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Degree certificates & completing a pre-master programme

  • First year phase (propaedeutic phase)

    First year phase (propaedeutic phase )

    The propaedeutic phase is the full first year. The administration will check after each block if students are fulfilling the requirements of the first year. When you fulfil these requirements, the administration will register you passing the propaedeutic phase at the Central Student Administration (CSA).

    First year ceremony

    For all students who manage to complete the full first year of their LLB programme within their first year of registration, the International Office will organise a first year completion ceremony. All concerned will receive an invitation to this event. Excellent students will be paid extra tribute to during this ceremony. Repeaters of first year courses are not eligible for this ceremony.


    Last update: 13-7-2022

  • Completing a pre-master programme


    You will need to offer your pre-master programme through Progress for approval. This can be done by clicking ‘enrolling’, ‘Faculty of Law’, ‘Application degree certificate / approval courses’ and finally tick the box behind ‘Approval pre-master programme’. Then follow the steps mentioned in the process. It is important this is done correctly to provide a smooth transition into the Master’s degree programme. The pre-master’s programme needs to be completed within two academic years.

    For more information, please check the

    When all courses have been successfully completed, you need to apply yourself for the Master’s degree programme via Studielink. As soon as you have done this, you send a message to LLM with the subject ‘completing the pre-LLM’. This will allow the International Office to produce a Statement Admission to the Final Examination and forward that statement to the Central Student Administration. This statement will allow them to change your master application into a registration.

    Please be aware: as a result of the pandemic, it will be possible to be registered for both a pre-LLM and an LLM programme in the academic year. Prerequisite is that no more than 15 ECTS should be left in the pre-LLM programme. This number of credits will be assessed based on the approved list of courses in Progress. The procedure will be announced via Faculty announcements. Please be aware: this exception is only valid for one year and can only be used once.

    Registration master in Studielink

    Be aware! : You yourself are responsible for a correct registration in Studielink for the Master’s degree programme. You can register for the Master’s degree programme as soon as you have completed and submitted the application for your pre-master programme. It is only possible to start with one of the English-taught LLM programmes as per 1 September. You will also have paid the full tuition fee before that date.

    Last update: 13-7-2022

  • Graduation: how to apply?

  • Application degree certificate

  • What to do after graduation?

    University of Groningen Career Services

    Studying is more than merely obtaining your degree; it is also the preparation for a successful career. The University of Groningen Career Services was set up for the purpose of supporting the University of Groningen students in this field. Career Services wants to help students to make conscious choices ánd to offer them the opportunity to realise those choices. For this purpose Career Services organises workshops and training sessions, offer help in writing a CV and cover letter and/or give personal advice.

    Career Services by the University of Groningen is the central desk with regard to career support. The University Career Services network contains all involved parties, like all faculties, study- and alumni associations, employersand its own student pool.

    For more information, please check

    Careers Services Law

    Law students can use the facilities of Careers Services Law. Careers Services Law provides personal advice and support regarding internships and jobs in the legal field. It organises workshops and information sessions which can offer support in career choices and entering the labour market after graduation. It also offers the opportunity to find a mentor who can help you with your career questions or to plan a career planning appointment.

    Your career does not start áfter your degree programme, but already during your programme. On the Careers Services Law website you can find all kinds of information about career possibilities and the way to get there. The career planner offers support for this. Next to this you can find information about internships, studying abroad, the application of law in practice, career events and the study associations.

    All these opportunities offer the option to already work on your competences and later on distinguish yourself on the labour market.

    For more information, please check:


    The University of Groningen would like alumni to remain in contact with both the university and one another after graduation. Not only to enhance their careers or support the University of Groningen, but also just for ‘gezelligheid’. You will e.g. receive the magazine Broerstraat 5 after graduation.

    For more information, please check:


    Last update on 13-7-2022

  • Graduation and deregistration

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