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Video impressions: Princess Máxima and Minister Plasterk attended the installation of the Rosalind Franklin Fellows

19 May 2009

On Wednesday 20 May, the Rosalind Franklin symposium was held in the Academy Building. Nineteen new top female academics were installed as Rosalind Franklin Fellows. HRH Princess Máxima and Minister Ronald Plasterk of Education, Culture and Science attended this symposium as honorary guests.

Speeches were made by two of the Fellows, and by Ms Jennifer Glynn, Rosalind Franklin’s sister, Ms Brenda Maddox, author of a biography of Dr Franklin, and Minister Plasterk.

3.30 Arrival of HRH Princess Máxima
3.35 - 3.40 Welcoming speech by Rector Magnificus Prof. F. Zwarts
3.40 – 4 Lecture by Brenda Maddox (author of The Dark Lady of DNA)
4 – 4.05 Introduction of the Rosalind Franklin Fellows by Prof. S. Daan (chair of the Rosalind Franklin Committee)
4.05 – 4.20 Presentations by Dr Elisabetta Pallante and Dr Monika S. Schmid (two Rosalind Franklin Fellows)
4.20 - 4.30 Official installation of the Rosalind Franklin Fellows and the awarding of Rosalind Franklin medals by Ms Jennifer Glynn (sister of Rosalind Franklin)
4.30 – 4.35 Speech by Dr R. Plasterk (Minister of Education, Culture and Science)
4.35 – 4.40 Word of thanks by Prof. S. Poppema (President of the Board of the University)

List of names

The 19 new Fellows
Dr Bregje Wertheim, Biochemistry (Genomics)
Dr. Mirjam Duer, Mathematics
Dr Anke Terwisscha Van Scheltinga, Biochemistry
Dr Tamalika Banerjee, Physics (Spintronics)
Dr Sonja Smets, Logic
Dr Sabrina Corbellini, Dutch Literature
Dr Monika Baár, History (Euroculture, Slavonic Languages & Cultures)
Dr Carolina Armenteros, History (Western Europe)
Dr Dineke Verbeek, Neurosciences/Cell biology
Dr Ingrid Nijholt, Neurobiology
Dr Barbara M. Bakker, Biochemistry
Dr Nicoletta Kahya, Cell biology, Biophysics
Dr Deniz Baskent, Biomedical Sciences (Auditory Perception and Speech Recognition)
Dr Van Leeuwen, Surgical Oncology
Dr Candice Morey, Cognitive Neurosciences
Dr Spikman, Clinical Neuropsychology
Dr Laura Tolos, Theoretical Physics
Dr Mifsud Bonnici, Law (Data Protection Legislation)
Dr Avril McDonald, Law (International Human Rights)

Fellows appointed in previous rounds
Dr Charlotte Hemelrijk, Theoretical Biology
Dr Beatriz Noheda, Physics (Nano Materials)
Dr Elisabetta Pallante, Particle Physics
Dr Martha Merrow, Genetics of Chronobiology
Dr B. Irene Tieleman, Evolutionary Biology
Dr R. Croce, Biochemistry
Dr M.A. Loi, Physics (Nano aterials)
Dr Eriko Takano, Microbial physiology
Dr M. Schmidt, Molecular Pharmacology
Dr E.A.A. Nollen, Molecular Genetics
Dr Ute Bültmann, Epidemiology
Dr Jette E. Bijlsma, Medical Microbiology
Dr Marianne G. Rots, Molecular Genetics
Dr L. Spierdijk, Econometrics
Dr Floor Rink, Organizational Psychology
Dr Alicia C. Montoya, French Literature
Dr Monika S. Schmid, Linguistics
Dr Marie C. Opdenakkerm, Theory of Education
Dr Melinda Mills, Sociology
Prof. Alexandra Lenz, German Linguistics

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