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About us Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies Organization Staff



Bastiaans, drs. N. (Nienke)Managing director
Popovic, prof. dr. M. (Mladen)Dean of the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies
Wilson, dr. E.K. (Erin)Associate Professor of Politics and Religion; Vice Dean and Director of Education

The board is complemented by an advisory student-member, who is appointed for one year.

Department Jewish, Christian and Islamic Origins

Al-Jallad, A.M. (Ahmad), PhDUniversitair Hoofddocent in Islamic Origins
Bakker, A.F. (Arjen), PhDAssistant Professor New Testament and Christian Origins
Dijk, dr. J. (Jaap) vanEmeritus Assistant Professor of Egyptology
Hayes, G.A. (Gemma), MAPhD student
Iest, R.N. (Ruwan) van der, MALecturer Koinè and New Testament Greek
Iglesias-Telleria, O.PhD student
Longacre, D.G. (Drew), Ph.D.Postdoctoral researcher
Lopez Calero, S., MAPhD student
Nante, M.T.PhD student
Popovic, prof. dr. M. (Mladen)Dean of the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies
Roig Lanzillotta, prof. dr. F.L. (Lautaro)Professor of New Testament and Early Christian Studies
Rose, dr. W.H. (Wolter)Lecturer Hebrew
Ruiten, prof. dr. J.T.A.G.M. (Jacques) vanProfessor of the Reception History of the Bible: Historical hermeneutics
Tanja, dr. J.M. (Johanna)Lecturer Hebrew Bible and Judaism
Winterberg, A.A. (Alberto Alfredo), MAPhD student
Zwan, drs. A. (Bram) van derLecturer Arabic

Department Comparative Study of Religion

Anwar Masduki, A., MAPhD student
Bartelink, dr. B.E. (Brenda)Senior researcher / Assistant Professor
Berger, dr. P. (Peter)Associate Professor of Indian Religions and the Anthropology of Religion
Buitelaar, prof. dr. M.W. (Marjo)Professor of Contemporary Islam
Espinoza Rizo, Á.A. (Álvaro Augusto)PhD student
Gerigk, C. M. (Catharina), MAPhD student
Gins, S. (Sven), MAPhD Researcher / Staff Mobility Coordinator
Hummel, T.M. van, MAPhD student
Jansen, H. (Heidi), MA
Jonge, D. de
Knibbe, dr. K.E. (Kim)Associate Professor Sociology and Anthropology of Religion
Kraker-Zijlstra, A.C. de, MAPhD student
Krantz, M.I.
Kremer, A.J.Z., Drs
Kumar, A., MA
Martínez-Ariño, dr. J. (Julia)Assistant Professor of Sociology of Religion
Mathijssen, dr. B.M.H.P. (Brenda)Assistant Professor of Psychology, Culture and Religion
Moldovan, P.M. (Petru)PhD student
Mucciarelli, dr. E. (Elena)Assistant Professor for Hinduism in the Sanskrit Tradition - Gonda Lecturer
Muthert, prof. dr. J.K. (Hanneke)Professor Psychology of Religion with special attention for Spiritual Care and Wellbeing
Oliveira Leão, prof. E. de, MPhD student
Otten, dr. T. (Tina)Assistant Professor
Sari, I.P. (Intan), MAPhD student
Stuckrad, prof. dr. C.K.M. (Kocku) vonProfessor of Religious Studies
Tarusarira, dr. J. (Joram)Assistant Professor of Religion, Conflict and Peacebuilding
Toukolehto, S.M. (Saara), MAPhD student
Trivedi, N.S., MA
Vegt, A. (Annemarie) van der, MALecturer Spiritual Care
Visser-Nieraeth, dr. A. (Anja)Assistant Professor Spiritual Care
Wiering, dr. J.O. (Jelle)postdoctoral researcher
Wiersma, drs. G.Internship and supervision Spiritual Care
Zock, prof. dr. T.H. (Hetty)Professor of Religion and Mental Health, in particular in the domain of Spiritual Care (Special chair of the KSGV, Study Centre for Religion and Mental Health, sponsored by the VVP, Association of Dutch Liberal Protestants)

Department Christianity and the History of Ideas

Acebedo, B. J., MAPhD student
Andrejc, G. (Gorazd), PhDAssistant Professor in Philosophy of Religion
Baar, prof. dr. M.P.A. (Mirjam) deProfessor of the Cultural History of Early Modern Christianity, with a special emphasis on the Religious History of the Netherlands in its International Context.
Belt, prof. dr. H. (Henk) van denProfessor of Reformed Theology: Sources Development, and Context
Benjamins, prof. dr. H.S. (Rick)Professor of Liberal Theology
Carpenedo Rodrigues, M. (Manoela), PhDPostdoctoral Researcher - Religion and Extremism in the global South
Colominas Aparicio, dr. M. (Mònica)VENI Researcher, Tenure-Track Rosalind Franklin Fellow
Dijk, dr. M. (Mathilde) vanLecturer in History of Christianity and Gender StudiesUnivLecturer History of Christianity and Gender Studies/Associate Director Centre for Religion and Heritage/Coordinator Minor Gender and Diversity in Science, Society and Culture
Draaisma, L.R. (Linde), MAResearch Assistant Aspasia
Drougkakis, I.D., MAPhD student
Hofman, M. (Mirjam), MAPhD student
Irving, dr. A.J.M. (Andrew)Assistant Professor of Religion and Heritage
Jedan, prof. dr. C. (Christoph)Professor of Ethics and Comparative Philosophy of Religion
Kreijkes-van Esch, J.H., MA
Leeuwen, N. van, MA
Longworth, Z. E., MAPhD student
Molendijk, prof. dr. A.L. (Arie)Professor of the History of Christianity; Professor of the Philosophy of Religion
Muller, A.PhD student
Nghiem, T. (Thao), MAPhD student
Paul, prof. dr. H.J. (Herman)Professor of Secularization Studies
Ridder, prof. dr. ir. G.J. (Jeroen) deProfessor by special appointment of Christian philosophy
Slot, prof. dr. E. (Edward) van 'tSpecial chair for systematic theology and 21st century ecclesiology
Taheri, J. (Javad), MAPhD student
Weir, prof. dr. T.H. (Todd)Associate Professor History of Christianity and Modern Culture
Wilson, dr. E.K. (Erin)Associate Professor of Politics and Religion; Vice Dean and Director of Education

Graduate School

Support Staff

Barkowitz, H.S. (Hana), BScMarketing Officer
Berg, drs. D.L. (Debbie) van denInternational Officer and Research Policy Officer
Bertelink, E.B.
Boer, drs. T.M.L. (Thea) deEducational coordinator/Study advisor
Boon, G.R.G. van der
Caron-Feiken, drs. C.B. (Charissa)Communications officer Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies
Elzinga, A. (Ab)Reception officer
Ende, K. (Kees) van den, MAAssistant education developer / Study advisor
Hartog, P.B.
Hei-van der Touw, M.H. (Ria) deEducation Administration Officer
Kootstra, D. (Dik), MACoordinator high school projects ThRS; policy officer Pre University Academy
Luth, dr. J.R. (Jan)Em. Lecturer in Liturgical Science, especially Hymnology and Church Music
Mason, prof. dr. S.N. (Steve)Em. Distinguished Professor of Ancient Mediterranean Religions and Cultures
Poel, Y.A. (Ymke)Secretary
Pol, W.C. (Willeke) van deManagementassistant
Putten, drs. H.T. (Henk) vanIT, Web, and Education Coordinator, member University Council
Sanders, prof. dr. A.F. (Andy)Em. Professor of philosophy of religion, especially the philosophy of the multi-religious society
Swart, M.J.C.
Timmermans, L. (Laura)Coordinator Student Office Administration
Veen, R.L.W. (Robbert) van, BScEducation & IT coordinator, e-learning developer
Vellenga, dr. S.J. (Sipco)Em. Lecturer Sociology of Religion
Weijsenfeld, C.A.
Wijnia, dr. L. (Lieke)Postdoc Cultural Heritage
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