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FSE team wins Self Driving Challenge

13 June 2023

A team of students from the Faculty of Science and Engineering (FSE) of the University of Groningen won the RDW's Self Driving Challenge last week. The challenge took place at the TT Junior Track in Assen. A total of six university teams participated. The FSE team managed to get their self-driving kart to drive two laps in just over fifteen minutes. That was a record in the history of the Self Driving Challenge.

The multidisciplinary FSE team consisted of students Emma Langeveld, Judith Oeben, Rick Drenth (all Industrial Engineering and Management), Kinga Ginnie Renz (Applied Mathematics), Maurice Stoffijn (Mechanical Engineering) and Rutger Wuijster (Computing Science). They were supervised by the research team of Professor Bayu Jayawardhana of the Engineering and Technology Institute Groningen (ENTEG). The Jantina Tammes School of Digital Society, Technology and AI supported the project. The school contributed financially and facility-wise, and also arranged transport and team outfits, among other things.

The University of Twente came second and Hanze University of Applied Sciences third. As a prize, the FSE students of the winning team will soon have a meeting with Research & Development experts from Self Driving Challenge partner NXP.

Self Driving Challenge

The Self Driving Challenge is organised by the RDW (Dutch Vehicle Authority). Students are challenged to program a self-driving electric kart in such a way that it drives around the circuit without human intervention. With the challenge, the RDW hopes to get to know a new generation of engineering students and aims to offer students the opportunity to get acquainted with self-driving vehicles.

The winning team | photo: RDW/Self Driving Challenge
The winning team | photo: RDW/Self Driving Challenge
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