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Latinas in the Netherlands

The Science Shop Language, Culture and Communication is looking for a socially engaged and communicative student of European Languages and Cultures (with Spanish or a native speaker of Spanish) for research into the information needs of Latin American women in the Netherlands. This research theme is proposed by the Foundation Empower yourself and can be carried out as a bachelor's or master's thesis.

Latin American women in the Netherlands

Approximately two thirds of all Latin Americans in the Netherlands (about 84,000 people) are women. These Latinas are usually no refugees, but they made an individual choice to migrate to the Netherlands for work or a relationship. That is why they are not seen as a group and their needs are easily forgotten. In their attempt to integrate into Dutch society, they encounter language barriers, cultural differences, prejudices and a lack of information. For example, a lot of information from the authorities is not available in Spanish. It also regularly happens that women end up in jobs below their educational or intellectual level, while the route to training remains closed. Because of these barriers they often remain dependent on their Dutch partner or friends and it is difficult for them to acquire an independent position. Latinas who have succeeded to find their way in Dutch society would like to improve the situation for the whole group. To do this, research is an essential first step, to structurally map out the situation with the most serious bottlenecks and needs.

Your research and communication

The core of the research lies in questioning the target group through interviews and/or a survey. You will also dive into scientific literature and do desk research into available information and regulations. You can focus on a theme, for example on government communication, job opportunities, cultural differences, rights and dependence in relationships, prejudices or the preparation for emigration in the home country.

In addition to your thesis, with the support of the Science shop, you will create a public-friendly end product that will allow you to inform Latinas in the Netherlands and provide input for a follow-up project. In this way, your research can really contribute to improving the integration of Latinas in the Netherlands.

Who are we looking for?

For this assignment we are looking for one or two bachelor students European Languages and Cultures (with Spanish or Spanish mothertongue) who are interested in this target group. You are communicative and aware of cultural differences and potentially sensitive topics. You can independently find your way in information and plan and organize well. You enjoy contacting people and authorities and you are confident you can make it work. You are empathetic, but know how to maintain a neutral position that enables you to conduct reliable research. Both international and Dutch students are eligible for this study.

Who are we and what do we offer?

The foundation Empower yourself aims to promote the participation, integration and well-being of vulnerable groups and people in society who find themselves in a disadvantaged situation. We want to be a platform for people who are open for other languages and cultures nationalities, we want to ensure mutual understanding and reduce stereotypes between different population groups.

Empower Yourself can provide background information, likes to help you find the best way to organise and communicate the project and has a wide network to reach the target group.

The Science Shop Language, Culture and Communication connects questions from societal non-profit organizations to student research in the broad field of Arts. We strive to increase the societal impact of research, sustainable relationships with the professional field and the communication of knowledge to a wider audience. We will work with you to publish the results via our website, social media and other channels.


Send a short motivation in Dutch or English (or Spanish if you like) to the Science Shop Language, Culture and Communication (before March 6, 2021), Also indicate who you would like to involve as a thesis supervisor. We then consult and organize a kick-off meeting with the most suitable candidates. If you have any questions or doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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