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Communication and Information Studies


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Open dag

Welke studie sluit het best aan bij jouw interesses en toekomstplannen? In welke stad zie je jezelf wel minstens vier jaar wonen? Welke masteropleidingen kun je gaan volgen na de bachelor van je keuze? En op wat voor soort banen bereidt de opleiding voor? De Open dag van de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen helpt je een eind op weg.

  • 09 november 2018 10:00 - 17:00
  • Broerstraat 5

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  • Commotie

    Commotie is de studievereniging voor alle communicatiestudenten in Groningen. Deze studievereniging verzorgt praktijkdagen, buitenlandse reizen en sociale activiteiten voor communicatiestudenten.

  • Marug

    The MARUG is an Interfaculty association of the University of Groningen, meaning that all students of this University can become a member of MARUG.

    Therefore the association consists of a great variety of students. At this moment around 1300 students are a member of MARUG, all with a big interest in Marketing. Students come from different fields of knowledge, ranging from Economics to Communications Studies and Business.

Brochure over de opleiding Communication and Information Studies
  • Opleidingsvideo

    – Opleidingsvideo
  • Testimonial van Aniek Groenwold

    At CIS you will study communication at a very broad level

    – Aniek Groenwold
  • Testimonial van Roel Dijkstra

    If I change this word or that one, would it not be much clearer?

    My name is Roel and I am 22 years old. I was born and brought up in Groningen. I'm currently in my 4th year of the Communication and Information Sciences degree programme (CIW). In addition, I'm an active member of 'Commotie', the study association of the degree programme.

    I’m also a member of TAM – Tennis Club Albertus Magnus. I’m gaining a lot of great experience at both Commotie and TAM, and partly thanks to these societies I've got a fun social life. When I have the time, I’d really like to travel far and wide.

    Why CIW?

    I’ve always been very interested in language and how people use it to communicate. That can be in a conversation between two people, but also in a text in a newspaper or an advert for a new product. I notice immediately when something has not been tackled properly, and that often makes me laugh, even from a very young age. At a certain point in time I began to become interested in improving that sort of communication. I thought then ‘if I change this word or that one, would it not be much clearer?’ In the conversations I observed, I also began to analyse the miscommunication that sometimes occurred. By choosing CIW, I hope to develop skills that will help me with the above. I think I’ve made exactly the right choice! Another reason for choosing CIW was the opportunity to follow course units from other programmes too. I was keen on the idea of being able to add different course units to my programme if they particularly appealed to me!

    – Roel Dijkstra
  • Testimonial van Eva Kelder

    I am interested in communication processes of businesses, schools and hospitals and how these processes can be improved. The programme pays a lot of attention to this.

    I’m Eva, 20 years old, and I study Communication and Information Sciences at the University of Groningen. I’m currently in my third year. I grew up in Haren and have been living in a student house in Groningen for two years now. Alongside my degree programme, I have been involved in study association Commotie, and I spend a lot of time on student association activities. There is also a focus on oral and writing skills, and on doing research which I like very much.

    – Eva Kelder
  • Testimonial van Mattie Kamminga

    Owner of Mattie Kamminga Tekst & Communicatie

    After completing a Master's in Communication & Education, I was able to start immediately as a communications officer at Camerik Voorman Communicatie- en PR-adviseurs. My job involved supporting the communications advisor in implementing projects.

    That was anything from writing texts and collecting images to organizing press briefings and planning interviews. Every assignment was different. I really liked thinking up different ways to implement a communications assignment, but after two years it was time for something new.

    In 2016 I started my own communications and copywriting company. Since then I have been working for several different clients, particularly in the public sector. I’m now responsible for a project from start to finish. I draw up the offers, complete the assignments and submit the invoices. It’s hard work, but I get a lot of freedom in return.

    I chose the Communication & Education track because the curriculum dovetailed closely with the Bachelor’s programme in Communication and Information Sciences. The teaching part of the Master’s particularly appealed to me. How can you teach people communication skills? That was the trigger for me to choose that Master’s programme. Nowadays I occasionally give writing training. My studies equipped me with the skills to be able to do so.

    – Mattie Kamminga
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