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News archive 2013

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Opening hours University and University Library during Christmas holidays23 December 2013
University of Groningen awarded with ECTS and Diploma Supplement labels23 December 2013
Prof. dr. André Faaij appointed academic director Energy Academy Europe23 December 2013
'De Schuldvraag', a tv-documentary with the cooperation of Dr Dirk Bezemer23 December 2013
Student Epke Zonderland Sportsman of the Year18 December 2013
Smartphone app predicts depression18 December 2013
Honorary doctorate for professor emeritus Paul Luiten18 December 2013
December issue 'Broerstraat 5'17 December 2013
Four young Groningen researchers win NWO Rubicon travel grants13 December 2013
Professor of Chemistry Ben Feringa supervises his 100 th PhD student12 December 2013
Policy to increase employment opportunities for young adults with a disability is essential12 December 2013
New Unifocus: First Chair for Mongolia; European Languages and Cultures; Prof. Eerland11 December 2013
Alumnus Wim Pijbes Dutchman of the Year11 December 2013
Chair by special appointment for East Asia and modern Mongolia10 December 2013
Yellow light healthier during night shifts People05 December 2013
Sexual arousal suppresses feelings of disgust05 December 2013
Employment opportunities for people with long-term work disability is difficult to determine05 December 2013
New Unifocus: 1,000 Discovery trips; Centre for Entrepreneurship; Masterclass Energy Academy04 December 2013
City joins University to set up lab for city of the future03 December 2013
New technique helps quest for energy efficient memory03 December 2013
Encouragement prizes for six successful first-year students28 November 2013
New Unifocus: patent means profit; sustainable transport; and art in the university27 November 2013
Prof. Ben Feringa awarded Yamada-Koga Prize and Nagoya Gold Medal26 November 2013
Smart coating prevents implant infections25 November 2013
Too little attention to the wish for children of HIV-infected women22 November 2013
Science LinX to bring together European researchers and pupils22 November 2013
Hospital treatment shorter if departments share planning21 November 2013
Groningen molecules in new tuberculosis vaccine21 November 2013
Looking but not seeing20 November 2013
More prominent role for citizens and civil society organizations in innovation20 November 2013
RUG Discovery truck makes its 1000th trip20 November 2013
A helping hand for entrepreneurial students19 November 2013
Numerus fixus Faculty of law abolished19 November 2013
Research on mutual intelligibility of closely related languages in Europe19 November 2013
University of Groningen explores European horizons19 November 2013
Multidisciplinary treatment helps young children to maintain a healthy body weight18 November 2013
Fruit fly crucial in development of new medicine for heart rhythm disorder15 November 2013
Number of antibiotic-resistant infections in Europe increasing15 November 2013
Surprising image provides new tool for studying a galaxy14 November 2013
Eight Groningen programmes ‘Top’ in Dutch university education14 November 2013
University Library partly closed on Saturday14 November 2013
Doubt about effectiveness of general approach to improving study success14 November 2013
Parenting support from special Triple P programme no more effective than regular youth care support14 November 2013
New Unifocus: a look at the technology behind research on dry eyes, C-14 and stars13 November 2013
Diederik Roest appointed member of the Young Academy13 November 2013
Groningen polymer enables higher yield from oilfields13 November 2013
Revolutionary ventilation system for University of Groningen12 November 2013
Express yourself – Understand the world12 November 2013
Improve acute care for stroke victims by improving the chain as a whole12 November 2013
Red Knot trapped in food web11 November 2013
Decreased metabolism in ageing brain causes memory problems08 November 2013
New Unifocus: the Grading Table, Petrus Camper, and the European Key Information Document06 November 2013
University of Groningen alumni in demand throughout the world06 November 2013
University of Groningen brings Napoleon to Veendam05 November 2013
Official opening of ERIBA ageing research institute05 November 2013
Thousands of school pupils to visit University of Groningen information day05 November 2013
2nd Sport Science debate on 2014 Winter Olympics04 November 2013
New crowdfunding project: ‘Beat the bacterium’04 November 2013
Prospects for treatment of skin disorder epidermolysis bullosa31 October 2013
Panic disorder: talk and pills effective31 October 2013
Sixtieth anniversary of Nobel Prize for Zernike31 October 2013
New Unifocus: choosing degree programmes; the first printed bibles; European funds and international mobility30 October 2013
Publication Nature Materials: Manganites for low-energy magnetic memory30 October 2013
University of Groningen investigates opinions on gas extraction29 October 2013
First tickets on sale for RUG400 events29 October 2013
Research on old shipwrecks in the eastern Wadden Sea28 October 2013
Groningen researchers crucial in development of new flu vaccine25 October 2013
Interpretation of pain determines pain perception24 October 2013
Mayors are unable to deal with nuisance caused by home owners23 October 2013
Flu-shot for hospital staff prevents patients from infection23 October 2013
Another rise in number of international students22 October 2013
Rich harvest for Groningen astronomers from Herschel space laboratory22 October 2013
Hormone cream is a safe and effective treatment for blistering diseases with and without blisters21 October 2013
Physical health of psychiatric patients receives too little attention17 October 2013
Detecting infections with fluorescent antibiotics16 October 2013
‘We want to shake the hands of the authors of the Dead Sea Scrolls’15 October 2013
Back to the University of Groningen: In search of alumni11 October 2013
Novice teachers benefit from intensive supervision10 October 2013
Out now: Broerstraat 5 October edition09 October 2013
New Unifocus: the Dead Sea Scrolls; a switchable antibiotic; the meaning of exam dreams09 October 2013
Blaauw lecture by Daniela Calzetti: The Universe from Space (14 October)09 October 2013
Archaeologist Daniel Postma 12 and 19 October in TV documentary on reconstruction of Old Frisian turf house08 October 2013
Innovative approach to nuisance neighbours strong contender in global competition07 October 2013
Student Epke Zonderland world champion on the horizontal bar06 October 2013
New degree certificate presented by Rector Magnificus Elmer Sterken03 October 2013
Nature publication: Motion of one single transport protein observed03 October 2013
Contact with fellow-sufferers does not always help bereaved relatives of suicide victims03 October 2013
University of Groningen remains in top 10002 October 2013
New Unifocus: Studying 2.0; Buying for Charity; The search for new antibiotics02 October 2013
Health psychology department starts research into effects of treating despondency in chronically ill patients02 October 2013
Public opts for sustainable care30 September 2013
Thirty-three University of Groningen programmes judged best by Elsevier26 September 2013
Open Day on Zernike Campus26 September 2013
RUG krijgt terugvordering salaris collegevoorzitter 201126 September 2013
Blood vessels of childhood cancer survivors age more quickly25 September 2013
New Unifocus: Healthy choices; student and entrepreneur; portrait of Heymans25 September 2013
Ector Hoogstad Architecten to design new Physics and Chemistry building of University of Groningen24 September 2013
New Unifocus: Prof. Poppema on rankings, Stoner and Opening Careers Company FEB18 September 2013
Wavering internal market jeopardizes gas supplies to EU18 September 2013
German satellite for University of Groningen18 September 2013
Friendship a powerful tool against consumer temptations16 September 2013
Grant for genetic research on COPD in non-smokers13 September 2013
Considerable differences in efficiency of housing associations13 September 2013
Nature Chemistry: Groningen chemists develop switchable antibiotic13 September 2013
Maarten Loonen on Labyrint TV12 September 2013
Lessons on organ donation for children useful12 September 2013
New Unifocus, this week: Energy Summer School; Partnership with IBM; Internationalizaton11 September 2013
University of Groningen breaks into another Top 10010 September 2013
Municipalities must significantly adapt expenditure10 September 2013
‘Big data’ revolution provides new insights into the origin of diseases10 September 2013
Researchers develop magnetic nano heat exchanger10 September 2013
How a transport protein fills a void09 September 2013
Positieve ontwikkelingen wereldwijde toegankelijkheid medicijnen in kaart gebracht09 September 2013
Risk of kidney failure easier to predict06 September 2013
Results achieved in the past are the best motivation for continuing a reward programme05 September 2013
Three University of Groningen research schools receive EUR 800,000 for young researchers04 September 2013
Stressful events determine adolescents’ temperament04 September 2013
New Unifocus: vote for research proposals University of Groningen04 September 2013
Eight global experts in debate about language04 September 2013
Great need for signs of life characterized Disaster Year 167203 September 2013
Anniversary year opens in style03 September 2013
The Opening of the Academic Year will be broadcasted live02 September 2013
Float an idea past the boss? Acceptance depends more on the type of manager than the content of the idea02 September 2013
Public chooses research for University’s 400th birthday30 August 2013
Klaas Knot speaks at Opening of Academic Year30 August 2013
Populair college sterrenkunde viert 30e verjaardag30 August 2013
Nature publication: Light on twenty-year-old mystery29 August 2013
University of Groningen most popular among international students29 August 2013
Sacha de Boer commissioned by University of Groningen29 August 2013
Birth control pill can intensify jealousy experiences within intimate relationships27 August 2013
University closed on 28 August27 August 2013
Decrease in Problem Behaviour following discontinuation of antipsychotics in Individuals with Intellectual Disability26 August 2013
Travel bug is in the genes23 August 2013
'Onze zoutkristallen hebben veel glans en aantrekkingskracht'23 August 2013
More grants for institutional cooperation with Brazil23 August 2013
University of Groningen welcomes 1500 international students21 August 2013
People with psychopathy can empathize with others, but this process is less automatic20 August 2013
Patent protection has positive effect on SME profitability15 August 2013
University of Groningen breaks into Shanghai Ranking Top 10015 August 2013
First-years take over Groningen12 August 2013
University of Groningen investigates effect of dance and movement on Noorderzon visitors12 August 2013
Lambert Kamps unveils RUG400 artwork09 August 2013
University of Groningen student in final of national Student Entrepreneur competition07 August 2013
€ 6.6 million EU grant for Rosalind Franklin Fellowship02 August 2013
ERC Advanced Grant for astronomer Ger de Bruyn02 August 2013
ERC grants for two top researchers25 July 2013
Veni grants awarded to fourteen University of Groningen and UMCG researchers23 July 2013
Honour for Prof. Jan Oosterhaven22 July 2013
Gratama Science Award for brain drain research by Viktor Venhorst19 July 2013
Social scientists well endowed with research talent19 July 2013
University of Groningen coordinator Erasmus Mundus project with Latin America18 July 2013
Bewegingswetenschapper Bert Otten vanavond te zien bij NOS17 July 2013
GUF-100 prizes awarded to nine excellent students, Casper Hesp best student of the year16 July 2013
Nature publication: Helper in protein folding prevents clumping08 July 2013
Webscan Engelstalige informatie door Talencentrum RUG08 July 2013
Groningen logistics professors help transport sector switch to more environmentally friendly fuels08 July 2013
Centre for Religious Studies judged best in the Netherlands08 July 2013
Dutch municipal housing costs increase annually by an average 2.2%04 July 2013
Live stream Summer Ceremony on Friday03 July 2013
Research reveals low exposure of excellent work by female scientists02 July 2013
Rubicon grants for five Groningen researchers02 July 2013
Nine honorary doctorates on 400th anniversary of the University of Groningen01 July 2013
University of Groningen in Global Top 100 Nature Publishing Index27 June 2013
New Unifocus, this week: Pijbes Alumnus of the Year; Public opinion on shale gas; Town edges as calling cards26 June 2013
Julinummer Broerstraat 5 is uit26 June 2013
Wim Pijbes Alumnus of the Year 201326 June 2013
'Failed' referendum on European Constitution a blessing in disguise25 June 2013
Zernike Campus: top location in the field of energy and the bio-based economy24 June 2013
Parcival College eerste winnaar nieuwe Wubbo Ockelsprijs21 June 2013
Over 2000 women each year develop PTSD after giving birth21 June 2013
Young children need fewer calories than previously thought20 June 2013
New Unifocus, this week: University of Groningen in Nature Top 100; Building a nanovehicle; Publications in the spotlight19 June 2013
IBM creates 350 new IT jobs in Groningen19 June 2013
NWO grant to study efficient spin-transport in graphene in corporation with India18 June 2013
Model helps students to grasp scientific articles18 June 2013
De invloed van emoties op ruimtelijke en sociale veranderingen18 June 2013
Chick murder on a Sunday18 June 2013
Compleet overzicht van vertaalde Noorse literatuur18 June 2013
Students publish their own academic journal18 June 2013
RUG-onderwijs voor scholieren basisschool en middelbare school18 June 2013
Eerste winnaar nieuwe Wubbo Ockelsprijs18 June 2013
Winnaar Nederlandse Sterrenkunde Olympiade naar La Palma17 June 2013
De innovatie achter de tandwielen van Antikythera13 June 2013
Questionnaires improve detection of psychosocial problems in children aged 2-4 years12 June 2013
New Unifocus, this week: Neuromarketing, The Church of Sciences and Migration to less popular areas12 June 2013
Herexamentraining: 15 en 16 juni12 June 2013
Vijf winnaars Natuurkunde Olympiade naar finale in Kopenhagen12 June 2013
Voor Rijkswaterstaat blijft publiek-private samenwerking lastig11 June 2013
Veertig Noordse sternen krijgen geolocator11 June 2013
New method for forming carbon-carbon bonds: fast, efficient and in mild conditions10 June 2013
Frisse ideeën en wilde plannen voor Haren05 June 2013
Scholieren naar de Natuurkunde Olympiade05 June 2013
New Unifocus, this week: the North Pole; Students are going Google; Noise nuisance05 June 2013
Measuring albumin in urine allows early detection of chronic kidney disease04 June 2013
Kind met astma krijgt vaak niet de zorg die het verdient04 June 2013
Listening to music while driving has very little effect on driving performance04 June 2013
Biologische klok bij ouderen minder flexibel04 June 2013
University investigates plagiarism accusations against professor30 May 2013
New Unifocus, this week: A new type of pain treatment; Poppema visits Asia; Generate power while you walk29 May 2013
'Science within Society' seminar27 May 2013
Technical skills of talented 14-year-olds determine professional career24 May 2013
10 th Anniversary of the Department of Arts, Culture and Media will feature Martha Nussbaum23 May 2013
New Unifocus, this week: Discovering new medicines, Economics of local government and Building a sod house22 May 2013
‘Tsar Peter the Great was on extremely bad terms with the Dutch regents’22 May 2013
Albert Bressand appointed Professor of International Strategic Management in the Energy Sector22 May 2013
Energy Academy Europe and University of Groningen to collaborate with Energy Charter Secretariat21 May 2013
Nine Vidi grants for top researchers at the University of Groningen and the UMCG21 May 2013
New markers for sick hearts17 May 2013
NVAO: Master’s programme in Nanoscience deemed excellent17 May 2013
Inaugural lecture Prof. Jeroen Smit: ‘Democratic watchdog needs to wake up’14 May 2013
Start onderzoek naar milde geheugenproblemen en apathie13 May 2013
Higher risk of long-term developmental problems in moderately preterm infants10 May 2013
Research by diabetes nurse prompts changes to Self-monitoring Guidelines08 May 2013
New Unifocus, this week: Scientist in the spotlights at Bessensap, Material Matter(s)! and Centre for Landscape Studies08 May 2013
Using ‘Google Maps’ to zoom in on the Islets of Langerhans08 May 2013
Music therapy creates rest and relaxation for people with dementia07 May 2013
Marjoleine de Vos new guest writer at University of Groningen06 May 2013
Farewell symposium for Louwrens Hacquebord06 May 2013
New Library catalogue: WorldCat Local06 May 2013
2013 Willem de Graaff Prize for Peter Barthel02 May 2013
Eight hundred thousand for research into digitizing the news01 May 2013
Maths and philosophy make museum intelligent01 May 2013
Royal decorations for two University of Groningen staff members26 April 2013
Royal decoration for Wim Klein Haneveld26 April 2013
Royal decoration for Petra Rudolf26 April 2013
Faculty of GMW achieves excellent score in NWO Research Talent programme26 April 2013
Leeuwarden court of appeal: scholarship PhD students are not employees25 April 2013
New Unifocus, this week: Lodi Nauta's passion, football playing robots and Anda Kerkhoven24 April 2013
Dutch secondary school pupils win gold, silver and bronze at international conference in Bali24 April 2013
Weak magnetic field applied to head increases pain threshold23 April 2013
Ontdek magische materialen in ‘Material Matter(s)!’23 April 2013
Twintig procent van de jeugd in Groningen krijgt vorm van jeugdzorg19 April 2013
Nieuwe genentest vindt vaker en sneller erfelijke oorzaak voor plotse hartdood19 April 2013
Enough grip in the upper jaw to attach overdentures to four implants instead of six18 April 2013
University of Groningen helps to create museum of the future18 April 2013
Guide to Higher Education 2013: Master's in Nanoscience and Astronomy right at the top18 April 2013
New Unifocus, this week: Enzyme recycling, Crowdfunding for the Arctic tern and Support for school pupils.17 April 2013
University of Groningen to found Institute for Sustainable Society17 April 2013
Gene variants for resting heart rate identified16 April 2013
Evolutionary genetic research makes fly swatters superfluous16 April 2013
University Lecture by Prof. Albert Fert (Nobel Prize in Physics 2007): From fundamental research to innovation: a few examples in spintronics and computing/communication technologies16 April 2013
Suikerbiet krijgt door CCC-onderzoek nieuwe toekomst15 April 2013
College Carrousel van Rijksuniversiteit Groningen gaat weer draaien15 April 2013
High blood pressure in kidneys possible explanation for renal disease in people with apple-shaped bodies12 April 2013
Oldest pots used to cook fish11 April 2013
Archeologische topstukken van wereldformaat binnenkort in Assen te bewonderen11 April 2013
Cooperation agreement to set up stem cell institute in Russia10 April 2013
Criticize the boss in friendly terms10 April 2013
André Kuipers holds successful lecture for Children's University10 April 2013
New Unifocus, this week with: oil, godwits and Russians10 April 2013
University of Groningen, UMCG and University of Twente set to join forces10 April 2013
Evidence of a link between impaired fertility and increased risk of developmental disorders in children09 April 2013
400 dagen voor 400 vragen09 April 2013
Woonlasten stijgen opnieuw minder dan inflatie08 April 2013
Groot onderzoek naar diarreeveroorzakende bacteriën STEC en EHEC08 April 2013
University of Groningen uses crowdfunding to support research on Arctic tern06 April 2013
'Banker incompetence just as bad as poor morals'05 April 2013
Three young researchers win Rubicon grants from NWO to travel abroad05 April 2013
New Unifocus, this week with: Videolectures, Study on the move an the Muscle Man03 April 2013
UMCG and Radboud University Nijmegen present the ‘Practical Guide for the Sustainable Employability of Older Staff’03 April 2013
Prijzen voor talentvolle scholieren bij de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen03 April 2013
Wubbo Ockels Prize for sustainable schools02 April 2013
The UMCG is studying the effects of a method to help autism patients deal with external stimuli29 March 2013
A new future for KVI (Kernfysisch Versneller Instituut)28 March 2013
Genome-wide association study finds new genes for biological ageing28 March 2013
Student Service Centre closed today, 28 March28 March 2013
Aprilnummer Broerstraat 5 is uit27 March 2013
Gronings duo met succes door selectie NWO Bessensap Filmwedstrijd27 March 2013
New Unifocus, this week with: the importance of historical church interiors27 March 2013
Prof. dr. Ben Feringa zondag in Labyrint over moleculaire motor27 March 2013
Replacement of meat and dairy by plant-derived foods: estimated effects on land use, iron and SFA intakes in young Dutch adult females26 March 2013
New Unifocus, this week with cheaper wind energy20 March 2013
‘Choices in Global Health: whom do we choose to ignore?’19 March 2013
Low-cost plastic memories from a ‘forgotten’ commodity polymer18 March 2013
Roger Scruton on judging music18 March 2013
‘Protein switch’ determines whether stem cells specialize or regenerate18 March 2013
Groningen University Medical Hospital the first to keep a liver warm outside a human body15 March 2013
New Unifocus, this week: The University of Groningen in Antarctica14 March 2013
Low magnesium increases risk of heart disease14 March 2013
E-health programme to help kidney patients control salt intake14 March 2013
Hans van Ees appointed Dean of the new University College Groningen13 March 2013
Major EU grant for research on peroxisomes13 March 2013
Proton therapy spares healthy tissue12 March 2013
Experimental proof of major influence of micron-sized dust particles on the universe08 March 2013
University of Groningen and Rijkswaterstaat sign cooperation agreement01 March 2013
Spoonbills habitually fly further than is good for them01 March 2013
Honderden vwo-scholieren brengen bedrijfsbezoeken in Groningen25 February 2013
NWO investeert in apparatuur21 February 2013
Substantial grant for research into Parkinson's20 February 2013
Rudolf Agricola Seminar over de grootste Groninger ooit20 February 2013
Psychiatrist Willem Nolen receives royal honour15 February 2013
Entries for profile assignment prizes now welcome14 February 2013
New Unifocus, this week: Urine discloses fitness13 February 2013
University of Groningen joins AkzoNobel for Jet-Net Career Day13 February 2013
Start of large-scale study of health benefits and injuries among novice runners13 February 2013
Asteroid sweeps close to Earth13 February 2013
First Culture Education programme starts in cooperation with Museumhuis Groningen08 February 2013
Justin Kroesen Lecturer of the Year, Bert Otten wins Audience Award07 February 2013
New Unifocus, this week with Lecturer of the Year Election06 February 2013
Little known about optimum diabetes care for the over-75s06 February 2013
New research project examines changes in family formation and social policies across Europe06 February 2013
Millions worth of grants for three Groningen top researchers05 February 2013
Studenten Ruimtelijke Wetenschappen winnen scriptieprijs31 January 2013
Prime Minister Rutte visits Groningen: ‘Here, the city, the UMCG, the Hanze University and the University all strengthen each other’31 January 2013
New Unifocus, this week a.o.: studying in the University Library at night30 January 2013
Highly-qualified Dutch women postpone birth of first child30 January 2013
Open Day on Location at the University of Groningen30 January 2013
European Flagship with Groningen helmsman30 January 2013
48 million euro for new cardiovascular research30 January 2013
Portable nitrogen oxide meter30 January 2013
University of Groningen researchers closely involved in new Dutch Antarctic research facility28 January 2013
Main outline of University of Groningen 400th anniversary programme ready23 January 2013
New Unifocus, this week about the 400th anniversary of the University22 January 2013
Pre-University Academy continues to grow22 January 2013
Lower income groups less well prepared for pension reductions21 January 2013
People in the North of the Netherlands included in research into families with an increased risk of breast or ovarian cancer21 January 2013
New Unifocus: student videos about the University of Groningen16 January 2013
Amerikaanse subsidie van 1 miljoen dollar voor diabetesonderzoek16 January 2013
University of Groningen most sustainable university in the Netherlands16 January 2013
Tien jaar Alfasteunpunt15 January 2013
Woonlasten grote gemeenten stijgen minder dan inflatie14 January 2013
Today’s godwit chicks grow too slowly14 January 2013
24-uurs urine indicator voor fitheid14 January 2013
Grote subsidie Willem Barentsz Poolinstituut voor onderzoek op Spitsbergen11 January 2013
New perspective on how to stop smoking10 January 2013
Krimpgebieden blijven jonge migranten trekken10 January 2013
Life expectancy for some type 2 diabetes patients similar to general Dutch population08 January 2013
Antidepressants during pregnancy cause lung and intestinal problems in babies08 January 2013
Hubbelingprijs voor Iris Busschers08 January 2013
Merendeel medicatieproblemen veroorzaakt door niet-vermijdbare bijwerkingen08 January 2013
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