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Rineke Verbrugge elected as member of the KNAW

29 April 2021

Rineke Verbrugge, Professor in Logic and Cognition at the Bernoulli Institute, has been elected as member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts & Sciences (KNAW). A total of 23 new members were elected. KNAW members are elected on the basis of high-quality academic achievements. The KNAW has over 550 members, all of whom are prominent academics working in diverse fields of academic research. The new Academy members will be installed on Monday September 13.

Rineke Verbrugge
Rineke Verbrugge

About the research of Rineke Verbrugge (1965)

Rineke Verbrugge was trained in the logic and foundations of mathematics and made substantial contributions to provability logic and epistemic logic. She then broadened her field to apply herself with great success to the logic of interactive systems, such as groups of people working together. Her work is pre-eminently interdisciplinary, because of the creative way in which it combines mathematical logic, artificial intelligence and cognitive science. Verbrugge publishes a lot about intelligent interaction. She developed a famous game that brings together the perspectives of logic, game theory and cognitive psychology. She also built the first formal model for team collaboration, which links information flows, collective intentions and joint planning.

More information about the KNAW can be found on the website.

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