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Master’s student Biomolecular Sciences Mink Sieders wins GUF 100 Prize

22 May 2024

At the UG Ceremony of Merits on May 21, Mink Sieders was awarded the GUF 100 Prize, making him the best student of the Faculty of Science and Engineering 2023-2024. Mink is a second year Master student in Biomolecular Sciences. He was chosen by the jury of the Groningen University Fund (GUF) out of three FSE students, nominated by students and teaching staff of the faculty earlier this year.

The prize consists of a scholarship for study or research worth €2,500 and is annually awarded to the best student of each faculty.

Mink Sieders
Mink Sieders

Enthusiastic and committed

Mink Sieders obtained his BSc in Biomedical Sciences at the UG in 2022. With an average mark of 8.8, he is now heading towards a cum laude distinction for his MSc research work. He is currently completing part of his Master’s degree programme with a top research group in Cambridge, partly funded with grants he applied for and won. In addition to his studies, Mink worked as a student assistant on a number of course units, was involved in the Groningen team for the iGEM competition, served on the Faculty Council, and was active within a committee of the student association Albertus Magnus. Outside the University, he was amongst others active as a language ambassador to combat low literacy. The jury found his pitch remarkable due to his infectious enthusiasm for his research: optimizing enzyme activity. 

Nominated by students and teaching staff

Mink Sieders was chosen from the faculty candidates who were nominated by FSE students and teaching staff earlier this year. A total of 36 students were nominated, of which the faculty jury had presented three to the GUF-100 jury: Daniel Cortild (MSc Mathematics), Ana Maria Radu (BSc. Pharmacy) and Mink Sieders (MSc Biomolecular Sciences).

UG Ceremony of Merits

The GUF 100 prizes have been awarded during the UG Ceremony of Merits on May 21, during the lustrum programme in honour of the University's 410th anniversary. With the Ceremony of Merits, the UG wants to honor staff and students that made exceptional contributions to the university. Besides the GUF 100 prizes, the winners of the Wierenga Rengerink Dissertation Award and the Gratema Science Prize were announced. 

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