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Dr. Paulino and Prof. Poolman receive ENW-KLEIN grant

24 March 2021

Dr. Cristina Paulino and Prof. Bert Poolman ( GBB ) have received an ENW-KLEIN grant from the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) worth EUR 700,000. The grant is for their project ‘Unravelling the mechanism of action of an osmoregulator’.

One of the outstanding questions in biochemistry and cell biology relates to the control of cell volume of microorganisms during growth and under environmental stress. Cells need to respond rapidly to fluctuating environmental conditions, for example by a prompt and large accumulation of compatible solutes. Conversely, a too high intake of osmolytes would be detrimental for the cell, and requires a fine-tuned regulation mechanism. Yet, the molecular details by which microorganisms control their volume are still largely elusive. Paulino and Poolman aim to elucidate the full mechanism of transport and regulation of the ABC importer OpuA, using cryo-electron microscopy and single-molecule biophysical methods.


The ENW-KLEIN grant offers researchers the opportunity to establish scientific innovations that can form the basis for research themes of the future.

Mechanism of translocation and regulation of transport
Mechanism of translocation and regulation of transport
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