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Prof. Katja Loos secures more than EUR 6 million funding for creating sustainable plastic

13 December 2023
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Prof. Katja Loos

Professor Katja Loos of the University of Groningen (UG) has been awarded a more than EUR 6 million Perspectief grant from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). She will lead a major research project to make thin films, coatings and inks more sustainable.

Prof. Loos will be working intensively with a wide range of  knowledge institutions, societal organisations and companies spanning the complete value chain of thin films, coatings and inks. Other UG researchers involved in this project are Dina Maniar and Giuseppe Portale. The project is called 'Sustainable inks and coatings: Developing switchable and adaptive functional polymers and additives for low environmental footprint' (SusInkCoat).

New field: preserving thin plastic layers

Much progress has been made in making plastics for larger applications more sustainable. However, thin films, such as those used in coatings and inks, are lagging behind. The consortium will develop new materials, processes and applications to improve durability, functionality and recyclability of coatings and inks. In addition, they will train a new generation of chemistry and chemical engineers for whom sustainability and circularity are core values.

About Katja Loos

Katja Loos has worked at the RUG at the Zernike Institute for Advanced materials (ZIAM) since 2003 and was appointed professor of macromolecular chemistry and new polymeric materials in 2012. Loos works extensively on renewing materials that are currently non-recyclable. Her work won her several awards, including the IUPAC 2021 Distinguished Women in Chemistry award. Last year, she won the NWO Team Science Award with her research group HyBRit.


The NWO Perspectief programme challenges researchers to collaborate with industry and society organisations to achieve new heights in technological innovation that creates economic opportunities for the Netherlands. The Perspectief programme is funded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy (EKZ).

Seven broad research consortia secured a Perspectief grant. UG Professor Marco Fraaije partners in a biotech research programme.

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