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Business Law, European Law and Tax Law

Address:Oude Boteringestraat 18
9712 GH Groningen
The Netherlands


Adema, mr. R.P.C.
Associate Professor of (International) Tax Law
Avesani, M., MA
PhD candidate
Barneveld, prof. mr. J.
Professor of Legal Aspects of Corporate Transactions
Behrendt, mr. J.
PhD Researcher
Berg, mr. A.M. van den
Lecturer and PhD-candidate Company Law
Boer, mr. dr. M.J.
assistant professor in Tax Law
Bornemann, J.M., Dr
Assistant Professor of European Law
Boschma, prof. mr. dr. H.E.
Professor of company law
Bouzoraa, Y.L., LLM LLB
PhD candidate and lecturer in EU law
Colombi Ciacchi, A.L.B., Prof
Professor of Law and Governance
Damstra, K., LLM
PhD Researcher
Fleming, R.C., Dr LLM
Assistant Professor; Scientific Coordinator Groningen Centre of Energy Law and Sustainability
Franx, prof. mr. J.P.
professor of securities law
Galli, K.T.
secretary at the department of European and Economic Law
Geerts, prof. mr. dr. P.G.F.A.
Professor in Intellectual Property law
Gepken-Jager, mr. E.E.G.
lecturer/postgraduate H&A
Groefsema, N.T.
secretaresse sectie belastingrecht
Haar, prof. dr. B.P. ter
Endowed professor European and comparative labour law
Halma, mr. H.
docent Belastingrecht
Heidekamp, mr. drs. A.
Lecturer / Researcher (PhD)
Heideman, mr. F.
Heij, dr. M.E. de
Scientific coordinator of the Wubbo Ockels School
Hout, mr. G.A.C. van den
Teacher (part time)
Janssen, prof. mr. dr. W.A.
Endowed Professor of Public Procurement Law
Knot, mr. J.G.
Assistant professor private international law
Lennarts, prof. mr. M.L.
Professor of Comparative Company Law
Let-Zevering, M. van der
Secretary for the Department of Business Law and Labour law
Lindeboom, mr. dr. J.
Associate Professor of Law
Morijn, prof. dr. J.
Chair in law and politics in international relations // Assistant professor of European human rights law
Nethe, mr. dr. M.Y.
Assistant professor
Pailman, K.A., LLM
PHD Researcher
Poelmann, prof. dr. E.
Professor General Tax Law/taxpayers' rights
Romburgh, prof. mr. dr. H.D. van
Professor European and Dutch Public Procurement Law
Schmitz, B.
Lecturer of Private Law and PhD researcher
Squintani, L., Prof
Professor of Energy Law
Tiche, F.G., Dr
Assistant Professor
Varosanec, I., LLM
PhD Researcher - Transparency and Artificial Intelligence
Vedder, prof. mr. dr. H.H.B.
Professor of Economic Law
Veraldi, J.D., Dr
Assistant Professor of European Law
Villanueva, A.A., Dr
Assistant Professor in European Union Law
Vreeling, mr. N.S.N.
Assistant Professor
Wessel, prof. dr. R.A.
Vice Dean and Professor of European Law
Wezeman, prof. mr. dr. J.B.
Professor of Company Law and Commercial Law
Woerdman, prof. dr. E.
Professor of Markets and Regulation
Wolde, prof. mr. dr. M.H. ten
professor of Private law, Private International Law, International Transport Law
Wolferen, dr. M.J. van, LLM
Assistant Professor in EU Law

PhD students

Alfaqiih, A., LLM
PhD student
Baron, mr. J.D.
PhD student
Belhaj, drs. F.
PhD student
Can, M.C.
PhD student
Drenth, N.R.
PhD student
Groot, L.C. de
PhD student
Halprin, P.E.
PhD student
Klijnhout, M., LLM
PhD student
Kotzampasakis, M.
PhD student
Liu, mr. J., LLM
PhD student
Muliawan, I., LLM
PhD student
Rahnema, R.
PhD student
Thorning, C., M
PhD student
Vries, mr. J.J. de
PhD student
Wang, X., LLM
PhD student
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