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Project for Greener Steel launched

14 February 2024

As a partner in the 'Growing with Green Steel' project, the UG is contributing to a new, greener life cycle for Dutch steel. The project, which received a grant of more than 100 million euros from the National Growth Fund in 2023, now has the official approval to start. The goal of the eight-year program is to make the Dutch steel cycle completely CO2 neutral by 2050.

From the RUG, Dr. Francesco Maresca, Prof. Yutao Pei, and Dr. Jan Post of the Engineering and Technology institute Groningen and Prof. Bart Kooi of the Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials are involved. They will receive EUR 8 million for their research.

From production to recycling

The project is being led by the Materials innovations institute (M2i). A large consortium of companies, universities and colleges is executing the project. To achieve an accelerated steel transition, the consortium is going to present new technological concepts for clean steel. This is not limited to the making of steel itself, but covers the entire cycle, from production to recycling. In addition, the consortium advises on government policies that set the preconditions for a smooth transition of the steel sector. The educational institutions involved ensure that all knowledge gained is incorporated into education.

Atoms of steel in computer models

The UG researchers will work with their team on the processing and use of the green steel, which will be produced in the laboratories of Tata Steel Netherlands or at Alleima Sweden. They will look at the atomic structure of the material and use this information to develop computer models of the material's microstructure. They will also work on new coatings and coating techniques. Prof. Jan Post is responsible for the user phase of the entire consortium. Together with other institutions and companies, he develops models for specific applications. These models can be used, for example, to predict how a razor blade made from a new type of green steel will hold up after frequent use, or how quickly the landing gear of an airplane wears down.

RUG researcher Bart Kooi placing a sample in his transmission electron microscope (Picture: Leoni von Ristok)
RUG researcher Bart Kooi placing a sample in his transmission electron microscope (Picture: Leoni von Ristok)

Educating new generation engineers

The UG researchers will also collaborate with the UG's Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Management, Applied Physics study programs and with the the Bernoulli institute. The aim is to educate a new generation of engineers who can participate in the transition to green steel.

International cooperation

Although Growing with Green Steel is primarily a Dutch initiative, the program is strengthened by several foreign partners supporting the Dutch steel industry in the transition to green steel. The value chain and knowledge networks are international and require international cooperation to make the transition a success.

National Growth Fund

Through the National Growth Fund, the government is investing 20 billion euros in the period from 2021 to 2025 in projects that ensure the long-term economic growth of the Netherlands. Among other things, the National Growth Fund invests in research, development and innovation projects. The Faculty of Science and Engineering of the RUG is involved in fifteen Growth Fund projects.

More information about Growing with Green Steel: en

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