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Sunkung Choi
Sunkung Choi is assistant professor at the Faculty of Economics and Business

The University of Groningen is also a great place to start your career as a lecturer. Dutch students are less reserved than Asian students, which guarantees an interactive exchange of knowledge in the classroom between teacher and students . To anyone thinking about looking for a job in Groningen, I would say: ‘Don’t hesitate, just do it!’

Stephan van Galen
Stephan van Galen: Directeur van het Bureau van de Universiteit

"We are at the forefront when it comes to social issues, for example, and we definitely lead the way in our region on issues such as the Participation Act. I notice that people are proud to work for our University. They are fully committed, which fills me with joy."

Tjalling Halbertsma: International Director of the Centre for East Asian Studies of Groningen

"What strikes me time and again is how much room I have as a University of Groningen academic to follow my own interests. The University provides room for development in a myriad of ways, through research, but also by following courses or training programmes. This promotes growth and deeper knowledge and understanding."

Oliver Tucha: professor of clinical neuropsychology

"To anyone considering coming to Groningen, I would say: Just do it! If you are still in doubt, share your worries and concerns, because the people here will listen and try to accommodate you. And if you do come to Groningen, things will almost certainly turn out alright!"

Floor Rink: social and organizational psychologist

"The University of Groningen is a no-nonsense university that keeps its promises. People from Groningen are very down-to-earth. Everyone is treated fairly, but there are no stars. Having said this, your work is appreciated, which is also important. The lines of communication with management are short, which makes it easier to get things done."

Faris Nizamic: PhD student at the Johann Bernoulli Institute

"After I arrived in Groningen, I soon realized that I had made the right choice. The research facilities are excellent: there’s good supervision, excellent equipment and a pleasant environment to work in. When conditions are this good, you don’t have any excuse not to get a good result."

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