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Advent calendar - December 14th - Karin Woudstra

14 December 2023

In the Zernike Institute Advent Calendar, we are presenting 24 short spotlights in December. In these specials, we highlight PhD students, postdocs, support staff and technicians of our research groups and team - providing a glimpse in their typical day at work. In Episode 14 meet Karin Woudstra, management-assistant for the groups of Katja Loos, Marleen Kamperman, Giuseppe Portale, Dina Maniar and Gosia Wlodarczyk-Biegun.

Karin Woudstra
Karin Woudstra

My name is Karin Woudstra and this year I have been working at the Polymer Chemistry group for 20 years.

I work as a management-assistant for the groups of Katja Loos, Marleen Kamperman, Giuseppe Portale and recently Dina Maniar and Gosia Wlodarczyk joined them.

I worked for a large number of Professors, PhD students and other students. I feel very involved in the research groups and I also enjoy keeping in touch with the professors who have now retired.

I also regularly call Prof. Challa (1928) and Prof. Pennings (1932) to keep them informed about the groups.

My work is very diverse due to its international character and therefore remains very varied.

I always enjoy welcoming new students to the group and supporting them with administrative matters. I also try to support the Professors with very diverse activities so that they can focus on research.

In addition to my work at the RUG, I also have my own shop on Schiermonnikoog together with my husband and a couple of friends. A store where we sell various items such as clothing, shoes, bags, ceramics, cards, lifestyle, jewelry, etc. We try to look for brands that produce their items in a sustainable way. Clothing made from recycled jeans, wool or polyester. Bags made from recycled ocean plastic, shoes made from various recycled materials including old sails, sugar cane, foam based on coffee waste, etc.

All beautiful brands with a beautiful story with which we hope that some awareness will be created among the people who visit our store to think about sustainability.

It is of course very special that there is a link between my store on Schier and the Polymer Chemistry group.

Happy holidays and a loving 2024 to everyone!

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