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International Relations and International Organization

IRIO has an academic staff of more than 40 members. Their disciplinary background vary and range from political science to economics, from history to sociology, from public administration to international law. With regard to teaching, there is structural cooperation with the departments of History, International and European Law, International Economics and Business, as well as with the language departments of English, Spanish, German, and French. Some of the staff members have worked in IGOs, NGOs, ministries or in international research institutes. This, in combination with a wide variety of cultural backgrounds, provides for a stimulating and lively working environment.

drs. B.L. AardemaLecturer, PhD Candidate Development, NGOs, transition-strategies, Non-Western Politics & International Relations
C. Afek-EitamPhD student International relief expert with over 17 years of practical, managerial and high level research and innovation technology design and utilization. Lived in developed, developing and emergency contexts. Worked with and is afilliated with a variety of international agencies. Has spent years in Kosovo, Eritrea, Sri Lanka, DRC, UK, NL, IL and globally as part of operational response teams, management and as strategic consultant for non profits, social innovation projects and corporate responsibility investments.

Academically, teaches and supervises Ma level. Research interests: organisational learning and change, information management, disaster and innovation and new solution management and integration.

Specialist areas:
Rapid and technical assessments; Needs assessment; Monitoring & Evaluation; Capacity building; Real Time and Post Evaluations; Organisational Learning; Organisational change processes; Management coaching; Innovation in the third sector and, Not for profit start-ups.
International Relations
Organization Studies
Social Sciences, Interdisciplinary
dr. S.A. AltAssistant ProfessorInternational political theory, biopolitical theory, critical perspectives on development and environmental politicsInternational Relations
drs. E. AykaçResearcher / Lecturer International RelationsTurkey, Turkish foreign policy, discourse analysis, EU-Turkey relations, the Kurdish issuePolitical Science
International Relations
dr. A.G. BayramovLecturer International Relations The Caspian Sea,  Azerbaijan, Energy Geopolitics, and Security & Cooperation in Eurasia, Climate Change, Infrastructure Politics, Transnational Corporations. International Relations
N.A. Beekman, MPhD student
F. Belafatti, MScPhD student
A. BellinaPhD studentPolitical philosophy; international political theory; critical development studies; critical environmental studies; political ecology.International Relations
prof. drs. M.J. van den Berg
M. Blaak, MSc
M.A. Campbell-Verduyn, PhDGlobal and regional governance, international finance, non-state actors, science and technologyInternational Relations
Political Science
Social Sciences, Interdisciplinary
V. Carraro, PhDMy research interests include global human rights governance, regime complexity, the use of expertise in public bodies, and state compliance with international law. I particularly focus on the fight against torture and other forms of violence (especially violence against women) within global and regional organizations. My research is published in  International Studies Quarterly,   the  European Journal of International Relations,  Cooperation and Conflict,  Global Governance,  Human Rights Quarterly,  and  European Integration online Papers.I have recently served as an expert consultant to the United Nations on the use of peer reviews among states to monitor compliance with international financial integrity standards.

For additional information on my research projects and publications, please visit my website:
International Relations
International & European Law
T. Cetinoglu, PhDSociology
Political Science
E.M. Cezne, MScPhD student Political geographies of infrastructure; extractive industries; South-South relations; role of rising powers in global governance; peace operations. International Relations
L.L. Chee, PhDLecturer International Relations
H. Cho, M
M. Choi, PhDPhD student
dr. J. Costa LópezHistory of International Political Thought, History of International Relations, Medieval Canon and Roman Law, Politics of History, Historical Narratives in Contemporary Populism, Early Exploration, Religion in International Relations.International Relations
E. De Saint-Phalle, MA
dr. N. de DeugdAssistant Professor Transformation in Central and Eastern Europe; European Union enlargement; European Neighbourhood Policy and Eastern Partnership International Relations
dr. M.R. DoortmontReader in International Relations and African Studies African studies, international relations and development studies, cultural heritage, non-western history, history of European expansion, history of Dutch foreign policy (colonial policy)
International Relations
C. DuanPhD studentAsian Studies
C.M. Egger, PhDPolitical economy of crises : economic and political drivers, transnational dimensions of political violence, measurement of crises

Crisis governance : drivers and impacts of emergency policy-making, crisis-management institutions and actors

Democratization and democratic resilience : democratization of foreign policy, attitudes towards democracy, transnational history of suffrage, direct democracy institutions

Methodology : mixed methods research design, natural language processing, quantitative methods
International Relations
Political Science
drs. E.M. FeringaCo-ordinator/Study Advisor
A.A. FlamindPhD studentInternational Relations
dr. G.W. FullerInternational Financial Markets, International Political Economy, Comparative Politics, International Economics, European Political Economy, EU Macroeconomic GovernanceInternational Relations
N.F. Gäckle, MAPhD studentBiopolitics, neuropolitics, critical security/border studiesInternational Relations
Political Science
F. Gaenssmantel, PhDAssistant ProfessorInternational Relations
Area Studies
Asian Studies
drs. A.R.M. GigengackTeacherEconomics, General
dr. F. GiumelliDeputy Head of Department, Associate Professor in International Relations and International OrganizationInternational sanctions, EU Foreign Policy, Illicit TradeInternational Relations
Political Science
H.R. Goozee, MA
B.A. GruberPhD studentCritical Security Studies, Resilience, Peace ProcessesInternational Relations
dr. X. Guillaumesocial, political and normative theory of the international / international relations theory / critical approaches to security / citizenship / visual and sonic international relations / historical international relations / the everyday / resistance  / postcolonial studiesInternational Relations
prof. dr. mr. T.H.F. HalbertsmaBijzonder hoogleraarEast Asian Studies, with a focus on modern day MongoliaAsian Studies
International Relations
dr. A.G. Harryvanassociate professor / reader in international relations European co-operation and integration; Dutch foreign policy International Relations
prof. dr. J. van der HarstProfessor of European Integration; Head of Department IRIO (since January 2012) History and Theory of European co-operation and integration; Dutch foreign policy; China-EU relations International Relations
dr. B.A. HerborthAssistant ProfessorSocial and political theories of international relations, critical theory and international relations, world society studies, security studies, politics of global orderInternational Relations
drs. E.M. Herman-PletiouginaCoordinator Honours Programme ArtsStudy councellor Humanitarian Actions, liaison officer Humanitarian Organisations, Expertise on Eastern European and Russian Higher education area, internship supervisor, programme coordinator Honours programme ArtsInternational Relations
A.W.P. Hiddink
prof. dr. H.W. HoenProfessor of International Political Economy Political economy of European integration, Enlargement of the European Union and transition processes in Central and Eastern Europe. International Relations
Economics, General
dr. J. HoganInternational Security, International Organisations, African Union, African Peace and Security ArchitectureInternational Relations
dr. C. HumrichAssistant ProfessorInternational Relations Theory, International Political Theory, Normative IR Theory, Critical Theory, Arctic Security, Arctic International Relations and Governance.International Relations
Political Science
dr. M. van Ingen
dr. ir. M.R. Kammingasenior lecturer ethics and world politics/global political economy; theory of international relations International Relations
Economics, General
S.G. Katz-Lavigne, MScPhD student
M.S. Keogh, PhDEnergy Policy, Security Studies, Regional Studies, Emerging Powers, the Caspian, Geopolitics of Natural GasInternational Relations
dr. L. KnotterI specialise in themes of state creation and de facto statehood in international politics. Questions of state recognition, sovereignty, international security, and international relations theory are also part of my scholarly field.International Relations
Political Science
International & European Law
M.C. König, MACritical Security Studies, European Studies, EU enlargementInternational Relations
Political Science
prof. dr. J.G. van der LindeProfessor Geopolitics and EnergyEnergy & Fuels
International Relations
Economics, General
dr. C.J. van der LindenAssistant professor / Coordinator External cooperation Globalisation studies GroningenEducation & Educational Research
Social Issues
Social Work
L.A. Linsi, PhDAssistant Professor of International Political Economyinternational political economy; foreign direct investments; international trade; macroeconomic statistics.International Relations
Political Science
C. Liu, MPhD student
prof. dr. L.E. Lobo-GuerreroProfessor of History and Theory of International Relations- Early Modern Geopolitics (esp. the XVIC 'Spanish' Empire)
- Historical Epistemology and International Relations
- The Politics of Global Connectivities
- Geopolitics and Connectivity
- Mapping, critical cartography, and the creation of novel spaces 
- The Politics of Uncertainty
- Biopolitics of Security
- Post-structuralism in International Relations
- Insurance and liberal governance
International Relations
L. Lo Presti, PhD
C. Magrelli, BA
Y. Marusyk, MAPhD CandidateEnergy Security, Energy Transition, Critical Geopolitics, Sustainability, Global Energy Governance, International Conflict Management.International Relations
Political Science
S. Mascarell Ordovas, MInternship CoordinatorPlacements & Career 
dr. J.F. MeijerAssistant professor / senior researcher As a historian I am specialised in (post)colonial Dutch-Indonesian relations. As International Relations assistent professor my main subject is Asia and especially East Asia/China.  History
International Relations
M.J. MeijerPhD student- The European geopolitics of soil - Political ecology - Political philosophyInternational Relations
A. Mercado Auf der Maur, PhD
dr. S. MetinsoyPolitical Economy, IMF Programmes, Labour Markets, Politics of Collective MobilisationsInternational Relations
prof. dr. O.J. MooreChair, Chinese Language & CultureArt
Asian Studies
Cultural Studies
Z. MurzakulovaPhD student
dr. M. NeumanAssistant ProfessorEuropean Integration, EU foreign policy, EU-Russia relations, Central and Eastern European countriesInternational Relations
dr. S. Neuman-StanivukovicAssistant Professor My research is positioned within the emerging field of Critical European Studies. I am interested in questions of Europeanization, citizenship, and (dis)integration and focus on South-East and East-Central Europe. International Relations
A.A. Nøhr, PhD
C.F. O’Doherty, PhD
M.P. Permana, MAPhD studentASEAN Economic Integration, Politics of Trade Policy, Public Sector, ASEAN Studies. Political Science
International Relations
C.J. Poppinga, MSc
dr. F.R. Rodrigues Drenker Dos ReisAssistant ProfessorHistory and Theory of International Relations and International Law; Politics of Globality; Mapping and Critical Cartography; Imperial GermanyInternational Relations
A.C. Rodrigues-Vasse, MScLecturer & Coordinator of the Minor Development StudiesAgriculture, Multidisciplinary
Social Sciences, Interdisciplinary
Development & Transition Economics
dr. G.C. van RoozendaalAssociate Professor IRIO. International Relations - international political economy - social aspects of trade policy - Caribbean - regionalization - legitimacy - institutional development - political change International Relations
Social Sciences, Interdisciplinary
dr. C.M. RyanAssistant ProfessorFeminist and postcolonial security studies, West Africa, Women Peace and Security Agenda, Land politics
dr. M.A. SezalCritical Security Studies, International Relations Theories, European Security and Defence, Political PhilosophyInternational Relations
N.M.N. Shah, LLMPhD student
dr. D.U. ShimSenior LecturerTheories of International Relations, Visual Studies, Political Geography/Critical Geopolitics, Theories of Discourse, East Asian StudiesInternational Relations
Film, Radio, Television
Asian Studies
C. Sinar, MAPhD student
I. Smid, MSc
drs. H. Sportel, MALecturer International Relations and International OrganisationFrozen conflicts in the former Soviet Union, democratic governance (in the security sector), Security Sector Reform (SSR), parliamentary oversight, international negotiations, democratisation in the former Soviet Union (specifically Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine).   
A.J.M. Strik
S. Tanaka, PhDAssistant Professor Comparative Politics, International Political Economy, Globalization, Automation, Development, Poverty, Redistribution, Inequality, Discrimination, Social Conflicts, International Conflicts International Relations
Political Science
E. Tatli, MPhD studentMilitary Science, Islam and Democracy, Civil-Military Relations, History of the Ottoman and the Turkish Republic, International Security,  the Balkans, Middle East, and Afghanistan.
dr. S.J.N. Van BockstaelAssistant Professor Globalisation Studies and Humanitarian ActionHumanitarian Interventions and Peacekeeping, Armed Conflict, International Development, Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining (esp. diamonds and gold), African Politics and SecurityInternational Relations
Political Science
dr. L.J.K. Van MildersIR theory; Critical Security Studies; Decolonial Thought; Politics of Knowledge ProductionInternational Relations
M. Viet, BAProject Manager at Globalisation Studies Groningen
C.D.M. Vloedbeld, MAPhD studentSecurity studiesSociology
International Relations
Political Science
dr. N.M.T. VoelknerAssistant Professor in International RelationsGlobal Politics of Disease and Health
International Political Sociology
Critical Security Studies
International Relations
mr. dr. H.H. Voogsgeerdlecturer European social and economic law, the four economic freedoms of the internal market, 'balancing' social and economic law; Free trade agreements between the EU and third countries, e.g. Japan International Relations
Industrial Relations & Labor
T.J. Vos
T. Wagenmakers, M
drs. C.A.M. WagstaffPlacement Coordinator IRIO
prof. mr. dr. J. Wiers, PhDbijzonder hoogleraar beleidsontwikkeling van de Nederlandse buitenlandse betrekkingenEuropean integration, climate and energy, trade policy, strategy and foresight, European law, WTO lawInternational Relations
Social Sciences, Interdisciplinary
A.P. WiharaniPhD student
N. WijayatiPhD student
prof. dr. J.H. de WildeProfessor of International Relations and Security Studies IR Theory, Security Studies, European Studies, Global Governance, Energy & Geopolitics International Relations
Political Science
Y. Zabanova, MAPhD student
J.J.M. ZeelenFull professor and Associate professorSocial Sciences, Interdisciplinary
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