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Research Zernike (ZIAM) News


News and announcements relevant to the Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials have been grouped into four categories:

  • News
  • Colloquia
  • Seminars
  • Other events of interest to staff or students

TitlePosted on
NEVAC prize for Brian Baker of the Stöhr group15 September 2020
NWO XS grant for Dr. Wlodarczyk-Biegun09 September 2020
Prof. Rudolf partner in consortium that receives H2020 Marie Curie ITN-ETN grant08 September 2020
JACS Spotlight on self-assembled monolayers of Chiechi and Rudolf04 September 2020
New High Speed AFM results featured as Spotlight in JACS02 September 2020
Prof. Bart Kooi installed as Education Director of the Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials01 September 2020
Spider Silk inspires a new class of synthetic ion-conducting polymers for future energy applications25 August 2020
Detailed model important step towards understanding Huntington’s25 August 2020
Filming viral assembly in real-time11 August 2020
ENW klein Grant for Maxim Pchenitchnikov and Thomas Jansen11 August 2020
Herman Duim Graduate Student Award recipient for the 2020 MRS Spring Meeting11 August 2020
New assistant professor in our team - Jagoda Sławińska07 August 2020
Finding the missing mirror in spintronic nanodevices29 July 2020
IEEE Robert E. Newnham Ferroelectrics Award for Prof. Beatriz Noheda29 July 2020
Resilience and Adaptability: New pathways with Skyrmion bubbles28 July 2020
Redox flow is the way to go - Focus on Edwin Otten's research17 July 2020
Prof. Koster partner in consortium that receives H2020 Marie Curie ITN-ETN grant13 July 2020
The two sides of hydrogen production - a focus on the research of Wesley Browne10 July 2020
Remco Havenith Nanoscience Teacher of the Year08 July 2020
Annemarie Maan's Faces of Science introductory video online07 July 2020
New model helps to describe defects and errors in quantum computers24 June 2020
Simple explanation suffices for conduction in nickelates23 June 2020
Prof. dr. Richard Hildner won the 'Teacher of the Year' Award 2018-2019 for the Top Master Nanoscience29 May 2020
Prof. Onck partner in ENW-GROOT project of EUR 2.7 million26 May 2020
New Dean of Graduate Studies25 May 2020
Transporting energy through a single molecular nanowire11 May 2020
Prof. Marrink and Dr. Jansen partners in ENW-GROOT project of EUR 2.7 million21 April 2020
Polymer scientists cooperate with industry to create smart materials20 April 2020
X-rays reveal in situ crystal growth of lead-free perovskite solar panel materials09 April 2020
NWO KLEIN awarded to George Palasantzas07 April 2020
Annemarie Maan elected KNAW/De Jonge Academie Faces of Science12 March 2020
Reaching out and spreading the chemistry - PhD student Jim Ottele in focus10 March 2020
Rifka Vlijm one of the winners of FameLab Groningen06 March 2020
In focus - George Palasantzas04 March 2020
In focus - Shirin Faraji23 February 2020
Voetgangers in Zuidhorn testen computer van de toekomst18 February 2020
In focus - Katja Loos15 February 2020
Modified clay can remove herbicide from water12 February 2020
Silver sawtooth creates valley-coherent light for nanophotonics07 February 2020
First view of hydrogen at the metal-to-metal hydride interface06 February 2020
Artem Shulga wins GEC Thesis prize 202028 January 2020
Starting up in academia: The entrepreneurial journey of Artem Shulga, founder and CEO of QDI Systems15 January 2020
ERC grants help two UG scientists to aim for the top10 December 2019
Materials NL Challenges grant awarded to Prof. Loi05 December 2019
Professor Katja Loos wins Research Award of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation02 December 2019
Master's student Hans Beukers wins Shell Graduation Award for Physics27 November 2019
Hot electrons harvested without tricks15 November 2019
Molecular Biophysics post-doc Adéla Melcrova wins prestigious Czech Prize13 November 2019
Suspended layers make a special superconductor05 November 2019
Prof. Faraji elected to Q-Chem board of directors05 November 2019
TopMaster Nanoscience students of the 2017-2019 cohort graduated successfully18 October 2019
Double layer of graphene helps to control spin currents17 October 2019
Rifka Vlijm joins our team as Assitant Professor Molecular & Cellular Scale Biophysics02 October 2019
New members installed into the Young Academy Groningen01 October 2019
New microscope shows the atomic structure of materials in stunning detail18 September 2019
New microscope shows the atomic structure of materials in stunning detail18 September 2019
Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Degree in Theoretical Chemistry and Computational Modelling (TCCM) is awarded >4MEuro EU support13 September 2019
Optical tweezers reveal virus self-assembly process05 September 2019
1.5 million euros for imaging functionality of nanomaterials04 September 2019
Towards all-electrical two-dimensional spintronic applications02 September 2019
Interview with Moniek Tromp in C2W16 August 2019
NWO START-UP Grant Marcos Guimarães02 August 2019
Two NWO Veni grants for Zernike Researchers17 July 2019
Kick-off meeting of new virtual research center on Soft Advanced Materials27 June 2019
Using waves to move droplets14 June 2019
Tromp elected to Young Academy Europe24 May 2019
New research lines 201908 May 2019
Tromp joins NWO ENW board07 May 2019
Appointed Professor: Marcos Guimarães29 April 2019
First results of new High Speed AFM published19 April 2019
Bioinspired underwater glues08 April 2019
oLife granted, PostDocs available02 April 2019
Royal Decoration for Prof. Jeff De Hosson29 March 2019
Live coverage of "Jeff 40+"27 March 2019
Tromp: "Diversity pays off"13 March 2019
Faraji joins Young Academy Groningen11 March 2019
How catalysts for plastic production can be improved07 March 2019
Higher Education Guide Masters: 6 Top Rated Programmes at FSE and Nanoscience overall best05 March 2019
Prof. Maxim Pchenitchnikov won the “Teacher of the Year” Award 2017-2018 for (Applied) Physics Programme20 February 2019
First transport measurements reveal intriguing properties of germanene11 February 2019
Ferroelectric polymers made more versatile05 February 2019
Theoretical model may help solve molecular mystery05 February 2019
Top Master Programme in Nanoscience assessed as excellent for the third time04 February 2019
Green alternative to PET could be even greener30 January 2019
ECHO grant for Wouter Roos20 December 2018
Anouk Goossens receives Shell Award for researching building blocks of the electronic brain26 November 2018
A closer look at the communication packages of cells23 November 2018
A closer look at the Huntington-protein20 November 2018
NWO TOP Grant for consortium of Thomas La Cour Jansen01 November 2018
Eric de Vries wins NWO Physics Valorisation Chapter Prize30 October 2018
New generation of smart computers inspired by our brains26 October 2018
Understanding the building blocks for an electronic brain22 October 2018
Nanosized ferroelectrics become a reality22 October 2018
Marleen Kamperman receives KNCV public award10 October 2018
Defects promise quantum communication through standard optical fiber01 October 2018
Richard Hildner - appointed as Professor Optical Spectroscopy of Functional Nanosystems01 October 2018
Work of Thomas Schlathölter and his team featured on PCCP cover23 September 2018
Heike Kamerlingh Onnes chair and Rudi Drent chair for Groningen professors21 September 2018
Graphene bilayer provides efficient transport and control of spins21 September 2018
Green ink for 3D prints in filmed article13 September 2018
Top Master in Nanoscience student Elisabeth Duijnstee wins Avril McDonald Award01 September 2018
Organic Photovoltaics pioneer Christoph Brabec joins Zernike Institute as Honorary Professor High-throughput engineering of adaptive semiconducting material composites31 August 2018
Efficient injection and detection of spins30 August 2018
Marleen Kamperman - expert in bio-inspired functional polymers starts as new Professor of Polymer Science30 August 2018
Prof. Bart van Wees appointed Knight of the Order of the Netherlands Lion24 August 2018
Petra Rudolf elected Honorary Member of the Italian Physical Society17 August 2018
Patrick van der Wel - Expert in solid-state NMR spectroscopy joins Zernike Institute01 August 2018
NWO Rubicon grant for Machteld Kamminga23 July 2018
Dr. Graeme Blake won the 'Teacher of the Year' Award 2017-2018 for the Top Master Nanoscience26 June 2018
Jan-Anton Koster awarded as best PhD supervisor 201808 June 2018
NanoLabNL key partner in new initiative EuroNanoLab | Zernike Nanolab Groningen04 June 2018
Shirin Faraji receives NWO Vidi grant04 June 2018
First superconducting transistor at practical voltage and temperature28 May 2018
Top Master Nanoscience student wins Audience Award at FameLab NL23 May 2018
Quantum effects observed in photosynthesis22 May 2018
EPS Council 2018: Petra Rudolf is the next EPS President-elect02 May 2018
Professor Maria Antonietta Loi receives Physics Prize 201813 April 2018
Creating a 2D platinum magnet06 April 2018
Fellowship for Innovation of Teaching for Katja Loos29 March 2018
Katja Loos has been admitted as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)26 March 2018
Moniek Tromp appointed as new Professor of Materials Chemistry at the Zernike Institute of Advanced Materials23 March 2018
Shedding light on the mystery of the superconducting dome21 March 2018
Towards brightly luminescent organic crystals: the self-doping concept13 March 2018
Practical spin wave transistor one step closer28 February 2018
NWO-Vici grant for Meike Stöhr23 February 2018
Professor Maria Antonietta Loi wins Physica Prize 201822 February 2018
New metal-semiconductor interface for brain-inspired computing22 January 2018
Van Wees Lab Video: Spinning electrons unleash microelectronics revolution22 January 2018
van Wees Lab: New measurements show spin transistor is within reach19 January 2018
Maria Antonietta Loi receives NWO Mat4Sus (Sustainable Materials) grant19 January 2018
Loi group: Slow 'hot electrons' could improve solar cell efficiency16 January 2018
Erik van der Giessen wins 2018 Solid Mechanics Prize08 January 2018
Arijit Das wins Best Presentation Award at 6th International Symposium on Integrated Functionalities (ISIF) in Delhi18 December 2017
Manuel Bibes receives Descartes-Huygens Prize to start collaboration with Center for Cognitive Systems and Materials15 December 2017
Loi group cover feature: Efficient Perovskite Solar Cells over a Broad Temperature Window06 December 2017
Van Wees lab: Direct evidence of induced spin-valley coupling in Graphene27 November 2017
Katja Loos member of delegation promoting Dutch chemistry in China17 November 2017
The 2017/2018 Zernike Colloquium Series started with Prof. Ivan Schuller and a full house03 November 2017
Sourav Maity from the Molecular Biophysics group wins JMR Young investigator award16 October 2017
Prof. Maxim Mostovoy elected Fellow of the American Physical Society for "seminal contributions to the understanding of ferroelectric magnets as well as topological defects in multiferroics."12 October 2017
Justin Ye's group: Dichalcogenide Gets Two Faces06 October 2017
Congratulations! Jeff De Hosson - 40 years Professor at the University of Groningen06 October 2017
Tamalika Banerjee Senior Member IEEE29 September 2017
The 2017 Zernike Labretreat - Scientists in a bubble20 September 2017
Katja Loos in Trouw: Recycling of plastic and green alternatives for the future20 September 2017
Daniel Balazs wins "Young Scientist Presentation Award" of the Japanese Society for Applied Physics05 September 2017
Letter to the editor: ‘Help the Netherlands to keep its leading position in nanotechnology'24 August 2017
Atomically thin layers bring spintronics closer to applications15 August 2017
Reality check for 'wonder material'28 July 2017
NWO kent startimpuls toe aan de ‘Oorsprong van het leven’ route van de Nationale Wetenschapsagenda16 July 2017
50 years of polymer chemistry at the University of Groningen30 June 2017
Smart Molecules Modify Nanotube Morphology15 June 2017
Andreas Herrmann and collaborators developed a synthetic tongue that can discriminate age, brand and taste of whisky08 June 2017
Work of Bart van Wees’ group featured in Times Higher Education Special “What are the hot research areas that might spark the next big bang?”25 May 2017
Organized but intermittent: a liquid mimicking disordered proteins18 May 2017
Generating energy while walking to the bus15 May 2017
On tour with the team: impressions from the 2017 Vlieland meeting10 May 2017
Three highlights within three weeks for Maria Antonietta Loi02 May 2017
Royal decoration for Ria Broer-Braam21 April 2017
Zernike Institute co-organizes Ameland Summer School Smart Materials11 April 2017
Maria Loi's Carbon nanotubes self-assemble into tiny transistors05 April 2017
Katja Loos' Industrial Partnership Program 'Nanofun' featured in C2W03 April 2017
Five in a row: Nanoscience again among best university Master's degree programmes02 March 2017
Shirin Faraji started as new Professor in Theoretical and Computational Chemistry01 March 2017
Ronnie Hoekstra elected American Physical Society "Outstanding Referee" 201702 February 2017
EU awards FET-Proactive grant to Wouter Roos and seven other European groups21 December 2016
FOM awards 1.6 M€ to Skyrmion programme of Maxim Mostovoy21 November 2016
Petra Rudolf elected member Acatech - National Academy of Science and Engineering (Germany)21 November 2016
Breaking News: Nobel Prize for Ben Feringa05 October 2016
Bart van Wees receives Spinoza Award during ceremony in The Hague13 September 2016
Thom Palstra appointed as Rector Magnificus of the University of Twente05 September 2016
NanoLabs: hightech facilities stimulating interaction between industry, research and young talents25 August 2016
Bioinspired Materials - Stavenga reveals intricate photonic system of spider colours12 August 2016
Science LinX: Serendipitous observation may lead to more efficient solar cells and new gas sensors27 July 2016
Impressions of the reception in honour of Spinoza Laureate Bart van Wees08 July 2016
Former Zernike BSc, Msc, and PhD student Eric Detsi becomes “Stephenson Term Chair Assistant Professor in Materials Science and Engineering” at University of Pennsylvania13 June 2016
Bart van Wees - Laureate NWO Spinoza Prize 201610 June 2016
19 PhD positions for joint research on novel antimicrobials – call now open31 May 2016
Three Zernike researchers receive funding from "FOM-projectruimte"18 May 2016
Gratis gebruik faciliteiten nanotechnologische labs - Deadline 1 juni10 May 2016
Interview with Maria Loi on Perovskite Solar Cells in NRC06 May 2016
First PhD defence on Frisian campus: Extracting nutrients from the sewer29 March 2016
Bart Crielaard receives Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship22 January 2016
Justin Ye scores Science publication with his discovery of Ising superconductivity in a MoS2 field effect transistor12 November 2015
Wouter Roos started as Associate Professor Molecular Biophysics at the Zernike Institute01 November 2015
Animation of Advanced Materials program online04 June 2015
Rubicon Fellowship for dr. Geert Reitsma02 April 2015
Register now: Coarse-grain Martini modeling workshop in Groningen19 March 2015
Registration for Vlieland 2015 open11 March 2015
ERC Consolidator Grant for ZIAM researcher Justin Ye: Developing transistors with new electronic functionalities02 March 2015
ZIAM breakthrough may lead to industrial production of graphene devices10 February 2015
ERC Starting Grant for Thorben Cordes17 December 2014
Prof. Bart van Wees elected Fellow of the American Physical Society "for pioneering research in charge and spin-based quantum transport in mesoscopic systems."04 December 2014
FOM grants 12 million Euro for six new research programmes - Zernike Institute participates in two of them21 November 2014
ZIAM publication in Nature: Thin film produces new chemistry in ‘nanoreactor’20 November 2014
Unilever Research Prize 2014 for RUG Top Master student Nanoscience – Machteld Kamminga16 October 2014
'FOM Projectruimte' for Prof. Bart van Wees27 June 2014
PTN Medema Award 2014 for Professor Gerrit ten Brinke20 November 2013
Nature publication: Motion of one single transport protein observed03 October 2013
NWO Grant for Graduate School of Science for talented young scientists07 September 2013