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Lemke Kraan wins FSE Teaching Award 2018

11 December 2019

On the annual FSE Education Day, on Tuesday December the 10th, the winner of the Faculty Teaching Award 2018 was revealed: Lemke Kraan has been chosen as FSE’s teacher of the year 2018. Kraan teaches in the Master’s degree programme Science Education and Communication.

Lemke Kraan | photo: Elmer Spaargaren
Lemke Kraan | photo: Elmer Spaargaren

The jury picked her out of 15 nominated teachers. Lecturers are nominated each year by the Programme Committees of the Faculty of Science and Engineering, based on their didactic and subject-specific skills. The jury comprised of:

  • Prof. dr. A.J.W. Scheurink (Biologie, winnaar Facultaire Onderwijsprijs 2013, winnaar Docent van het Jaarverkiezing RUG 2014, juryvoorzitter)
  • Prof. dr. D.J. Slotboom (Biologie, winnaar Facultaire Onderwijsprijs 2017)
  • L. van Beek (student MSc Physics)
  • M.E. Kopmels (student BSc Artificial Intelligence)
  • Drs. C.D. Visser (Beleidsmedewerker Onderwijs, secretaris jury)

Kraan will represent the Faculty in the UG Lecturer of the Year election, which will take place later on January 29th, 2020.

Nominated for the Faculty Teaching Award 2018 were:

Degree programme(s)



Prof. F. Fraternali

Artificial Intelligence/Human Machine Communication

Dr. J.K. Spenader

Energy and Environmental Sciences

G.A.H. Laugs, MSc

Behavioral and Cognitive Neurosciences ReMa

Dr. W.F.A. den Dunnen (UMCG)


Prof. R.M. Hildner

Science Education and Communication

L.T.J. Kraan


Dr. H.J. Woerdenbag

Computing Science

Prof. G.R. de Lavalette

Chemistry/Chemical Engineering

Dr. J.E.M.N. Klein

Mathematics/Applied Mathematics

Dr. A.V. Kiselev

Physics/Applied Physics

Prof. M.S. Pchenitchnikov

Biology/Life Science and Technology

Dr. R. Havekes

Industrial Engineering and Management

Prof. F. Picchioni

Biomedical Sciences/Medical Pharmaceutical Sciences

P.H.C. Åberg, PhD

Biology/Biomolecular Sciences/Ecology & Evolution/Marine Biology

Prof. F.J. Weissing

FSE nominees | photo: Elmer Spaargaren
FSE nominees | photo: Elmer Spaargaren
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