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Diploma production period


The production of degree certificates usually takes about 2-3 weeks.

Graduation ceremony

Students can still participate in the annual graduation ceremonies if their grades are available on 10 August for both the LLB graduation ceremony and the LLM graduation ceremony. Both ceremonies will take place in August each year. :

Statement of graduation

All students who have graduated will automatically receive a statement of graduation.

Graduation date

In principle the date of graduation is the date at which the final course unit of your approved list of courses has been successfully completed. If this final course unit is:

  • an examination: the date of the examination;
  • a thesis or internship: the date mentioned on the result slip of this module.

The Board of Examiners determines this date of graduation provided you hold the correct registration and your list of courses was approved timely (at least two months before the date of obtaining your last result). If your list of courses is not approved by the time you complete your final course unit, the date of approval of your list of courses will become your graduation date.

Exception:if you decide to change your list of courses after having received a notification from the Board of Examiners, the Board of Examiners can decide to change your date of graduation. This is only possible if you have responded to the email from the Board of Examiners within two weeks after it was sent.

Last update: 21-7-2023

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