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Archive 2017

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News of the Faculty of Economics and Business from the year 2017

TitlePosted on
Four FEB researchers in Top 40 Best Dutch Economists21 December 2017
Harry Garretsen attended hearing of Parliamentary Committee on Finance about abolishing dividend tax15 December 2017
UK feels the brunt, but Brexit will hammer the Germans and Dutch too14 December 2017
From scarcity and conflict to prosperity and abundance – Bob Fennis helps consumers to make healthier choices in a rapidly changing Lithuania13 December 2017
Faculty of Economics and Business achieves 3-year EQUIS re-accreditation13 December 2017
UG economists do the UK’s missing Brexit assessments, and find 2.5 million jobs are at risk12 December 2017
University of Groningen Business School and Altuïtion launch new Customer Experience Management course11 December 2017
Female directors, board committees and firm performance | New FEBlog by Swarnodeep Homroy11 December 2017
Floris Boekema wins Graduation Prize with research on efficient logistics for wind farms at sea01 December 2017
Dutch listed companies concentrate on the long term | iGOR presents research at Eumedion symposium28 November 2017
A decade of practical and scientific customer insights: RUGCIC celebrates tenth anniversary28 November 2017
Noordelijk MKB wil creativiteit in bedrijf stimuleren23 November 2017
Self-governing often fails as managers are afraid of losing power23 November 2017
Increasing accountability pressure serious stress factor for some physicians22 November 2017
TED Talk by Koert van Ittersum | The obesity epidemic: it will take the entire village20 November 2017
Corporate social responsibility increases customer loyalty14 November 2017
Lower proportion of middle-skilled jobs most visible in Randstad08 November 2017
Minou Olde Keizer wins World Class Maintenance Award for best PhD thesis06 November 2017
Richard Jong-A-Pin shines at TEDxGroningen: We make many decisions to confirm our identity03 November 2017
Housing bubble: hunting season has begun – Opinion Dirk Bezemer02 November 2017
Social polarization impedes economic development of European regions30 October 2017
Brain gain as opposed to brain drain: emigration of highly skilled labour enhances economic growth in country of origin30 October 2017
Ambition can be a pitfall for young workers - Interview with PhD candidate Joost van de Brake27 October 2017
Peter Verhoef on Dutch national news: Discounters keep growing, even after the economic crisis25 October 2017
Master’s Thesis Award 2017 for Arjen Coenradij11 October 2017
It’s about time! A more customer-focused government - New FEBlog by Marijke Leliveld09 October 2017
Laurens Sloot named food manager of the year06 October 2017
New FEBlog: Marco Haan on selling damaged goods05 October 2017
Supermarket price war at hand, says retail expert Laurens Sloot in NOS Journaal04 October 2017
Logistic sector inspired by efficiency of internet: RUG organises 5th International Physical Internet Conference04 October 2017
Breaking through the ‘hear, see and speak no evil’ attitude in the workplace03 October 2017
To donate, or not to donate? Dynamics at play in long-term charity donations26 September 2017
Video: The motivational roots of inaction and it effects on people and society22 September 2017
Major NWO grant for research on better collaboration in infrastructure maintenance20 September 2017
Albert Boonstra appointed senior editor of Information Systems Journal15 September 2017
Video: A turning point in globalisation13 September 2017
Women or men at the top? Investors don’t care12 September 2017
FEB's subject Business Administration #32 in Academic Ranking of World Universities!21 August 2017
Veni grant for FEB researchers Artūras Juodis and Ward Romeijnders28 July 2017
Financial experts run the show on a board of directors12 July 2017
Consistent subsidy policy crucial to wind power investment30 June 2017
Video: Looking back at the Spring Symposium of Healthwise29 June 2017
MOA Science award for Alec Minnema and Tammo Bijmolt22 June 2017
Video: What Brexit will do to UK trade21 June 2017
Prof. Pieter Jansen appointed head of Wetenschappelijk Bureau Flynth Adviseurs en Accountants02 June 2017
Tammo Bijmolt wins the 2017 Jan-Benedict E.M. Steenkamp Award for Long-Term Impact31 May 2017
SMEs can earn more further away from home10 May 2017
Seminar: emission trading and energy transition | 12 May 201720 April 2017
FEB-researchers Timmer and Los participate in ESRC-funded projects regarding Brexit19 April 2017
Susanne Täuber appointed member of Young Academy Groningen11 April 2017
Best Paper Award for Van der Kam, Van der Vegt, Janssen and Stoker10 April 2017
The three ‘top programmes’ at FEB, according to Higher Education Guide Masters 201704 April 2017
FEB student Wisse Krikke nominated for Young Business Award 201704 April 2017
European SME grants waste Dutch innovative talent31 March 2017
Involved, but independent: striving to improve the position of regulation30 March 2017
‘Big Data’ grant for research on online prices and comparative living standards29 March 2017
Robert Lensink appointed member of NWO-WOTRO Steering Committee29 March 2017
Regional inequality in times of globalization | Inaugural lecture Bart Los | 28 March23 March 2017
Today we kicked-off the third edition of our Executive Energy Course23 March 2017
Fabian ten Kate, Daniël Vullings, Thom de Vries and Evert de Haan honoured with SOM Award17 March 2017
Provincie Groningen accordeert subsidieregeling voor FEB Student Consultancy17 March 2017
Towards better education | Inaugural lecture Jan Riezebos | 21 March15 March 2017
Taco van der Vaart appointed Professor of Supply Chain Management13 March 2017
Analysis of the Carré debate: Rutte and Krol look on the bright side, PvdA struggles with mixed messages10 March 2017
Inaugural lecture Dirk Bezemer: Why Dutch debt tells us economic growth may be fragile | 14 March08 March 2017
Lecture series: The End of an Economic Era | Including critical responses by FEB’s Jochen Mierau, Nuno Palma and Greg Fuller07 March 2017
Trendy teaching pack makes school pupils enthusiastic about logistics06 March 2017
Expertisecentrum Vinci en SNN starten derde ronde Noord-Nederlandse Innovatiemonitor03 March 2017
Traditional Left versus Right distinction outdated for Dutch constituency02 March 2017
Bert Scholtens appointed as Professor Sustainable Banking and Finance01 March 2017
Econometrician Laura Spierdijk attains NIAS Fellowship 2017/201827 February 2017
Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem visiting FEB to be interviewed by Professor Dirk Bezemer20 February 2017
AACSB accreditation Groningen Faculty of Economics and Business extended10 February 2017
Machiel Mulder appointed board member of the International Association for Energy Economics08 February 2017
Economics student Martijn van Oosten wins two silver medals at Universiade03 February 2017
Scientific knowledge for controllers must be practicable as well as properly substantiated | inaugural lecture Prof. Jansen04 January 2017
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