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Communication and Information Studies

All professors and teachers of Communication and Information Studies are part of the Discourse and Communication research group of the Center for Language and Cognition Groningen. They do research in their own area of expertise and implement diverse research projects, regularly collaborating with universities abroad. These projects focus on oral, written, audiovisual and digital communication in their mother tongues or in second or foreign languages, linking the functional characteristics of the various communication media and channels to the contexts and aims of the communication. In addition to careful analyses of the communication itself, experiments are conducted to measure its effects. Particular attention is paid to the effects of strategic persuasive communication in professional settings, such as organizational, media and health communication.

The education you receive is partly based on these research projects of the staff of Communication and Information Studies. You will acquire knowledge of theories and methodologies that you can apply in your own research projects, like your bachelor's thesis.

  • Testimonial van Aniek Groenwold

    Communication in the broadest sense of the word

    At Communication and Information Studies you first get to study communication in the broadest sense of the word, and then specialise by choosing electives, a Minor and a thesis. I am mainly interested in persuasive communication; how you can persuade and influence people and how you determine whether a message has the desired effect.

    My favourite course unit is Marketing Communication and Language Use. In this elective we each choose a brand and analyse its marketing strategy and communication media, based on which we then design and test our own communication medium. I really enjoy this type of course unit where you get to apply theory in practice.

    Alongside my studies I work at an online marketing agency, I am a member of the study association, a student sports club and several committees. Coming up with creative ideas for online and offline communications with images and text, for example for a specific event or for social media, that's what I enjoy doing most.

    – Aniek Groenwold
  • Testimonial van

    Owner of Mattie Kamminga Tekst & Communicatie

    After completing a Master's in Communication & Education, I was able to start immediately as a communications officer at Camerik Voorman Communicatie- en PR-adviseurs. My job involved supporting the communications advisor in implementing projects.

    That was anything from writing texts and collecting images to organizing press briefings and planning interviews. Every assignment was different. I really liked thinking up different ways to implement a communications assignment, but after two years it was time for something new.

    In 2016 I started my own communications and copywriting company. Since then I have been working for several different clients, particularly in the public sector. I’m now responsible for a project from start to finish. I draw up the offers, complete the assignments and submit the invoices. It’s hard work, but I get a lot of freedom in return.

    I chose the Communication & Education track because the curriculum dovetailed closely with the Bachelor’s programme in Communication and Information Sciences. The teaching part of the Master’s particularly appealed to me. How can you teach people communication skills? That was the trigger for me to choose that Master’s programme. Nowadays I occasionally give writing training. My studies equipped me with the skills to be able to do so.

  • Testimonial van Vera Stevens

    Anything is possible in Groningen

    I'm really interested in studying how you can communicate a message effectively through various channels and in various ways, so that the recipient understands it and can act upon it. I also really enjoy learning to apply the theoretical knowledge in real-life situations, for example in the first-year course unit Communication in Organizations.

    I moved to Groningen two years ago to live in student housing, and I love being able to make spontaneous plans to go out to eat with someone or play sports. In addition, I've been following a course in classical ballet at the USVA, the student cultural centre. So you see, anything is possible in Groningen!

    – Vera Stevens
  • Testimonial van Student Ambassador Varisha Steneker

    Because communication is so important in everyday life, I was interested in how it really works.

    About Varisha

    Hi! My name is Varisha, I am 20 years old and I am in currently in my second year of Communication and Information Sciences. I have been living in Groningen for two years now. My week includes attending practicals and lectures, working on assignments and preparing for classes. Luckily there is enough time for hobbies, friends and more! Last year I was an active member of the study association ‘Commotie’. Together with my committee we organised a trip to Dublin. Commotie helped me to get to know more people who are also studying Communication and Information Sciences. Besides Commotie, I am also a member of a student association.

    Why Communication and Information Studies?

    Communication takes part in every aspect of society, for instance: business, politics and health care. Because communication is so important in everyday life, I was interested in how it really works.

    Communication and Information Sciences in Groningen focusses on the language perspective of Communication. Since I was a young girl, I was interested in language. I liked writing poems and small stories. For that reason, I thought it was interesting to learn more about it. And of course not only about grammar, but about how we are able to communicate with language!

    Read more about Varisha Steneker and why she chose to study Communication and Information Studies in Groningen!

    Questions? Send Varisha an e-mail!

    – Student Ambassador Varisha Steneker
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