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NWO ENW-KLEIN grant of EUR 304,000 for Prof. Fraternali

05 November 2019

Prof. Filippo Fraternali of the Kapteyn Astronomical Institute has been awarded a NWO ENW-KLEIN grant for his project ‘Accurate gas dynamics of distant galaxies: resolving the controversies’. The grant is worth EUR 304,000. Fraternali’s’ project uses new telescopes with the capacity to observe galaxies at vast distances. By studying the motion of gas in younger and older galaxies using a new, high-precision technique developed in Fraternali’s research group, the amount of dark matter at different developmental stages in galaxies can be clearly inferred.

The ENW-KLEIN grant offers researchers the opportunity to establish scientific innovations that can form the basis for the research themes of the future. In this round, the Board of NWO Domain Science has awarded 18 of the 60 applications, of which 2 at the UG.

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