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Boards of Examiners

Below you will find the Boards of Examiners of each study programme of the University of Groningen, categorized by faculty.

Faculty of Economics and Business

Programme Chair and secretary
Board of Examiners FEB

Email: examencie.feb

Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences

Programme Chair and secretary

dr. M. Derksen. & dr. F.J.J.M. Steyvers

e-mail: ExCie.Psy

Pedagogical & Educational Sciences

dr. S. Houwen (president) & dr. M.L. Deunk (secretary).

requests to examencommissie.pedon

Sociology dr. R.J.J. Wielers. (president) & dr. J.M.E. Huisman (vice-president)
Teacher Education

dr. G. Roorda (president) & drs. B.H. van der Wijk (secretary).

Contact: examencommissie.lerarenopleiding

Research Master

prof. dr. D. van Ravenzwaaij (president) & dr. D.P.H. Barelds (secretary)

Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies

Programme Chair and secretary
Religious Studies

Chair: K. von Stuckrad

Secretary: M.H. de Hei-van der Touw



Chair: K. von Stuckrad

Secretary: M.H. de Hei-van der Touw


Faculty of Medical Sciences

Board of Examiners Dentistry & Medicine
Chair: mr. dr. W. Nieuwland
Vice chair mr. prof. dr. A. Vissink

mrs. dr. H. Westers
mr. drs. J.F. Koper
mr. drs. A.A.B. Krol
mr. dr. W. Slot
mr. dr. J. Tromp (external member)
mr. dr. P.M. Schoonen
mrs. dr. W. Nijholt

Secretary mrs. M. Hulter BSc.
Advisory members

mrs. W.B. Scholten (student Dentistry)
mrs. V. Greiwe (student Medicine)

Email: ectg

Board of Examiners Human Movement Sciences
Chair Mw. Prof. Dr. C.J.C. Lamoth
Secretary Ms E. Veenhoven


Board of Examiners Clinical and Psychosocial Epidemiology & Molecular Medicine and Innovative Treatment
Chair prof. dr. R.H. Henning
Secretary ms. dr. ir. D.F. Jansen


Faculty of Law

Faculty of Philosophy

Board of Examiners Faculty of Philosophy

Barteld Kooi


Andrea Sangiacomo

External Advisor

Casper Zijlstra


Board of Examiners Faculty of Philosophy

Please use your UG mail to contact the Board of Examiners.

E-mail: fil-ec

Faculty of Spatial Sciences

Programme Chair and secretary
All programmes of the Faculty of Spatial Sciences

Prof. Jos Arts (chair), dr. Viktor Venhorst (secretary)

E-mail: boardofexaminers.fss

University College Groningen

Board of Examiners University College Groningen
Chair dr. M.E. (Marian) Counihan
Vice-chair dr. N.M.P. (Naomi) de Ruiter

Dr. W.S. (Wilbert) Rossi

Mr. M. (Michiel) Duchateau (external member)

Administrative secretary

J.C. (Lia) Verbaas, MA


E-mail: boex.ucg

The table below offers an overview of all Boards of Examiners of FSE, including contact details. Note: Click on a programme-link for more information about the concerned Board of Examiners. Please use the e-mail address only for general questions and the link specific to file a request. In case you want to file a request, click here!

Board of Examiners + contact

Correspondence address: boe.biology

Behavioural and Cognitive Neurosciences

Correspondence address:


Correspondence address: boe.chemistry

Energy & Environmental Sciences

Correspondence address: boe.ees


Correspondence address:

Arificial Intelligence / Computational Cognitive Science / Computing Science

Correspondence address:

Mathematics / Applied Mathematics

Correspondence address:


Correspondence address: boe.physics


Correspondence address: boe.pharm

Science Education and Communication

Correspondence address: boe.sec-lvho

Campus Fryslân

Board of Examiners Campus Fryslân
Chair Niels Faber
Members M.C. (Tim ) Huiskes
Members Pelin Gül
Joshua K. Schäuble
Vass Verkhodanova
Secretary Alessia Roggeri
Email E-mail: cf-examboard

Honours College

Programme Chair and secretary
Honours College Chairman: H.H. Haisma
Administrative secretary: A.S.C.H. Hack

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