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Graduation ceremony and title/degree

Graduation ceremony

The International Office arranges for a graduation ceremony for the LLB programme and for the LLM programmes in August of each year. This will be the first opportunity for students to receive their degree certificate. Students who do not attend this graduation ceremony can arrange for their degree certificates to be picked up at the International Office after the graduation ceremony dates.

Diploma pick-up

You will receive a message on your university email account as soon as your degree certificate is available.

Authorising pick-up

It is only possible to have your degree certificate picked up by someone else if this person carries an authorisation to this extent, which holds your signature. In addition, you need to provide that person with a copy of your identity papers. The authorised person should also bring his/her own identity papers.


Bachelor:If you have fulfilled all requirements of the bachelor examination, you will be awarded the degree of Bachelor of Laws (LLB).

Master:If you have fulfilled all requirements of the master examination, you will be awarded the degree ofMaster of Laws (LLM).

Last update: 21-7-2023

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