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Minors at the Faculty of Arts

Minor Fair

Are you curious to see the full range of Faculty Minors and University Minors that are available for you? Visit the Faculty Minor Fair at the harmony building on April 16th .from 11:30-13:00! You can learn more about the Career Minor, the extra option of a Placement and the Educatieve Minor (only in Dutch) in a presentation.

11:30-13:00: Faculty Minor Fair (Marie Lokezaal, Harmony Building)
11:30-13:00: University Minor Fair (Bruins- en Spiegelzaal, Academy Building)
13:00-14:00: Educatieve Minor (only in Dutch, A900, Academy building)
Career Minor (A900, Academy building)
15:00-16:00: Extra option -
Minor Placement (A901, Academy building)

This rooms are next to the Academy Building. Registration is not necessary. If you have any questions please contact the Office for Student Affairs (red desk, first floor Harmony Building)

Bachelor's degrees from the Faculty of Arts consist of two components: a Major and a Minor. You will receive your bachelor's degree after successfully completing both components. During your Major you follow courses of the curriculum of your degree programme. The Major covers the first two years of your bachelor programme (semester 1-4) and the last semester of your third year (semester 6). You will follow a Minor in the first semester of your third year (semester 5).

A Minor is a coherent set of courses that support you in your next career step: the choice of a specific Master’s degree programme or access to the labour market. Besides that the Faculty minor gives you the opportunity to look beyond your field of study. A Minor comprises 30 ECTS. These are the options:

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