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Prof. Hildner receives ENW-KLEIN grant

06 April 2021

Prof. Richard Hildner ( ZIAM ) has received an ENW-KLEIN grant from the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) worth EUR 339,000. The grant is for his project ‘Charge-transfer states in low-bandgap donor-acceptor copolymers – A fresh single-molecule perspective’.

Prof. Hildner
Prof. Hildner

Sustainable generation of energy and its efficient use is one of today’s biggest societal challenge. Organic functional molecules are the basis of new devices that can help to address this challenge, e.g. in organic photovoltaics to produce electricity from sunlight or in organic thermoelectric generators to recover energy from waste heat. Here Hildner wants to study the electronic and optical properties of the newest generation of organic molecules, so-called conjugated donor-acceptor copolymers. He will use single-molecule spectroscopy to investigate one copolymer chain at a time and to understand these molecules on the smallest possible scale.


The ENW-KLEIN grant offers researchers the opportunity to establish scientific innovations that can form the basis for research themes of the future.

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