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Aberrant examination regulation


An aberrant examination regulation deals with a deviation of the set-up or scheduling of examinations because not granting such deviation would lead to a disproportionate delay in the study programme.

In most cases the aberrant examination regulation will take the form of an oral examination, but this is not necessarily the case. It is for the examiner to decide when the aberrant examination regulation will take place and what form the aberrant examination regulation will have.


In principle, all examinations should be conducted in the way, order and at the times, stated in the Teaching and Examination Regulation including the Examination Regulation, Ocasys, and the examination schedule. If an unacceptable delay of the degree programme impends, the Board of Examiners might grant an aberrant examination regulation. Aberrant examination regulations can only be granted the Board of Examiners (so not the examiner) in extraordinary cases of a pressing nature.

Examinations conducted in a different fashion than arranged for by this examination regulation (and thus which are not determined by the Board of Examiners), are invalid. Deviation with regard to the set-up of the degree programme (spreading, acceleration, change in order of examinations) can only be granted if they have been requested beforehand and have been approved by the Board of Examiners.

Aberrant examination regulations are possible in case of:

  • Illness or personal circumstances
    Please be aware: this will only be awarded when both exam opportunities offered were missed as a result of these circumstances and this can be supported with documentation and provided you have enrolled for the examinations according to the proper procedure
  • Administrative/managerial duties
  • Final course(s) bachelor (LLB) or (pre-)master ((pre-)LLM).

No aberrant examination regulations are granted to participants of the Study Abroad programme or students in the propaedeutic phase (1st year) of the LLB programme International and European Law.

Requests are only granted under very strict conditions. For more information and the conditions per category, please check the regulation.

In order to facilitate students with an impairment, several options are available. Considering the fact that the nature and severity of the impairment differs per student, the Faculty aims to assist and support each students individually, since every impairment demands different facilities. The first point of contact is the study adviser of the International Office. The office hours of the study advisers of the International Office are available on Students who need extra facilities, need to contact the study adviser timely.

Conditions final course (LLB/(pre-)LLM)

The Board of Examiners will in principle only grant an aberrant examination regulation for the final course of your LLB or LLM programme if these conditions are met:

  • an unacceptable delay in the degree programme impends, and,
  • you only have to take an examination for one* more course in order to fulfil the requirements of your LLB or LLM programme, and,
  • you need this examination indeed to graduate, and,
  • you have participated in the two most recent examinations for this course, and,
  • you have shown that you prepared for the exam properly by scoring at least one five**, and,
  • The next regular examination is not taking place within the next three months.

NB. If you have chosen for the option ‘do not correct’ on one of these most recent examination changes, the Board of Examiners will regard this as an examination opportunity that was not used.

A request to take an extra examination in the period between two regular examinations within one semester are not granted.

* By exception a request for two final courses can be granted. This only happens in very exceptional cases.

** Proper preparation needs to be visible in the results obtained by having obtained at least one 5. Students who e.g. have score a 3 for one of the two regular examinations will not be granted an aberrant examination regulation. Should you be of the opinion that you are eligible for an aberrant examination regulation despite such a bad result, you will have to explain this carefully in your request. The Board of Examiners will always consider the circumstances of a case.


Please complete the form to file a request at the Board of Examiners.

Last update: 13-7-2022

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