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Qing Gong

Qing Gong

Qing Gong works as Internationalisation and Research Policy Officer at the Faculty of Science and Engineering. However, due to the re-organisation of the former Yantai team, Qing has been doing Talent Travel at various faculties and departments within the University of Groningen.

How did you come to be at the University of Groningen?

I came from China to Groningen in 2008 to pursue my Master’s degree in law.

What is it like working as a support staff for the University of Groningen?

The best of both worlds: I’m surrounded by amazing support staff and in the meantime, I get the chance to learn from devoted scientific staff.

How would you describe your work?

I started working as academic advisor at the Faculty of Law where I’d help students who follow our English-taught programmes with their study planning and sometimes also personal issues. Since I used to study in the same faculty, I felt that I had a lot to offer especially to international students because I can draw upon my own experience.

We support students by answering their emails, carrying out individual talks, and giving presentations. It can be quite overwhelming to study in a foreign country; therefore we want to make sure that students know that we are there for them.

What makes your job as a support staff at the Faculty of Law so much fun, and interesting?

The Faculty of Law is where I started both as a student and a staff member, so it’s certainly very fun to work with my colleagues who used to be my professors or academic advisors! What makes the job particularly interesting and fulfilling is the fact that I can offer advice to my fellow students as someone who has had the experience. I got help before from the Faculty and now I’m able to give something back, and that feeling is absolutely wonderful.

I’ve also worked at the Faculty of Science and Engineering (the biggest faculty of the University of Groningen) and the Faculty of Religion, Culture and Society (the smallest faculty of the University of Groningen). It’s also very interesting to observe different cultures at various faculties.

What is the University of Groningen like as an employer?

The University of Groningen values talents, and it is a very well-organised institution that provides sufficient opportunities for its staff to grow.

How would you describe the University of Groningen to outsiders?

The University of Groningen is a responsible organisation to its students, staff and the society. Plus, there are so many wonderful colleagues working here!

What is it like to work and live in Groningen?

It feels cosy, friendly and safe. I don’t get bored with Groningen because there are always interesting things going on. It’s quite international thanks to our student community.

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