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English Language and Culture

Research in the Department covers all areas of English literature and linguistics. Our particular strengths lie in modernism, pre-modern culture, and language development. We publish widely on topics such as critical theory, visual culture, travel literature, women's writing, medieval learning, and language acquisition and loss. Our staff members run or participate in a number of international research projects, including the Language Attrition project and the Hakluyt Editorial Project.

  • Testimonial van Vera Knapen

    It is an amazing feeling to combine my studies with literature of any kind

    – Vera Knapen
  • Testimonial van Student Eline Tabak

    Literature is my passion

    Whilst also really liking the city of Groningen, I primarily chose to study English at RUG due to the program's great reputation.

    Following the first year, the program enables you to choose what field you want to specialize in. For me, this was literature. My decision has been confirmed by my subsequent experiences and particularly my study trip to Stratford. However, I also like going beyond the cultural-historical interpretation of literature as literature does offer so much more. For me, the Master’s degree program in Literary and Cultural Studies does exactly that as the course provides me with a lot of liberty to choose exactly what I would like to do and hence pursue my interest. The experience at university really is determined by how you want it to be. I am currently doing the Honours College program. If I had the choice again, I would choose a second degree, perhaps Philosophy or Arts, Culture, and Media.

    – Student Eline Tabak
  • Testimonial van Charlotte Korten

    The Bachelor's programme in English is highly regarded and very varied

    Hi! I’m Charlotte, 21 years-old, and I am currently doing my third year in the BA program of English Language and Culture. I was born and raised in Groningen, making me a true stadjer as well as a student. When I don’t study, I enjoy reading, cycling, and going to the gym. English language and culture has always intrigued me. Additionally, my interest for reading, literature, and history played an immense role in me choosing English Language and Culture as my study. The program has a great reputation and is very diverse, making the degree incredibly interesting. The course really offers interesting aspects for everyone, no matter whether you prefer literature or linguistics. Since it is a fairly small study, you get to know most of your classmates very quickly, which makes the atmosphere very positive, homely, and safe.

    – Charlotte Korten
  • Testimonial van Robin van Gammeren

    – Robin van Gammeren
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