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Professors Faculty of Spatial Sciences


Arts, prof. dr. E.J.M.M.Environment Infrastructure Planning
Ballas, prof. dr. D.Economic Geography
Couwenberg, prof. dr. O.Governance and Geography
Dijk, prof. dr. J. vanRegional Labour Market Analysis
Hutter, prof. dr. I. (honorary)Demography
McCann, prof. dr. P. (honorary)Economic Geography
Mulder, prof. dr. C.H.Demography and Space
Roo, prof. dr. G. dePlanning
Valk, prof. dr. H.A.G. de (honorary)Migration and Life Course
Vanclay, prof. dr. F.M.D.Cultural Geography
Vlist, prof. dr. ir. A.J. van derReal Estate Development
Wissen, prof. dr. L.J.G. vanEconomic Demography
Woltjer, prof. dr. J. (honorary)Regional Planning and Spatial Development

University Readers / Associate Professors

Haartsen, prof. dr. T.Rural Geography
Haisma, prof. dr. ir. H.H.Population and Child Health
Horlings, prof. dr. L.G.Socio-Spatial Planning
Janssen, prof. dr. F.Mortality and Ageing
Meijering, prof. dr. L.B.Health Geography
Yamu, prof. dr. C.H.Spatial Analytics and Modelling

Professors by special appointment

Berg, prof. dr. A.E. van denNationaal Groenfonds Chair for Percetion and Valuation of Nature and Landscape, endowed by Stichting bijzondere leerstoelen Natuurbeheer
Bock, prof. dr. ir. B.B.Population decrease and livability, endowed by Stichting ter Bevordering van de Ruimtelijke Wetenschappen
Holzhacker, prof. dr. R.L.Comparative multi-level governance and regional structure, endowed by Ubbo Emmius Fonds
Leendertse, prof. ir. W.L.Management in Infrastructure Planning, endowed by Stichting ter Bevordering van de Ruimtelijke Wetenschappen
Leendertse, prof. ir. W.L.
Strijker, prof. dr. D.S.L. Mansholt Chair in Rural Development, endowed by Stichting voor Hoger Landbouwonderwijs
Tillema, prof. dr. ir. T.Transportgeografie, endowed by Stichting ter Bevordering van de Ruimtelijke Wetenschappen

Associate Professors with ius promovendi

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