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External Staff Sociology

Aalst, D.A.E. van, MScPhD StudentTeachers; Bullying; Primary school; School team; Relative Age Effect (RAE)Sociology
Aramipour, N.
Bakker, dr. D.M.Postdoctoral Researchercooperation, normative behavior, social dilemmas, game theory, experimental sociologySociology
Bieleman, drs. A.B.
Bosman, dr. M.H.Lecturer / Policy Officer sociology of education, school careers, inequality and stratification, family sociology Sociology
Buijs, V.L., MAPhD studentSociology
Psychology, Developmental
Social Sciences, Interdisciplinary
Cuperus, M.M., MA
Dijkstra, dr. J.K.Associate Professor status, antisocial behavior, risk behavior,adolescence, social networks Sociology
Drost, M.I.
Feliciani, T.PhD StudentSocial influence, opinion polarization, agent-based modeling, ethnic diversity, radical-rightSociology
Glebbeek, dr. A.C.Associate Professor sociology of work, public policy, social welfare Sociology
Goossens, T.L.L., MPhD studentLeadership
Hiemstra, J.H.J., MScPhD student Sociale netwerkanalyse, criminele netwerken Sociology
Holwerda, dr. A.Researcher (PhD) (Work) participation; Young adults with disabilities / vulnerable young people / mental disorders
Kalma, M.
Karaagac, D., LLMPhD student
Kate, R.L.F. ten, MScPhD studentSociology
Kellij, S., MScPhD StudentSocial cognition, victims of bullying
Kuschel, A., MScPhD StudentPsychology, Social
Laninga-Wijnen, A.M., MPostdoctoral fellow Lydia Laninga-Wijnen did her PhD at the department of Interdisciplinary Social Science, Utrecht University, The Netherlands. She has worked on the project "Social Network Analysis of Risk behavior in Early Adolescence" and examined the role of popular peers in the co-evolution of friendships and these behaviors. She currently works as postdoc at the University of Groningen, Department of Sociology, where she evaluates the SterkWerk program, which aims at reducing bullying in elementary schools. Sociology
Education, Special
Psychology, Clinical
Li, T., MSc Agent-based modelling, Opinion dynamics
Lindenberg, prof. dr. S.M., PhDFull Professor of Cognitive Sociology cognitive sociology, microfoundations for theories on collective phenomena, goal-framing theory, theory of goals and wellbeing (SPF theory), pro- and antisocial behavior solidarity, groups and relationships, community, governance in and of organizations, institutions Sociology
Liu, J.Cognitive social structures, triadic relations model, perception of friendshipSociology
Liu, S.
Lu, R.
Marucci, E., MA
Richters, S., MSc
Rispens, M.
Snijders, prof. dr. T.A.B.Full Professor social networks, multilevel analysis, stochastic models in the social and behavioral sciences, statistics Statistics & Probability
Social Sciences, Quantitative Methods
Sonderen, dr. F.L.P. vanMethodological adviser
Spruijt, E.R., MScPhD student
Tolsma, J.ProfessorSegregation, Inequality, Social Integration, Social NetworksSociology
Social Sciences, Interdisciplinary
Social Issues
Venema, A.J.
Wu, X.PhD student
Xu, X., MAPhD student
Zee, drs. T.G. van der
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