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Internships and other research projects

You would like to write a thesis or do an internship with societal impact? You like to share your research results with interested people who are keen to use them in their working or private life? That is what Science Shop projects stand for. The employees of the Science Shop are bringing organisations and students, questions and answers, different types of knowledge together. We connect people, assist them where needed and make sure results are presented well. In the Faculty of Arts operates the Science Shop Language, Culture and Communication. These projects are suitable for internationals, but if you can speak (and read) Dutch, you can check the Dutch page for more projects.

Projects for international students:

For international students, we offer some projects within the career minor:
  1. A news outlet learning community (Omrop Fryslân, local broadcasting unit in Friesland): Omrop Fryslân is a regional broadcaster in Friesland, firmly rooted in Frisian culture. The editors of this broadcater would like to retain more talent in the region and at the same time keep the broadcaster attractive to students and other young media users. A journalistic learning community can offer a solution for this. What does such a learning community look like? And what form would be feasible for Omrop Fryslân? An ideal assignment for students who want to continue in journalism, media, or students who are interested in innovative forms of education.
  2. Participation as a playground: For the Municipality of Groningen, citizen participation is a fundamental pillar of their large and small-scale projects. In fact, it is explicitly mentioned by the municipality's board. However, participation is easier said than done. How can the City Management department make good use of citizen participation in city management? What are the do's and don'ts? You can advise the municipality on this. This assignment is intended for students who see themselves working as strategic advisors orpolicy officers, but also for students who are interested in philosophical themes such as participation.
  • Students of the Media Studies course Social Lab can give small advises about media use and target groups for small companies and organizations. The Science shop collaborates with the media studies programme.
  • In the course Management & Entrepreneurship of the Arts, Culture & Media program, second-year students work in groups on practical research assignments. These assignments cover strategic, marketing-related, and financial aspects of management in the world of art. Management & Entrepreneurship takes place in block 2 of semester 2 (April-June).
  • Master's students of the Arts, Culture and Media program can opt for research within the Music Careers, Industries, and Lives course with Eurosonic Noorderslag as client. Within the theme of Inclusivity in the live music industry, the students themselves choose a specific case, such as the gender balance in the ESNS Exchange programme. then the student determines which data will be analyzed and how. There is a separate project website where the results of the research are published.

Internships and thesis projects:
  • Are you a student European Languages and Cultures with Spanish and dissappointed that you can't improve your language abroad at the moment? Or is Spanish your mothertongue? Reach out to the Latin-American community in the Netherlands and write your thesis on Latina's in Holland.
  • For a project concerning health care for elderly migrants, we're looking for a student Minorities and Multilingualism who wants to write her/his BA- or MA-thesis about the subject.

For more information, please contact the Science Shop Language, Culture and Communication coordinator Vincent Hazelhoff (

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Internships and the Mobility Office

More information about placements (internships) is found on: "my career" on Nestor, Career Services or at the Mobility Office - placements website of the Faculty of Arts.

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