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Dr. H.T.A. (Hilda) Amsing

dr H.T.A. (Hilda) Amsing

Dr. H.T.A. (Hilda) Amsing – Director of Education Pedagogical and Educational Sciences/Associate professor/ Head of SPO -

How did you end up at the University of Groningen?

I started here as a student, did my PhD at the University of Groningen and succeeded in making my career at this very same university.

What is it like working for the University of Groningen?

We have students and lecturers from all over the world and we are very interested in each other. We want to learn about each other’s habits, visions, interests and expertise. Furthermore, I hope to believe that we are open-minded and will not be judging people because of their gender, cultural background, race, handicap or sexual identity. Multiformity is a quality.

How would you describe your work?

It is very diverse and challenging. My work consists of a combination of teaching, research, guiding (Bachelor, Master and PhD) students with their thesis, and supervising the staff members. As Director of the Faculty’s Education Pedagogical and Educational Sciences, I also have a number of key management tasks and responsibilities.

What makes your job at the Faculty of Behavioural and Sciences so much fun, and interesting?

I love working at the Faculty of Behavioural and Sciences because of its diversity. I get to work with people with the same fascination for the history of education, people who are very passionate about helping students to become critical and engaged pedagogues and educationalists.

How do you find the University of Groningen as an employer?

This University of Groningen has a good eye for talent, so it allows you to grow and contribute to the research and teaching community in ways that fit this talent.

How would you describe the University of Groningen to outsiders?

The University of Groningen has a rather relaxed atmosphere, based on cooperation and trust. This benefit both staff and students.

Do you think Groningen is a nice city to live and work in?

Yes, I do. The University of Groningen plays a vital role in the city and the citizen-student rate makes it a young city, with lots of possibilities for having fun and for enjoying all sorts of cultural events.

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