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Groningen to offer Bachelor’s degree programme in Biomedical Engineering17 September 2019
Ideals that live on17 September 2019
Getting to the roots of Parkinson’s disease17 September 2019
When the wind blows from the wrong direction17 September 2019
Klokhuis prize nominations: spiders, wolves, children and 2000 year old chefs17 September 2019
Sustainable banks augment the safety of the financial system17 September 2019
Requesting books from UB City Centre not possible17 September 2019
Future markets for renewable gases and hydrogen17 September 2019
Film & Science Night17 September 2019
Music and Religious Exile - Singing the Lord's Song in a Strange Land16 September 2019
Smart cities: doom or dream scenario?16 September 2019
Motivating Society-wide Pro-environmental Change16 September 2019
Computercourses fall 201915 September 2019
High value for Hubble constant from two gravitational lenses13 September 2019
Extinction of Icelandic walrus coincides with Norse settlement13 September 2019
Dutch Supermarkets are working together to stimulate a more healthy and sustainable choice behavior13 September 2019
All-electronic two-dimensional spin transistors12 September 2019
UG in 73rd place on the THE ranking 2020 list12 September 2019
Open position for a postdoctoral researcher11 September 2019
Alternating rowing strokes can lead to faster races11 September 2019
The fight against village shrinkage10 September 2019
19 september: presentatie rapport en beleidsbrief ‘Seksueel welzijn in de context van religieuze en culturele diversiteit’10 September 2019
Prosumeter geeft uitleg over rechten en plichten bij online aankopen10 September 2019
University of Groningen transforming Northern Netherlands into green energy hub10 September 2019
Standup Economics: UG experts and comedians take to the stage | 6 October10 September 2019
Holland Scholarships presented to incoming and outgoing students10 September 2019
Ruis kan helpen tegen overlast bromgeluid10 September 2019
University of Groningen appoints Gorazd AndrejĨ as Assistant Professor of Philosophy of Religion09 September 2019
Trust in banks has slightly increased in recent years09 September 2019
Registration open: Eveningmasterclasses 'Gaswinning en aardbevingen in Groningen'09 September 2019
Building Effective Partnerships Award for collaboration Amsterdam Sustainable Business Challenge09 September 2019
Douwe Jan Elzinga: 'Bij koop huis burgemeester Maastricht lopen belangen door elkaar'06 September 2019
Open Access publication of the Week (week ..)05 September 2019
Dr Méadhbh McIvor Lecturer of the Year of Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies04 September 2019
Call for Proposals Data Science 2019: deadline 15 September!04 September 2019
Gijsbert Vonk: 'Je hoort vaak dat er armoede is op platteland, maar het zijn grote steden waar cijfers afwijken'03 September 2019
Working in multiple teams at the same time only improves performance in the long-term02 September 2019
Column Fokko Oldenhuis in De Riepe: 'Vijvers in woonwijken'31 August 2019
Heinrich Winter: 'Er lopen heel veel donorkinderen rond met behoorlijk heftige verhalen'30 August 2019
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