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News and announcements relevant to the Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials have been grouped into four categories:

  • News
  • Colloquia
  • Seminars
  • Other events of interest to staff or students

Jan-Anton Koster awarded as best PhD supervisor 201808 juni 2018
NanoLabNL key partner in new initiative EuroNanoLab | Zernike Nanolab Groningen04 juni 2018
Shirin Faraji receives NWO Vidi grant04 juni 2018
First superconducting transistor at practical voltage and temperature28 mei 2018
Student Nanoscience wint Audience Award bij FameLab NL23 mei 2018
Kwantumeffecten aangetoond bij fotosynthese22 mei 2018
EPS Council 2018: Petra Rudolf is the next EPS President-elect02 mei 2018
Maria Antonietta Loi ontvangt Physica prijs 201813 april 2018
Natuurkundigen maken 2D magneet van platina06 april 2018
Fellowship for Innovation of Teaching for Katja Loos29 maart 2018
Katja Loos has been admitted as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)26 maart 2018
Moniek Tromp appointed as new Professor of Materials Chemistry at the Zernike Institute of Advanced Materials23 maart 2018
Mysterie van supergeleidingskoepel opgelost21 maart 2018
Towards brightly luminescent organic crystals: the self-doping concept13 maart 2018
Groningse onderzoekers maken spingolf transistor28 februari 2018
NWO-Vici grant for Meike Stöhr23 februari 2018
Physica prijs 2018 naar hoogleraar Maria Antonietta Loi22 februari 2018
Kobalt en halfgeleider vormen basis voor elektronisch brein22 januari 2018
Van Wees Lab Video: Spinning electrons unleash microelectronics revolution22 januari 2018
van Wees Lab: Nieuwe meting RUG-wetenschappers brengt spintransistor binnen bereik19 januari 2018
Maria Antonietta Loi receives NWO Mat4Sus (Sustainable Materials) grant19 januari 2018
Loi groep: Trage ‘hete elektronen’ verbeteren efficiëntie zonnecellen16 januari 2018
Erik van der Giessen wins 2018 Solid Mechanics Prize08 januari 2018
Arijit Das wins Best Presentation Award at 6th International Symposium on Integrated Functionalities (ISIF) in Delhi18 december 2017
Descartes-Huygensprijs voor nanotechnoloog Manuel Bibes om samenwerking met Center for Cognitive Systems and Materials te beginnen15 december 2017
Loi group cover feature: Efficient Perovskite Solar Cells over a Broad Temperature Window06 december 2017
Van Wees lab: Direct evidence of induced spin-valley coupling in Graphene27 november 2017
Katja Loos member of delegation promoting Dutch chemistry in China17 november 2017
The 2017/2018 Zernike Colloquium Series started with Prof. Ivan Schuller and a full house03 november 2017
Sourav Maity from the Molecular Biophysics group wins JMR Young investigator award16 oktober 2017
Prof. Maxim Mostovoy elected Fellow of the American Physical Society for "seminal contributions to the understanding of ferroelectric magnets as well as topological defects in multiferroics."12 oktober 2017
Justin Ye's group: Dichalcogenide Gets Two Faces06 oktober 2017
Congratulations! Jeff De Hosson - 40 years Professor at the University of Groningen06 oktober 2017
Tamalika Banerjee Senior Member IEEE29 september 2017
The 2017 Zernike Labretreat - Scientists in a bubble20 september 2017
Katja Loos in Trouw: Recycling of plastic and green alternatives for the future20 september 2017
Daniel Balazs wins "Young Scientist Presentation Award" of the Japanese Society for Applied Physics05 september 2017
Letter to the editor: ‘Help the Netherlands to keep its leading position in nanotechnology'24 augustus 2017
Laagje van twee atomen dik brengt toepassing spintronica dichterbij15 augustus 2017
Praktijk zet wondermateriaal op zijn plaats28 juli 2017
NWO kent startimpuls toe aan de ‘Oorsprong van het leven’ route van de Nationale Wetenschapsagenda16 juli 2017
50 years of polymer chemistry at the University of Groningen30 juni 2017
Smart Molecules Modify Nanotube Morphology15 juni 2017
Andreas Herrmann and collaborators developed a synthetic tongue that can discriminate age, brand and taste of whisky08 juni 2017
Work of Bart van Wees’ group featured in Times Higher Education Special “What are the hot research areas that might spark the next big bang?”25 mei 2017
Organized but intermittent: a liquid mimicking disordered proteins18 mei 2017
Generating energy while walking to the bus15 mei 2017
On tour with the team: impressions from the 2017 Vlieland meeting10 mei 2017
Three highlights within three weeks for Maria Antonietta Loi02 mei 2017
Royal decoration for Ria Broer-Braam21 april 2017
Zernike Institute co-organizes Ameland Summer School Smart Materials11 april 2017
Maria Loi's Carbon nanotubes self-assemble into tiny transistors05 april 2017
Katja Loos' Industrial Partnership Program 'Nanofun' featured in C2W03 april 2017
Five in a row: Nanoscience again among best university Master's degree programmes02 maart 2017
Shirin Faraji started as new Professor in Theoretical and Computational Chemistry01 maart 2017
Ronnie Hoekstra elected American Physical Society "Outstanding Referee" 201702 februari 2017
Vincent Voet wins Challa Polymer Award01 februari 2017
EU awards FET-Proactive grant to Wouter Roos and seven other European groups21 december 2016
Katja Loos' Chemical Industrial Partnership Program (CHIPP) “Nanostructured self-assembled functional materials” (‘NanoFun’) granted by NWO-CW12 december 2016
NWO Building Blocks of Life for Onck and colleagues01 december 2016
FOM awards 1.6 M€ to Skyrmion programme of Maxim Mostovoy21 november 2016
Petra Rudolf elected member Acatech - National Academy of Science and Engineering (Germany)21 november 2016
Looking Inside Organic Solar Cells08 november 2016
A new director for the Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials01 november 2016
KNAW agenda large scale facilities includes the free-electron laser FEL-NL31 oktober 2016
Breaking News: Nobel Prize for Ben Feringa05 oktober 2016
Bart van Wees receives Spinoza Award during ceremony in The Hague13 september 2016
Thom Palstra appointed as Rector Magnificus of the University of Twente05 september 2016
Spintronics/ Spin Caloritronics pioneer Gerrit Bauer is Zernike Chair 201601 september 2016
NanoLabs: hightech facilities stimulating interaction between industry, research and young talents25 augustus 2016
Bioinspired Materials - Stavenga reveals intricate photonic system of spider colours12 augustus 2016
Science LinX: Serendipitous observation may lead to more efficient solar cells and new gas sensors27 juli 2016
Prof. Jeff Th. M. De Hosson elected member 'Academia Europaea'21 juli 2016
NWO-Veni grant for Dr. Saeedeh Farokhipoor15 juli 2016
Impressions of the reception in honour of Spinoza Laureate Bart van Wees08 juli 2016
One makes two: collecting triplet excitons in organic solar cells04 juli 2016
Former Zernike BSc, Msc, and PhD student Eric Detsi becomes “Stephenson Term Chair Assistant Professor in Materials Science and Engineering” at University of Pennsylvania13 juni 2016
Bart van Wees - Laureate NWO Spinoza Prize 201610 juni 2016
Beatriz Noheda & Guus Rijnders (U Twente) receive TOP-PUNT grant for "Searching for the 'Silicon' of Piezoelectrics: Morphotrophic Quartz"31 mei 2016
19 PhD positions for joint research on novel antimicrobials – call now open31 mei 2016
Three Zernike researchers receive funding from "FOM-projectruimte"18 mei 2016
Gratis gebruik faciliteiten nanotechnologische labs - Deadline 1 juni10 mei 2016
Interview with Maria Loi on Perovskite Solar Cells in NRC06 mei 2016
Rubicon grant for Pavlo Gordiichuk11 april 2016
Andreas Herrmann - ERC Advanced Grant 201631 maart 2016
Eerste promotie op Campus Fryslân: nutriënten terugwinnen uit rioolwater29 maart 2016
Zernike Institute's computational design center becomes "Berendsen Center for Multiscale Modeling and Material Design"11 maart 2016
Spintronics/ Spin Caloritronics pioneer Gerrit Bauer is Zernike Chair 201609 maart 2016
Nanoscience again best university Master's degree programme08 maart 2016
Watching excitons move05 februari 2016
Rubicon Fellowship for dr. Roel Tempelaar28 januari 2016
Maria Antonietta Loi installed as M2i cluster leader "Functional Materials"27 januari 2016
Bart Crielaard receives Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship22 januari 2016
More light under the microscope11 januari 2016
Petra Rudolf elected member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts08 januari 2016
Happy New Year 201601 januari 2016
Dina Maniar wins poster price at CHAINS 201502 december 2015
Banerjee and van Wees make your head spin - according to a Nature Physics Highlight01 december 2015
Young scientists explore their entrepreneurial spirit27 november 2015
Better steel through nanotechnology: Bart Kooi receives High Tech Materials (HTM) grant12 november 2015
Justin Ye scores Science publication with his discovery of Ising superconductivity in a MoS2 field effect transistor12 november 2015
Wouter Roos started as Associate Professor Molecular Biophysics at the Zernike Institute01 november 2015
Herrmann's results on 3D printed teeth now also featured in The Guardian31 oktober 2015
3D printed teeth to keep your mouth free of bacteria - results of Andreas Herrmann and UMCG colleagues highlighted in "New Scientist"16 oktober 2015
High Tech Systems and Materials (HTSM) Honours Master won one of the 2015 Teaching Excellence Fellowships of the University of Groningen15 oktober 2015
Tamalika Banerjee and colleagues demonstrated the ability to manipulate the spin state in an oxide semiconductor in their latest publication in Physical Review Letters02 oktober 2015
Tata Steel to fund scholarships for University of Groningen nanoscience master29 september 2015
All TopMaster Nanoscience students of the 2013-2015 cohort graduated successfully23 september 2015
Giuseppe Portale started tenure track 'Polymer Physics/Physical Chemistry of Polymer Systems'16 september 2015
Maria Antonietta Loi's Field-Effect Transistors highlighted on Advanced Electronic Materials Cover17 augustus 2015
Program announcement: Zernike Chair Masterclass | 24-28 August 201505 augustus 2015
Bert Meijer accepted Zernike Chair 201527 juli 2015
Animation of Advanced Materials program online04 juni 2015
Article of Blake and Loi on Hybrid Perovskites featured on cover of "Advanced Functional Materials"21 april 2015
Maxim Pchenitchnikov's work on Photovoltaic Blends highlighted on cover of "Advanced Energy Materials"08 april 2015
Rubicon Fellowship for dr. Geert Reitsma02 april 2015
Register now: Coarse-grain Martini modeling workshop in Groningen19 maart 2015
Registration for Vlieland 2015 open11 maart 2015
ERC Consolidator Grant for ZIAM researcher Justin Ye: Developing transistors with new electronic functionalities02 maart 2015
ZIAM breakthrough may lead to industrial production of graphene devices10 februari 2015
ERC Starting Grant for Thorben Cordes17 december 2014
Prof. Bart van Wees elected Fellow of the American Physical Society "for pioneering research in charge and spin-based quantum transport in mesoscopic systems."04 december 2014
Katja Loos featured in "Water and Chemistry Special" of "Dagblad van het Noorden"02 december 2014
FOM grants 12 million Euro for six new research programmes - Zernike Institute participates in two of them21 november 2014
ZIAM publication in Nature: Thin film produces new chemistry in ‘nanoreactor’20 november 2014
Maria Azhar wins Shell Young Talent Graduation Prize in Physics11 november 2014
Unilever Research Prize 2014 for RUG Top Master student Nanoscience – Machteld Kamminga16 oktober 2014
Zernike Institute researcher Danny O'Shea received VENI grant31 juli 2014
Beatriz Noheda's work on "Super switching and control of in-plane ferroelectric nanodomains in strained thin films” published in Nature Communications14 juli 2014
Prof. Ria Broer elected as IAQMS member07 juli 2014
Rubicon fellowship for Dr. Saeedeh Farokhipoor03 juli 2014
'FOM Projectruimte' for Prof. Bart van Wees27 juni 2014
Three TOP Master Nanoscience students win Top Sector Chemistry Student Competition grant13 juni 2014
Konstantinos Spyrou received Deal & Grove Young Author Award of the Electrochemical Society10 juni 2014
Prof. Patrick Onck is Physics Teacher of the year22 mei 2014
Vidi grant for Dr. Jan Anton Koster20 mei 2014
Awards for the best plenary lecture for Vincent Voet and for the best poster in the field of Polymer Physics for Anton Hofman on the Dutch Polymer Days 201419 maart 2014
Roel Tempelaar won Posterprize27 januari 2014
Prof. Thom Palstra elected as Fellow of the American Physical Society04 december 2013
PTN Medema Award 2014 for Professor Gerrit ten Brinke20 november 2013
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Grant for chemists in Groningen07 november 2013
Nature-publicatie: Beweging van één enkel transporteiwit waargenomen03 oktober 2013
Graduate School of Science krijgt NWO-subsidie voor jong wetenschapstalent07 september 2013
NWO-subsidie voor grafeen-onderzoek samen met India18 juni 2013
Avril McDonald Prize for Jin Xu06 mei 2013
Koninklijke Onderscheiding voor Petra Rudolf26 april 2013
Prof. Bart van Wees successful as Work Package Leader in the new EU Flagship programmme Graphene30 januari 2013