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(Summa) Cum Laude


The distinction cum laude or summa cum laude can be registered on the degree certificate if students demonstrate exceptional competence in the examination.


The Board of Examiners assesses if a bachelor or master degree certificate can be awarded the distinction cum laude or summa cum laude. This assessment is based on the conditions as arranged for in article 19a of th eExamination Regulation.

Main conditions:

Cum Laude

Summa Cum Laude

Grade for Research Colloquium or Master’s thesis

Minimum 8.0

Minimum 9.0

Non-rounded Grade Point Average (GPA) for all other course units of the compulsory programme

Minimum 8.0

Minimum 9.0

All conditions for (summa) cum laude can be found in theExamination Regulation.

No (summa) cum laude is awarded when:

  • an examination has been taken more than once*or
  • you have score lower than a 7 for one or more coursesor
  • you have committed fraud as arranged for in Article 15 Examination Regulations during your programme.

The Board of Examiners can deviate from these conditions in extraordinary cases. If you are of the opinion that a deviation of these rules with regard to the distinction (summa) cum laude, you can request this to the Board of Examiners, according to art. 19a.8 Examination Regulation.

* Resitting a passed course based on art. 8.13 TER LLB programme or art. 4.9 TER LLM programmes does not prevent awarding a (summa) cum laude.

Which courses are used to calculate (summa) cum laude?

The average grade is calculated about the curricular (optional) courses, excluding the thesis.

Any courses listed in the category ‘extra-curricular courses’ will not be calculated for (summa) cum laude.

Please be aware: if you are participating in two specialisations within one master programme, but you place the courses of one of the specialisations in the category ‘extra-curricular courses’, this specialisation will not be registered on your degree certificate.

If you have put ‘do not correct’ on an exam, or have removed a pass grade, you are deemed never to have taken the exam in question. This does not stand in the way of awarding a (summa) cum laude.

Last update 21-7-2023

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