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Lecture with soon to be Honorary Doctor Gerrit Hiemstra on May 24

Science, let's talk about it
07 May 2024
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Gerrit Hiemstra
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The University of Groningen will award an honorary doctorate to Gerrit Hiemstra on May 24, 2024. Hiemstra is a meteorologist, former weather presenter and entrepreneur. Climate change is the driving force behind his activities.

In celebration of his honorary doctorate, the Faculty of Science and Engineering has invited Hiemstra to give a lecture entitled ‘Science, let's talk about it’ on the morning of 24 May. The lecture is free, but registration is required. The Faculty is organising this lecture in collaboration with Studium Generale Groningen.

How can we forecast something as dynamic as the weather?

Science, let's talk about it

What is the most effective approach to explain this process, for example, on the daily news, to millions of people?

As a former weather presenter for the Dutch broadcasting organisation (NOS), Gerrit Hiemstra understands that weather forecasting goes beyond merely predicting rain or sunshine, or relaying data. His pivotal role involves translating scientific concepts into messages that enable the average citizen to make well-informed decisions. This is science communication in action. 

Hiemstra delves for this lecture into the crucial role of science communication, drawing from his own rich experiences in effectively translating scientific insights into actionable information within the realms of climate and weather.

When and where

  • May 24, between 11.30 and 12.30 hrs.
  • The location will be Nijenborgh 4 in the lecture room 5111.0022.
  • The lecture will be in English

About Gerrit Hiemstra

Gerrit Hiemstra is a meteorologist, former weather presenter and entrepreneur. Climate change is the driving force behind his activities. He received the 2021 Dutch Machiavelli Prize (a prize for achievements in public communication) because, according to the jury, he makes the subject of climate change and its consequences understandable to a wide audience. In 2023 he stopped working as a weather presenter to focus on sustainable and climate-neutral construction as an entrepreneur.

The awarding of honorary doctorates is part of the UG´s 410th anniversary celebrations. Read more on why Hiemstra is one of the recipients.

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