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Boards of Examiners

Below you will find the Boards of Examiners of each study programme of the University of Groningen, categorized by faculty.

Faculty of Economics and Business

Programme Chair and secretary
Board of Examiners FEB


Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences

Programme Chair and secretary
Psychology Derksen, dr. M. & Steyvers, dr F.J.J.M.
Pedagogical & Educational Sciences dr. M.J. Warrens (president) & dr. M.I. Deunk (secretary).
Sociology Duijn, dr M.A.J. van & Bosman, dr M.H.
Teacher Education

Roorda, dr. G. (president) & Huijgen, dr. T.D. (secretary).


Research Master Tendeiro, dr. J. & Warrens, dr. M.J.

Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies

Programme Chair and secretary
Religious Studies

Chair: K. von Stuckrad

Secretary: M.H. de Hei-van der Touw



Chair: K. von Stuckrad

Secretary: M.H. de Hei-van der Touw


Faculty of Medical Sciences

Board of Examiners Dentistry & Medicine
Chair: dr. W. Nieuwland
Vice chair prof. dr. A. Vissink
Members mw. dr. H. Westers
drs. J.F. Koper
drs. A.A.B. Krol
dr. J. 't Hooft (extern lid)
Secretary mw. mr. M.E. Wiltvank
Support staff mw. J.B. Heyden
Post: UMCG
ECT&G (FC40)
PO Box 196
9700 AD Groningen

Board of Examiners Human Movement Sciences
Chair prof. dr. E. Otten
Secretary E. Veenhoven

Board of Examiners Clinical & Psychosocial Epidemiology, Medical and Pharmaceutical Drug Innovation, and Management of Transfusion Medicine
Chair prof. dr. R.H. Henning
Secretary ms. dr. ir. D.F. Jansen

Faculty of Spatial Sciences

Programme Chair and secretary
All programmes of the Faculty of Spatial Sciences

Prof. Jos Arts (chair), dr. Erik Meijles (secretary )


University College Groningen

Board of Examiners University College Groningen
Chair dr. M.E. (Marian) Counihan
Secretary dr. N.M.P. (Naomi) de Ruiter

prof. dr. N.A. (Nico) Bos
prof. dr. S.N. (Steve) Mason, external member
prof. dr. J. (Jan) Riezebos, external member

Administrative secretary

A.H. (Lily) Kruiger, MA


Board of Examiners UCG website


Campus Fryslân

Honours College

Programme Chair and secretary
Honours College Chairman: H.H. Haisma
Administrative secretary: A.S.C.H. Hack

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