus van het Jaar Merel Rumping in Broerstraat 505 July 2017
University of Groningen develops animal-free research method05 July 2017
University of Groningen organizes first Knowledge Table on Resilience and wellbeing in the earthquake zone03 July 2017
Consistent subsidy policy crucial to wind power investment30 June 2017
Video: Looking back at the Spring Symposium of Healthwise29 June 2017
Maximum lifespan may increase to 125 years29 June 2017
Criticism of research on upper limit to human lifespan: one 122 year old woman has influenced the data29 June 2017
Study shows childhood psychiatric disorders increase risk for later adult addiction27 June 2017
Long-term effects of mild brain injury determined by personal factors and severity of accident20 June 2017
Project on religious diversity in China receives prestigious grant19 June 2017
Newly discovered genes regulating heart rate deliver greater insight into cardiovascular disease16 June 2017
Theunis Piersma nominated for the Huibregtsen Prize15 June 2017
Astronomers see mysterious nitrogen area in a butterfly-shaped star formation disk15 June 2017
‘Gelukkig gezond!’ exhibition examines history of a healthy lifestyle14 June 2017
RUG handhaaft plaats 113 in QS ranking08 June 2017
Groningen Building Award 2017: vote for the Energy Academy Europe07 June 2017
Energy: more than electricity06 June 2017
How do relations make ‘religion’ and ‘science’?02 June 2017
Locked movement in molecular motor and rotor01 June 2017
Change of medication after stomach reduction30 May 2017
Six UG researchers each awarded Vidi grants worth €800,00030 May 2017
UG sixth on list sustainable education institutions24 May 2017
Gezondheid leidraad beleid Stad24 May 2017
Twee talentvolle RUG-wetenschappers geselecteerd voor Lindau-ontmoetingsdagen van de KNAW24 May 2017
Results of University elections 201722 May 2017
Results of the National Student Survey announced18 May 2017
Building Energy Academy Europe opens in style17 May 2017
‘Open up to open access’ campaign kicks off15 May 2017
Steve Mason on the relevance of the past15 May 2017
Geslachtsbepalend gen van de huisvlieg ontdekt12 May 2017
Five University of Groningen professors elected as members of the KNAW10 May 2017
Het Foreign Accent Syndrome: plotseling praten met een vreemd accent10 May 2017
Molecular dynamics simulations reveal chaos in electron transport10 May 2017
Nieuwe website voor oudheidkundige vondsten hobby-archeologen10 May 2017
Millions in grants for UG researchers from Gravitation programme08 May 2017
Evelyn Bosma MA (Fryske Akademy) wint eerste Wetenschapsprijs Campus Fryslân04 May 2017
Ellen Deckwitz to be the University of Groningen’s next guest writer03 May 2017
UMCG starts two studies on changes in depressive symptoms02 May 2017
Faculties and University Council pay working visit to Yantai02 May 2017
More sales staff on the shop floor best antidote to showrooming01 May 2017
Four University of Groningen nominees awarded Royal Decorations26 April 2017
Ben Feringa in College Tour on 28 April24 April 2017
Ria Braam Knight of the Order of the Netherlands Lion21 April 2017
Rubicon grant for Ellen Dingemans21 April 2017
Ben Feringa wins Academic Society Award20 April 2017
Hanna van Loo wint wetenschapsprijs18 April 2017
New research centre on the origins of life, the universe and everything12 April 2017
Young Academy Groningen welcomes eight new members11 April 2017
Art under the hammer at the University of Groningen10 April 2017
Stefan Mulder wins the Jan Brouwer Thesis Prize for Philosophy and Religious Studies10 April 2017
Joint support statement for Central European University (CEU)07 April 2017
‘Heroic’ songbirds rescue each other07 April 2017
New technique colours biomolecules in tissue07 April 2017
Faculty of Philosophy supports Central European University (CEU)07 April 2017
Ellen 't Hoen over verbetering toegang tot medicijnen05 April 2017
Koning bezoekt demografisch instituut05 April 2017
Ben Feringa delivers Nobel lecture in De Oosterpoort04 April 2017
UG students nominated for Young Business Award 201704 April 2017
Royal Decoration for Theunis Piersma04 April 2017
European SME grants waste Dutch innovative talent31 March 2017
Ubbo Emmius Fund nominated for NRC Charity Awards 201730 March 2017
Involved, but independent: striving to improve the position of regulation30 March 2017
Two ERC Advanced Grants for UG scientists29 March 2017
120 scholieren strijden ‘Bèta Battle’ bij de RUG28 March 2017
Grootste kans op rechtse coalitie24 March 2017
New ethical guidelines needed for human stem cell and embryo research22 March 2017
Prestigious grant for research into sleep deprivation22 March 2017
Lack of attention for link between sleeping problems and aggression in forensic psychiatry20 March 2017
Subsidie Laura Batstra: Klassenfeestjes tegen sociale uitsluiting20 March 2017
Adolescents wait a long time before seeking help for a psychiatric disorder17 March 2017
‘Verkiezingsuitslag duidt op ‘stabiele zwevers’’16 March 2017
‘Asscher: a fine minister in a tough as well as successful coalition, but not the right PvdA leader at the right time’16 March 2017
Ben Feringa guest on College Tour14 March 2017
Hightech onderneming DEMCON opent vestiging op Zernike Campus14 March 2017
Ben Feringa te gast in College Tour14 March 2017
Ben Feringa wins Academic Society Award14 March 2017
Strong warming leads to increases in Arctic rainfall13 March 2017
State of affairs branch campus Yantai11 March 2017
Royal Decoration for Geny Groothuis10 March 2017
Ineffective medicine could seem effective enough for licensing09 March 2017
Successful energy transition requires international electricity market09 March 2017
‘A Second Reformation?’09 March 2017
UG wins international BREEAM Award for Energy Academy Europe’s sustainable education building08 March 2017
The foundation of Prince Bernhard Junior donates to research of the UG08 March 2017
Stemwegwijzer: waar is het dichtstbijzijnde stembureau?08 March 2017
Inaugural lecture Dirk Bezemer: Why Dutch debt tells us economic growth may be fragile | 14 March08 March 2017
Busy Stargazing Days at Blaauw Observatory07 March 2017
New chair in Philosophy of Religion and Ethics07 March 2017
Format of TV show determines choice of political guests06 March 2017
Strategic partnership with Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México06 March 2017
Analyse prof. Dirk Jan Wolffram: Carrédebat historisch nietszeggend06 March 2017
NWO grants two UG projects on Responsible innovation03 March 2017
Expertisecentrum Vinci en SNN starten derde ronde Noord-Nederlandse Innovatiemonitor03 March 2017
Traditional Left versus Right distinction outdated for Dutch constituency02 March 2017
Aspiring MPs debate spatial planning issues01 March 2017
Eighteen 'top programmes' in Higher Education Guide Masters28 February 2017
Go-ahead for two new Campus Fryslân degree programmes28 February 2017
Nature of Dutch fascism requires adapted definition28 February 2017
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