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Studying with extra facilities


The Faculty offers the possibility to students with an impairment to participate in examinations in a way that is geared towards their specific situation.

Such examination facilities are granted by the Board of Examiners and executed by either the departments responsible for a course or the Student Administration and Student Affairs Office.

Proceduretemporary impairment

Is your impairment temporary, e.g. a broken wrist, please contact a study adviser of the International Office as soon as possible. Make sure to provide the study adviser with a recent expert statement (e.g. a doctor’s statement). Based on these documents, it can be assessed what kind of temporary facilities, e.g. the use of a laptop, can and should be arranged for. The study adviser will contact the Board of Examiners on your behalf with a possible request for temporary facilities.

You will then receive notification from the Board of Examiners about the possible allocation of the facility. This allocation is temporary.

Procedure non-temporary impairment

If you have a non-temporary impairment, please complete the information tool. Some circumstances can immediately be applied for via theinformation tool,for others you will have to make an appointment with a student counsellor first.. Please complete this information tool first to find out which steps to take.

As soon as you have received the advice letter from the student counsellor, you can apply for extra facilities, using thisapplication form. Please be aware: you will have to forward the advice letter from the student counsellors yourself to the Faculty. For privacy reasons these advice letters are not forwarded to the Faculty by the student counsellors.

The Board of Examiners will subsequently contact you about the possible allocation of facilities; if need be, you will be invited for a meeting. When allocating the facilities, it will be indicated whether the facilities are granted to you permanently or for a certain period of time. The facility therefore does not has to be applied for each examination period. You can find these specifications in the approval letter.

You are responsible for the timely application of the facility/facilities, handing in the expert statement(s), and the advice of the student counsellor. If the application is not done in time, it cannot be guaranteed that the facilities will be arranged for before the examination period. Please keep the following deadlines in mind:
For block 1: 29 September 2023
For block 2: 8 December 2023For block 3: 1 March 2024
For block 4: 10 May 2024

To do

1. Arrange for an advice letter by a student counsellor.Should you need facilities for a short period, this step can be skipped (e.g. arm in plaster). In some cases it will be necessary to make an appointment with a student counsellor, and in others your application can be taken care of digitally. The correct procedure can be found via

2. As soon as you have received the advice from the student counsellor or if you cannot produce an official advice before the deadlines mentioned above, you need to contact aastudy adviserof the International Officebefore the above mentioned deadline(s).You can contact the study advisers throughLLB students) or LLM and LLM students). You need to include your advice letter from the student counsellor or – should you not have received that yet – a statement by a (medical) expert.

Taking exams

You will receive notification from the coordinator examination facilities a week before the start of the examination period at the latest. Should you not receive such mail, please contact

Organising examination facilities is very labour intensive. Should you therefore decide to not participate in an examination you registered for, you need to inform the secretariat of the department responsible for the course or the department dealing with the facilities, as specified in the approval letter. Not informing the organisation might mean that the facilities cannot be offered to you any more in the future or that the costs incurred will be invoiced to you.

Last update: 21-7-2023

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