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Approval courses


Every student, bachelor, master, and pre-master, should ask for course approval. This should be done at least three (3) months before graduation/completing their programme. For master and pre-master students it is strongly advised to ask for approval immediately after the start of the programme. This approval can be obtained via Progress.

This approval has two functions:

  • It is the first step in the graduation process (both bachelor and master) or a step in the transition from pre-master to master;
  • It is an extra check for you to see if you are not missing any courses.

If your courses are not approved timely this will lead to delays in the graduation process and possibly to problems when registering for a Master’s degree programme.

Your degree certificate is produced based on the approved list of courses. Therefore always check your list of courses to see if it correct and complete. A bachelor list of courses should at least be 180 ECTS, a master list of courses should at least be 60 ECTS; you will also have to add course units which you still have to complete in the list of courses. You will need to place any courses on top of the minimum 180 / 60 ECTS in the ‘extracurricular courses’ section.

Register your list of courses in Progress

To register for the graduation process, please follow these steps in Progress:

1. Go to ‘enrolling’, then click ‘Faculty of Law’.

2. Go to ‘Application degree certificate’ and click the degree you wish to apply for (1stbachelor degree LLB or 1stor 2ndmaster degree LLM).

3. Go through the steps in the graduation process.

Your degree certificate (diploma) will be based on your approved list of courses. Therefore check your list of courses to see if it is correct and complete. An LLB degree should be 180 ECTS, an LLM degree 60 ECTS. Also make sure to place the courses in the correct category (first year courses, second & third year courses, compulsory courses, etc.). Courses which are not needed to complete your bachelor’s or master’s degree programme should be placed in the section’extra-curricular credits’.

Please make sure to hand in your list of courses when asked for. This can already be done before you have passed all courses.


You can find the manual in the graduation process in Progress. You go to the graduation process through ‘enrolling’ and clicking the graduation process. You can find the link to the manual at the top of the process in Progress.

You can also find the LLB graduation manualpre-master completion manual and LLM graduation manual here.


Any changes to your list of courses can be sent to BoE-Law

Optional courses

For all requirements with regard to your programme, please check the Teaching and Examination Regulations of your programme (TER).

Last update: 21-7-2023

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