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About us Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences Sociology Organisation

Board and committees

DO (Directors' consultation)

  • Duijn, van prof. dr. M.A.J. (head of department)
  • Flache, prof. dr. A. (research director)
  • Dijkstra, dr. J. (director of education)
  • Plas, M. (finance, advisory member)
  • Veldman, A. (human resources, advisory member)
  • Geffen, van J. (administrative support)

Educational Committee

  • Stulp, dr. G. (chair)
  • Meijer, E.M. (student, vice-chair)
  • Been, dr. W.M. (teacher)
  • Vlieg, A.V. (teacher)
  • Beereboom, S.E. (student)
  • Wal, van der J. (student)
  • Riemersma, S. (student, advisory member)
  • Geffen, van J. (formal support)

Exam Committee

This is a committee within the framework of the MUB . The Board of Examiners ensures that the study program remains of sufficient quality. Furthermore, it determines for all students whether they have sufficiently fulfilled all obligations to pass the propaedeutic, bachelor’s, or master’s degree.

The Board of Examiners has a number of powers within the framework of the Teaching and Examination Regulations (OER).

  • Bieleman, B. (external)
  • Gerner-Haan van, M.
  • Huisman, M.
  • Terpstra, T.K. / Veenstra, T.W.
  • Wielers, R.J.J. (chair)

The secretariat of the Exam Committee: G.A. van Wijk (050-3637398) or examencommissie.sociologie.gmw

Thesis Award Committee

This committee evaluates the theses for the thesis award that is awarded annually.

  • Huitsing, dr. G.E. (chair)
  • Dijkstra, dr. J.
  • Huisman, dr. J.M.E.
  • Wal, van der M.

Faculty Committee on Internationalization

Member on behalf of the department of Sociology:

  • Giardini, dr. F.

This person is also responsible for the internationalization of students from the department of Sociology.

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