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Access to lecture recordings

Lecture- recordings

The Faculty of Law has the objective to train capable and academically skilled legal experts. With this in mind, the Faculty has consciously chosen to offer academic education on site. This means that the standard for teaching is offering the education in physical form. Only in case of proven (long-term) exceptional circumstances, access to lecture-recordings can be requested. Seminars and working groups are never recorded; these formats require active participation and protection of the privacy of the active participants.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to make recordings in all lecture rooms. This limits the offer of lecture-recordings. The schedule shows which courses are recorded under ‘remarks’. If recordings are made for courses, the recordings of the lectures are published five working days before the (resit) examination. This does not apply to courses in year 1, with the exception of the 10 ECTS course in block 4.

Important:if lecture-recordings are being made, you will find information about those recordings for each course in the schedule under ‘remarks’. Some master courses will have the recordings available to students as default. Therefore, first check the schedule before you request access.
Please be aware: for courses offered at master-level, it is up to the lecturers to decide whether or not the lecture will be recorded. It is therefore possible that for some courses no lectures are recorded whatsoever. That automatically leads to the impossibility of offering the recordings within five working days before the (resit) examination.

Access possible if:

As described above, it is only possible to apply for access to lecture-recordings in case of proven (long-term) exceptional circumstances. Such a request could then lead to having access to the lecture-recordings prior to the exam period. Please note that access to lecture recordings is only granted during the period in which live education is provided.

Your circumstances should fit one of the categories mentioned below for a request to possibly be successful:

  • Overlap compulsory courses
  • Board membership
  • Pre-master students Taks Law and Legal Public Administration
  • Studying in part-time mode
  • Compulsory Law in Practice internships
  • Elite Sports Student Programme
  • Proven special circumstances

For each category, please find the specific conditions here below.

Overlap compulsory courses

When you have an overlap of lectures of compulsory courses within your Law programme, you can submit a request for access to the lecture-recordings. In the online application form, please attach a screenshot of your schedule that shows the overlap. You will also have to indicate for which of the overlapping courses you are requesting access to the lecture-recordings.

Please be aware: overlap with working groups is not part of this arrangement, since you can choose your own working group when enrolling. Please keep this in mind when choosing your working group.

A request can only be approved if you meet the following requirements:

  • You are enrolled in the courses in Progress
  • It concerns lectures of compulsory courses, taught at overlapping (and therefore not adjacent) times*
  • You have met the norm for Binding Study Advice for the specific programme
  • It applies to compulsory post-propaedeutic or master courses.
  • In case of overlap between courses in two different tracks, you must be enrolled in Progress for both tracks and your planning must have been approved by a study adviser. In this case, access to lecture recordings will be granted for a maximum of one course per block.

Board membership

Students holding a board position will be given access to lecture-recordings with a maximum of one course per block, provided that:

  • The student has passed all first-year courses of the Bachelor ‘Rechtsgeleerdheid’ (Law) or the Bachelor International and European Law, or is enrolled in a master’s programme of the Faculty of Law, and,
  • The student falls into one or more of the following categories:
    a. Co-governance:
    - student assessor Executive Board
    - Student assessor Faculty Board, Faculty of Law
    - Member of the University Council
    - Member of the Faculty Council, Faculty of Law
    b. Board member of a study association of the Faculty of Law, for which the board member receives a CUOS grant for at least five months or more in the relevant academic year.

By filling in this online application form, you can apply for access to the lecture-recordings of individual courses. You should attach the grant letter of the CUOS Administrative Body Membership Grant to the form.and proof of the overlap of compulsory board activities and the lecture,

You will only be granted access when you are actually enrolled in the specific course(s) in Progress.

Pre-master students Tax Law and Legal Public Administration

Pre-master students of Tax Law and of Law and Legal Public Administration who are working in a profession which is relevant to their studies for more than 0.6 FTE have the option to request access to lecture-recordings. Please note: this does not apply to courses in the propaedeutic phase. You can submit your request by filling in the online application form. You will only be granted access when you are actually enrolled in the specific course(s) in Progress.

Please send the proof that you are working for more than 0.6 FTE in a profession which is relevant to your studies to LLB or LLM before or right after you have sent in the application form.

Studying in part-time mode

The English-taught programmes can only be taken in full-time mode. This option therefore is not applicable to the English-taught programmes.

Compulsory Law in Practice internships

All master’s degree programmes have a compulsory Law in Practice component. One of the possibilities within this compulsory Law in Practice component is doing an internship. If you do an internship within the framework of this compulsory Law in practice component and simultaneously follow a master’s course, it is possible to request access to the lectures of that master’s course. For this, you have to provide proof of the internship you are following by providing your internship agreement. You will only be granted access if you are actually enrolled in the specific course in Progress.

Please note: in the master phase, the lecturer of each courses decides whether a course is recorded or not. It is therefore possible that no recordings are made at all for some lectures in the master phase, but also that the recordings are immediately available to everyone. Take this into account when planning your programme. For each (master’s) course the schedule states under ‘remarks’ whether recordings will be made and, if so, when they will be available.

Doing an internship on a voluntary basis, so not within the framework of the Law in Practice module in the master programme, cannot lead to access to lecture-recordings.

Elite Sports Student Programme

The University of Groningen has an arrangement for top-level athletes (Elite Sports Student Programme). This arrangement entails that students with a granted top-level athlete status can adjust their study programme to their top-level athlete programme. Students that think they are eligible for this top-level athlete arrangement should turn to the top-level athlete sports coordinator of the University of Groningen, Mr Cees Reitsma as soon as possible after the start of the academic year. The Faculty will be informed about which students have been allocated top-level athlete status.

By filling in this online application form, you can submit a request for access to the lecture-recordings for individual courses.

You will only be granted access when you are actually enrolled in the specific course(s) in Progress.

Special circumstances

Are you faced with extraordinary and demonstrable circumstances, which make that you are not physically able to attend lectures for a longer period of time? In such cases, it may be possible to submit a request for access to lecture recordings. The Faculty will assess your situation.

In this
online application form, you can indicate for which courses you would need access to the lecture recordings and for which reason. If you have already submitted proof to the Board of Examiners e.g. for being granted exam facilities, you will not need to submit this again.If you have not sent in such proof, please forward your documents for assessment to LLB and exchange students) and LLM and LLM students).

The Faculty does not regard the following reasons as a reason for access to lecture recordings:
ADHD, ADD, side job, non-compulsory Law in Practice components, non-compulsory electives, non-compulsory internships, not having childcare available, dyslexia, quarantine obligation due to Covid, travel distance, travel time between classes.

In principle, having ADHD and ADD is not a reason to gain access to lecture recordings. Should your situation give cause for this due to special circumstances, we advise you to submit a request. Please note: you must be able to demonstrate these special circumstances.

It is not possible to be granted access due to a short-term (shorter than one block) circumstance.

You will only be granted access when you are actually enrolled in the specific course(s) in Progress.

Application deadlines

Access to lecture recordings can be requested per block through the online application form. Below you will find the dates from which you may submit your request:

block 1: from 21 August

block 2: from 23 October

block 3: from 15 January

block 4: from 25 March

Requests for access to the lecture recordings that have been submitted before the set dates per teaching block (dates of the course enrolments) will not be processed. Requests for access without course enrolment will be denied. The processing time is seven working days on average.

Problems & questions

If you are experiencing technical difficulties with the lecture recordings, please send an email to
For other questions, please send an email to

Disclaimer and Code of Conduct

The disclaimer below is applicable to all approved requests for access to the lecture recordings:

The Faculty of Law will strive to make the lecture recordings available in Brightspace no later than the next working day.

The Faculty accepts no liability for malfunctions or other causes, which lead to the impossibility to make lecture recordings available.

Please also check our Code of Conduct for the use of the lecture recordings. Please read these regulations carefully.

Access to lecture recordings is applicable from the moment you have been granted access taking into account the disclaimer and Code of Conduct.

No rights can be derived from the access granted.

Last update on 22-11-2023

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